With Narendra Modi’s demonetisation, the one thing the common man has to suffer are long bank queues. Banks are dealing with a terrible amount of rush and craziness and the common man is also suffering. With everyone wanting to deposit heir Rs 500 and Rs 1000 notes in their accounts, exchange cash or simply withdraw enough money to meet their day to day needs, the demand is extensive. There are serpentine queues and many times, people have to wait for hours on end just to be told that the cash is over or the bank is shutting down. While the pressure on banks has been tremendous, the pressure on the common man is even greater as overnight, every Indian went almost penniless as the denominations were scrapped. People had to rush to banks as there was simply no other alternative.

For the working class individual, this became double the hassle as they had to choose between forgoing work or managing with petty cash. The choice was tough. People queued up outside banks as early as 7AM and yet, could not make it to offices before 12 noon. For the contract workers whose daily presence sat office guaranteed them daily bread, the situation was even worse. Many people began to get restless. Standing in queues for long hours, without food or water is not easy. You cannot even move away or take a break fearing someone else will take your spot. It’s quite a tough situation to be in. There are many who send their house help or their employees to stand in queues instead of them and then simply walk in when their turn comes.

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But it can be difficult too as if you send employees or your house help, other work can get affected. A simple solution? Hire someone to do it for you! And a new website, Book My Chotu is doing something similar. They are offering people on hire to stand in Bank and ATM queues for you! Yes, we aren’t kidding you. You can hire someone to stand in the long line for as low as Rs 90 per hour. The maximum duration you can hire someone for is 8 hours – which you can do for Rs 550 if you want them to go to multiple banks or ATMs. The website, which initially offered hired help only for household chores or for odd jobs like shifting, moving furniture, etc. But with Modi’s demonetisation, the best idea for Book My Chotu is letting people on rent for standing in bank queues! Now, ‘Chhutta Nahi Hai’ app launched to help clear Indians confusion regarding the ban on Rs 500 and Rs 1000 notes

Unfortunately, the website is restricted to only North India for now – in Delhi, Haryana and Uttar Pradesh. However, for citizens of each of these regions, it is definitely a blessing. The website is pretty detailed and comes with a list of Terms and Conditions and policies. The one thing made very clear is that Chotu cannot enter the bank and make your deposits or withdrawls. The helper will simply stand in the queue outside and hold your place till your turn arrives. Nothing more. Also, they state pretty clearly on their website that all helpers hired are over 18 years of age and of the legal working age. The term “chotu” is just that – a term used and nothing else. Also, the customer has to pay for the “Chotu” to travel to and fro and also, the helper cannot be made to do any work other than the assigned work. 5 Fun video apps that are completely safe for your kids and will keep them engaged for hours!

In India, where there is a lot of unemployment, the concept is gaining a lot of takers. People or Chotus signing up are making a daily wage while the rich class is getting assistants for cheaper rates. Many are not supporting the move calling it exploitation but then, for those looking to earn a daily wage by doing little work or for unskilled labourers, this can be a legitimate way to earn money. Well, whatever side you be on, there’s no arguing that it is one of the most unique concepts and we can literally see people “queuing up” to access the feature!

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