HMD, the Finnish company that now holds right to Nokia devices is all set to bring back Nokia phones in 2017. However, they will but naturally not be Nokia phones of the old and will have a whole lot of changes to them. The biggest change of all will the the OS – Nokia has had quite a rumble-tumble journey since it’s decline began and post their Symbian OS, there have been a whole lot of experiments. But then finally, Nokia is doing what everyone expected it to do long, long back and that one thing that could have arrested its demise – shifting to Android! HMD, the current owner of Nokia brand is all set to launch an all new Nokia device, which will be an Android smartphone all out sometime in early 2017. Rumours suggest that the device will launch towards the end of February – at Mobile World Congress held in Spain each year.

Nokia D1C, as the smartphone is rumoured to be named or what is presently the codename for the upcoming new Nokia device has already leaked multiple times. We’ve seen everything from the images to the features leaked. However, the one thing that excites us the most is not the fact that the device is launching but the fact that it will come with the same name – Nokia. the branding under HMD has not changed at all! If we go a little back in time, when Microsoft took over Nokia and launched their Windows phones under Nokia, they renamed the devices to Microsoft Lumia. However, the cult following that Nokia has even today could unfortunately, not be replicated and the phones though sturdy, failed to impress on many counts. Following the failure to impress in the smartphones department. Microsoft quickly washed their hands off Nokia feature phones which was then purchased by a Foxconn subsidiary HMD in early 2016 and as of today, the rights of Nokia devices rest with HMD which, as mentioned above, plans to soon launch a Nokia phone.

The feature phones business which is what was one of the strongest points for Nokia now rests with HMD while the smartphone business is with Microsoft which had initially said would continue to produce devices under Lumia series. However, in recent, as there has been no Lumia devices, rumours have been rife that microsot is now killing off Lumia and favouring Surface devices instead. While Microsoft held all rights to Nokia devices, last year Nokia was in talks with Microsoft to acquire the right to use the name “Nokia” as a trademark on their feature phones until 2024. Additionally, they also claimed design rights relating to Microsoft’s feature phone business. Since the deal fell into place, HMD is now authorised to use the Nokia name. HMD will be eligible to pay Nokia a royalty for every phone sold for the branding and the name usage. However, from the images that have leaked, the phone is not a basic feature phone but quite a decent smartphone we see in the making. Well, smartphone or feature phone, we’re just happy to see Nokia back! FitBit to buy Kickstarter-famed smartwatch maker Pebble for $40 million

According to rumours, Nokia D1C, as the phone is nick-named will come in 2 variants. From what we know about the device so far, there will be 2 versions of the smartphone. Jus like most flagship devices of date, the phone will come in one larger version and one smaller version. The smaller version is also expected to be the cheaper, lower end version of the Nokia D1C. The Nokia D1C budget device will feature a 5-inch display which the more mid-ranger or premium smartphone will come with a 5.5 inches display. However, both the displays will be HD displays. Both versions of Nokia D1C are expected to come with Android Nougat, which is the latest Android platform. The similarity between both the versions will be the processor and the other hardware which will be the Qualcomm Snapdragon 430 processor with 1.4 GHz octa-core Cortex-A53 CPU and an Adreno 505 GPU, 16 GB internal memory and 2/3 GB RAM. The rear end camera in the lower end model will be a 13MP shooter while in the main device will be a 16 MP rear end camera. The selfie cam in both is expected to be 8MP.

Nokia and HMD have both released statements with regards to their upcoming devices and here’s what the HMD statement says: Mukesh Ambani launches “Reliance Jio Happy New Year” offer – all services completely free till March 2017!

A new and exciting chapter in the story of Nokia branded phones begins today as HMD Global Oy (HMD) – the new home of Nokia phones enters the market. Finnish company HMD will bring a new generation of mobile phones to consumers, with the first smartphone products set to be launched in the first half of 2017, alongside the existing Nokia branded feature phone business.

The launch of HMD comes just six months after the company signed a strategic licensing agreement with Nokia, giving HMD exclusive use of the Nokia brand on mobile phones and tablets worldwide for the next 10 years.

With a leading position in the feature phone market already, HMD has a significant global foothold including Americas, Europe, Asia, Middle East, Africa, India and China from day one. This scale, coupled with a world-class and highly experienced leadership team positions HMD for a truly accelerated start.

HMD has developed a unique strategic partnership model that will see it working with some of the world’s leading technology companies including Nokia, FIH Mobile Limited (FIH) and Google. Future Nokia smartphones will utilise Google’s Android operating system, currently deployed on 86% of the world’s smartphones. Apple MacBook Pro with Touch Bar comes to India starting Rs 1,55900 for 256 GB version

A cornerstone of HMD’s partnership model is an agreement with FIH, a global consumerelectronics manufacturing and technology powerhouse that will manufacture Nokia branded mobile phones and tablets, guaranteeing quality of manufacture and innovation at scale as well as giving access to FIH’s world-class R&D capability.

HMD is developing an exciting new consumer centric product range which will focus on innovation, quality and experience, alongside the iconic Nokia mobile phone attributes of design, robustness, and reliability.

The company combines the agility and attitude of a start-up business with the expertise of some of the industry’s most experienced and passionate senior leaders. The HMD Globalteam is headed by CEO Arto Nummela and President Florian Seiche. Together, they will forge a new chapter in the story of Nokia mobile phones with the support of an experienced leadership team made up of talent across multiple markets.