LOOK: France Rail comes up with real-life 3D outdoor promotional ads!

The France Rail campaign plays up the passion of passersby with real-life 3D ads to inspire them to travel more. Even if you don’t have a travel bug within you, you will surely get lured by these amazingly put up 3D promotional ads on the road!

The video shows a giant mouth wide open and singing an opera on the road. In another location, an enormous realistic rugby player taking a shower and rubbing his toned body with soap. While another larger-than-life model shows a gigantic Marilyn Monroe white dress blowing in the breeze and a medallion-adorned hairy chest of a swarthy dude dance to disco music if you touch him!

These are the latest outdoor campaigns by SNCF French Railways and agency TBWA Paris.

These innovative ads are a sure shot way to grab attention of the people and inspire them to travel to places they are passionate about. Check out the video below!

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