Talk of wrestling and World Wrestling Entertainment (WWE) comes to one’s mind. Talk of WWE and the splendorous and amazing WWE finishing moves of your favourite wrestlers strike your mind. Be it Undertaker’s Chokeslam or The Rock’s Rock Bottom or John Cena’s Attitude Adjustment, this list has carved out the Top 10 WWE finishes moves of all time in the wrestling history:

10. Stunner (Stone Cold Steve Austin)

It is the coolest move in the wrestling history. Known popularly as Stone Cold Stunner, this move may not be as painful as it may seem, but Hell Yeah, it did sent shivers down the spine when Stone Cold Steve Austin used to stun his opponents with his maneuverer. The Stunner defined an era, The Attitude Era!!

9. Pedigree (Triple H)

Triple H’s pedigree was one of the most vicious moves that you never wanted yourself to be in, as it meant the match was done. It was quick, and sheer amazing. It makes the finishing moves of this modern (PG) era look weak. Triple H may not go down as the best wrestler in history, but Pedigree sure will make its place on the top.

8. Rock Bottom (The Rock)

Rock Bottom is the most electrifying move by the most electrifying man in the WWE history, The Rock. The move used to immobilize the opponents and would set up for another electrifying maneuverer, The People’s Elbow.

7. 619 & West Coast Pop (Rey Mysterio)

‘619’ was created when Rey Mysterio came to WWE with his agility and mind baffling moves. The move became so effective that he eventually became a World Champion because of it. 619 is followed by West Coast Pop in which Mysterio jumps on his opponent over the top rope, pinning the opponent to an stunning move.

6. Spear (Goldberg/Edge)

The spear is one of the most devastating maneuverers in the history of wrestling. The biggest plus point in this move that it could be executed to any wrestler, irrespective of his size. Goldberg’s spear won him so many matches that he remained undefeated for consecutive 173 matches. In the modern era, it was Edge who used to perform this move. Who doesn’t remember Edge spearing Jeff Hardy from top of the ladder?

5. Batista Bomb (Batista)

If you’re a wrestler, you’d always like to not be Batista Bombed by Batista, the Animal itself. The Batista Bomb comes across as a variation in Spinebuster. He lifts his opponents in a Powerbomb position and slams them hard on the mat while he sits, adding to the impact.

4- Diving Head Butt (Chris Benoit)

Chris Benoit’s Diving Head Butt not only badly hurt his opponents, but there was a huge chance of him getting hurt too. Flying from top rope and crashing ones head on your opponents, it sure takes a lot of guts. You miss once, and your head has already gone for a toss. The modern era misses such gutsy maneuvers.

3- Chokeslam (Undertaker/Big Show/ Kane)

Chokeslam comes across as one of the most painful move in the wrestling industry. While the Undertaker was first to do a Chokeslam; Big Show and Kane followed suit. Grabbing the opponent by neck and lifting him by 8-10 feet in the air only to slam him hard on the mat, makes this move a ghastly one among the fans. Who doesn’t remember Undertaker choke-slamming Mankind (Mick Foley) from above the steel cage?

2. FU and later Attitude Adjustment- AA (John Cena)

The fact that John Cena’s Attitude Adjustment makes to the No. 2 on the list is because of the sheer strength which is seen while Cena performs the maneuverer. Swaying a person, who is 100-200 pound more than you are, requires brute strength which is seen enough while seeing an Attitude Adjustment being performed.

1. Tombstone Pile Driver (Undertaker)

The Tombstone Pile Driver comes as the greatest finishing move of all-time.  The ferocity in the move is seen as he takes the man, turns him upside down, crashes on his own knees and lets the man drop. The Tombstone Piledriver is what made The Undertaker World Heavyweight Champion many a times. If you’re a wrestling fan, look no further than Tombstone Piledriver as the best WWE finishing move of all time.

(Please don’t try any of the above at home, school or anywhere.)

By Shikhar Jiwrajka