hot football fanGuys love football and they love women, but these two worlds seldom overlap, in fact they violently clash with each other! One person who has bridged the gap is the very hot Fiorella Castilo – a 24-year-old model, actress and producer with a knack for football. Wearing heels, the gorgeous lady pulled off an impressive set of skills that would make Ronaldinhio proud. She has become something of a mascot of the Argentina National Team and will be cheering on Messi and co. at the World Cup this year in Brazil.

She has also been compared to another glamorous fan – the Paraguayan Larissa Riquelme who promised to run down the streets naked if Paraguay beat Spain (ala Poonam Pandey) and even though Paraguay failed to do so, she ran through the streets naked anyway! She promised to pose nude on a football pitch if Paraguay were to win the 2011 Copa America but again they lost – the Paraguayan national team really need to pick it up!  All we can say is God bless Latin America! Well we just can’t wait for the World Cup. Check out this amazing Nike ad to get in the mood!