We may have had different childhood heroes from the wrestling world but there was one man who you couldn’t ignore, who had an inescapable charm and the man whom you just can’t hate, The Undertaker. Every time the ‘Rest In Peace’ played, just the first sound and the eerie silence caused by the dimmed lights created one of the best and effective effects of all time.

The Undertaker’s loss at Wrestlemania 30 to Brock Lesnar is without a doubt the most appalling result in any wrestling event either from the WWF days or since WWE came into being.

The crowd in the arena was shocked to their core when they assumed that the faulty three count was deemed the result of the match ending a winning streak that started in 1991. (Read: Batista wins the 2014 WWE Royal Rumble!)

The organizers to were caught with their work cut out for them when there was a long delay to play Brock Lesnar’s theme music to bring the final blow to the fans that The Undertaker has been defeated and Brock Lesnar is the one to do so. Brock Lesnar is far from the most popular wrestlers and this decision will not go down well with the fans as it as angry reactions have already begun on social media expressing disgust at the result.

It is all scripted we have been told but when it comes to a legend like The Undertaker, we would like to believe that all the wrestling is real and that he really is a dead man walking the earth.

Now, as the news as finally sunk in with no chance or a change in results, the fans have appreciated what wonderful years of wrestling entertainment the Dead Man gave us all and we applaud him but as it seems, even for the Dead Man, the end is here.

#ThankYouTaker you will always be the most popular wrestler for us all.