A funny moment has happed at Wimbledon court as an Irish fan Chris Quinn faced a reality check. Chris was yelling out from his seat at the Wimbledon during a match.

Chris was heard instructing former world No. 1 Kim Clijsters where to place her serve during the women’s invitational match involving Clijsters and partner Rennae Stubbs against Conchita Martinez and Andrea Jaeger.

Clijsters and her Australian doubles partner were leading by a set and locked at 4-4 in the second. The Belgian was in discussion with Stubbs on whether her next service should be placed “wide or down the middle” when Quinn shouted from the stands for Clijsters to send her next serve “to the body”.

After giving tips from the stands, he got an invitation from Clijsters on the court and received the opportunity to back up his words, by facing the Belgian.

To add more fun to the incident, Clijsters ensured that Quinn was not in violation of Wimbledon’s strict all white clothing rule, fetching a spare skirt from her tennis bag, that was clearly too small for the portly fan.

Chris somehow managed to get the skirt around his waist, much to the delight of the Wimbledon crowd, and Clijsters, who fell to the grass court in a fit of laughter.

However, Chris failed to return the first serve of the Belgian legend, however, didn’t have as much luck with his next two efforts.

Later, Clijsters and Stubbs went on to beat Jaeger and Martinez 6-2, 7-5, despite the interruption from Quinn.