Apple has finally launched their Apple MacBook Pro, the latest MacBook Pro in their line up with the 2016 upgraded version. The one new thing that we saw inApple MacBook Pro and that made the all new MacBopok Pro a complete hit was the TouchID and Sensor Bar by Apple. Basically, the Touch ID or Touch Bar simply replaces your Function Keys (the F1, F2, F3) keys on the top of your keyboard with an all new touch interface, opening up a host of possibilities with the new form factor. However, since Apple unveiled a range of Apple MacBook Pro, not all the MacBooks come with the Touch Bar and the very basic one still skips the Touch bar as it is the cost-effective one. Except for the Touch Bar, all other MacBook Pro’s have top end features and not too much of a difference when it comes to the internals and the hardware except for display size and memory variants.

Now, coming to the entire range of Apple MacBook Pro 2016 in the country. Apple has launched all of the devices in India and has not skipped any or not decided to make away with any. The entire range is priced over Rs 1 lakh in India and the very basic version begins at Rs 1,29,900 with the prices going as high as Rs 2,41,900 for the most advanced version. The prices range as follows – The very basic variant is the 256 GB internal memory variant which comes with a 13-inch retina display and is priced for Rs 1,29,900. This version is the only budget option and it comes without the TouchBar. The second version which is the 13-inch version with 256GB and Touch Bar is priced Rs 1,55,900 for the 256GB version. The one with the higher memory version at 512 GB internal memory is priced at Rs 1,72,900. So the 13 inch versions come in 3 variants. The second display version is the larger 15-inch version where there is no 15-inch MacBook without the Touch Bar. he 256 GB storage version comes priced at Rs 2,05,900 while the Indian rates for the 512 GB version is Rs 2,41,900.

MacBook Pro 2016 have been almost sold out in most regions and the one with the Touch Bar are the most popular ones. However, Apple is slowly re-stocking the variants and only in the last week have they begun to be available again. The Indian launch of Apple MacBook Pro comes over a month after Apple launched their Apple MacBook Pro on october 27th. The devices will be available online and also through Apple re-sellers in the country. However, the Apple MacBook Pro is not yet available online across most e-commerce portals. However, it is available on eBay, where it is the international version and not the Indian version and the rates for the device are much higher than the Indian rates. eBay sellers are selling the 512 GB 15-inch MacBook Pro version for Rs 249,999 which is not too high but a marginal increase over the actual price. However, now that the device has been officially launched, the prices are bound to drop.  4 Problems with the latest MacBook Pro and Apple’s excuses for a disappointing product

Apple MacBook Pros have been much in demand across multiple segments and everyone loves the devices. However, the 2016 version of the device disappointed as much as it excited. While some of the changes like the Touch Bar and the Touch ID which brings the fingerprint sensor for the first time to Apple’s MacBook devices were much welcomes, there were some others which users felt Apple forced on them. There were also a whole lot of trolls and memes surrounding Apple that emerged after their forced and unwanted changes to the Apple MacBook Pro 2016. One of the most discussed and panned changes was the USB C type connectors. Apple MacBook Pro comes with only USB C type connectors and that is a huge hassle for photographers who use th device. Another issue is the lack of an SD card slot which would have enabled graphic designers and also those who need quick transfer of their images from cameras to MacBooks to seamlessly transfer but now, there’s a dongle needed for the same. The 16GB RAM has not endeared the device to users either.

So then, with so many problems but the one amazing thing like Touch Bar, what will you choose? Buy the Apple MacBook Pro or skip this and buy the previous editions? Or simply stick to Windows or Android devices and hope the 2017 versions are half better?