LG is rumoured to launch the all new LG G6 at Mobile World Congress 2017 in Spain this year. LG G’s Chief Technologist Skott Ahn has reported confirmed details regarding the launch of the device and the specifications. While not all details are known, it is expected that LG iwll launch the LG G6 at MWC toward the end of February in 2017. The smartphone will be quite a shift from LG G5 which was the last LG flagship and LG’s experiment with Modular smartphones. While 2016 seemed like it would be the year of modular phones, there were not too many launches in the modular segment and the few that did launch were met with lukewarm responses. LG has decided to bakc the normal way with LG G6 and the smartphone will skip the modular design confirms Ahn.

While most are expecting LG to launch their LG G6 smartphone at Mobile World Congress, LG could shuffle dates around a bit and launch the LG G6 flagship around MWC instead of at the event. Ahn has also confirmed that LG is looking at multiple other dates for the launch of the smartphone. LG which has loved experimenting with their smartphones in the past and some of those experiments have paid off brilliantly suffered majorly when the design of their LG G5 failed to catch up with users. Many users criticised LG for the poor implementation of modules and the scope of their modular LG G5. While LG G5 failed to create the wave it should have as previous LG flagships did, it is still one of the most iconic devices. However, LG G6 will be completely different from the G5.

As the launch date for LG G6 is nearing, there have been a couple of leaks surrounding the device. LG G6 will reportedly be an all glass smartphone with even the back being coated in tempered glass. There have also been rumours of a high end metallic finish with glass being used for the smartphone design. Another thing with the LG G6 could be that LG finally moves away from the traditional smartphones and makes its flagship a waterproof device. While most smartphone flagships in the market have moved to being water resistant and dust resistant, since LG flagships still came with removable batteries (and no one is complaining about it), it was impossible to go the water resistant way. But LG G6 might finally achieve what the previous flagships haven’t. Samsung Galaxy S8 to ditch the home button and come with dual curved display confirm leaked images

LG is making a lot of changes to it’s device and reportedly LG G6 will come with a wireless charger and a curved OLED display. There is not much known about the display specifications or the processor and hardware details but they will likely be keeping in line with the current flagships in the market. The focus this time will be on both – the looks as well as the usability of the device and rumours suggest that LG is leaving no stone upturned in making LG G6 a flagship to reckon with. LG G6 is expected to launch in batches all over the world and will be first launching in North America, Europe and South Korea followed by other regions. It will be interesting to see the new take LG has on LG G6 and hopefully it will help revive the ailing smartphone makers fortunes.