IPLThe recent announcement of our home minister Sushilkumar Shinde about not being able to host IPL 7 in India has left its viewers amidst gloom and doom. The BCCI is in a havoc considering other locations. This was the news that truly broke the hearts of various die hard cricket fans. While the discussions about the alternate locations continue, here are five reasons why IPL should be held in India.

INDIAN Premiere League

While we do have many overseas players, it is in the end the Indian Premier League. The fan following comprises more than 70% of Indians. IPL is not just a season, it is a breach of the religion that most Indians follow, cricket. While various packages are usually designed to suit the audience to watch the matches, even overseas, most of the fans would fail to be a part of the tour, thanks to their busy schedules. It is always easier watching the matches in the vicinity

Let’s talk money

While people are convinced that South Africa would be the best option for hosting IPL 7, let us gently remember the second season hosted there. The BCCI bearded a loss of Rs 41.9 crore in the second season of IPL, held at South Africa in 2009-10. This reduced the administrator’s profits to a mere Rs. 21.2 crore. Having said that, the last season of IPL which was hosted in India, doubled its profits to Rs. 385.36 crore compared to the Rs. 174.73 crore in the previous year, also held in India. While many may argue that times have changed, is it really a risk worth taking?

For the religious audience

Cricket in India is not a sport, it is a religion and IPL is best explained as the modernization of this religion. With the teams named after the Indian states and so much of fan following, the fans deserve to enjoy the live matches at a reasonable pricing. While many may argue that the match is aired live, the excitement, adrenaline rush, yells, mourns and all the emotions of watching it in front of your eyes in a stadium full of ranging fans is one of the best experiences.

To keep up the craze

IPL fans live a normal life. They are camouflaged in the crowd except for the three months of March, April and May. That is when the clash of the teams begins. The crowd roaming about in the colorful team jerseys supporting their teams and cheering their way across is what can be phrased as the cherry on the cake. With the venue changed, the feel of IPL is lost for many, as witnessed in the second season.

It is the much needed change

While the current political tension in the country, IPL is the much needed change. While the country is tensed by the upcoming elections and trying hard to digest the recent series of political and social tensions, IPL would bring in a smile on millions of faces. The joy of watching your favorite cricketer batting in front of your eyes, the feeling of pride on sharing the same space as their heroes, is sure to swing their moods. Because, in the end, it is a sport and sports always bring out the best of spirits.

By Aishwarya Krishnan