iCloud account holders have been having a rough time lately with the spam calendar invitations. Reason being macOS and iOS operating systems scans Inbox on it own for calendar invites, which then pop up as calendar invite prompts on the devices. In the back of it, the email is deleted to free space on the device. The feature is sure a big help in terms of space management and event reminders. However, the feature creates a problem when it do the same with spam mail invites from brands and organizations. Especially these invites incessantly spammed many inboxes during the Americal shopping orgy – Black Friday.

But that’s not the real problem is, what comes after is! There is no option to ignore or do away with these invites. You can only chose from the options- Accept, Maybe, Decline to kill the push notification for the time and the sender of spam gets a reply, even if you didn’t intend to. But here are few methods which can help you to defend yourself from the menace of these spams.

First, if you have not been an ardent user of the calendar app on iOS, then you can right away head to the settings of your device and look for iCloud. Turn off the switch next to iCloud. This would stop the sync between your mail and calendar app. Yes! This will stop all the notifications from calendars app, which is extreme way. But not to worry you can switch to other calendar apps available on App store, such as Google Calendars.

Another method will require you to log into iCloud account in a web browser such as Safari, Chrome or IE. After you have signed in to your iCloud account with your credentials, go to Calendar and then click on the gear icon place down at the screen. From the pop-up menu, choose preferences. After you get preference window, go to advance settings and in the invitations column, switch from in-app notifications to email notifications. This would save you the hassle. (ALSO READ: Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg enlists steps to kill bogus news reports and hoaxes)

apple app sign in

The another way around the problem is to create new calendar. After you have created a new calendar, move all the spam invites to the new calendar and then delete the calendar. Choose Don’t Notify from the pop-up before confirming the deletion. Apart from all these steps, the simplest one is to decline the calendar notifications, when you receive them. However, the catch is after you decline the invite, spammer will get notification about your account being active.