Google finally entered the premium smartphone fray with their very own device, the Google Pixel. While there was the Google Nexus line before, which was known just as a “Google phone” despite being completely manufactured by other smartphone brands and Google just tying up with these brands to launch their latest Android version. The Nexus devices served as a platform for Google to showcase their latest Android version and also tinker with software. However, with Google Pixel devices, the game has changed as now, Google takes an actibve interest in everything from the design to the hardware to the looks. It is not just about the software but also the hardware and the aesthetic. However, Google Pixel is still manufactured by a third brand (HTC being the first one to design Pixel) but the branding and the name stays with Google.

Google Pixel, right since launch, has created a lot of interest. The smartphone has received rave reviews from most critics and even users. It is not just one feature of the device that is praised but all features are being lauded. While Google did decide to skip a certain few key features in Google Pixel like the water-resistance quality, in terms of other features, it is at par with most flagships. While Google Pixel has been often compared to the iPhone, it makes a tough challenge even to other Android devices. In the iOS Android war, with the Google Pixel, in 2016, iOS finally got a worthy competitor. Google Pixel also debuted with an all new Voice Assistant system and a great camera which helped propel the device into fame. But then, that is not it. Google is also pushing the smartphone as a completely premium segment device and it has filled the gap left by Samsung this year.

While Samsung creates smartphones based on Android, it’s hold would definitely be threatened with Google Pixel. But then, what could have been a tough competition definitely made the task easier for Pixel as Samsung saw on of their worst failures this year with the roll back of Samsung Galaxy Note 7. What was a premium flagship device had to be be completely shelved and canned after users began to complain of the device batteries bursting and the smartphone also creating danger in aircrafts. It was quite a tough situation for Samsung. While many users felt that it would now be great for Apple as iPhone 7 and iPhone 7 Plus could have a free run with Samsung Galaxy Note 7 out of the way, instead of benefiting Apple, it helps Google Pixel as Android users got a brand new Android flagship with no compromises and right from the house of Google. Google Pixel becomes one of the most popular premium smartphones in India. Should Samsung be worried?

The entire situation has definitely helped work great for Google Pixel with the number of sale being extremely high. According to reports by Morgan Stanley, Google Pixel will be able to achieve sales figures of 3 million Google Pixel smartphones sold this year. The report also suggests that looking at the popularity of Pixel devices, next year on, the numbers might almost double to 5-6 million units sold that year. Google will generate revenues up to $ 4 billion from the sales of Google Pixel units next year, predict analysts. However, with smartphone makers now set to up their game and also with Apple gearing up for their biggest launch since it is the 10th Anniversary for Apple iPhone, the going for Google Pixel might get tough. However, the gap might help Google innovate more and also the Pixel line to take things ahead in a more organised manner. Let’s wait and see what 2017 has in store for Google Pixel!