New Delhi, September 1: Asteroid Florence (AF) will pass at  4,390,892 miles on Friday and will be the closest a Near Earth Object (NEO). The distance of AF will be 18 times the distance between Moon and earth. With a size of almost 6 miles in width, it is the largest asteroid to be discovered by NASA (National Aeronautics and Space Administration). As per IST (Indian Standard Time) it can be viewed at 5.30 pm and to watch live click here.

As per reports, such massive asteroids in size are a threat to the earth but Florence is not. All other asteroids which passed close to the earth were much smaller in size.  As per the US space agency, last time such an asteroid came close to earth was in 1890 and next asteroid to achieve this feat will be after 2500.

Scientists suggest that one must see the humungous rock with a good equipment as more than 20 per cent of sunlight will hit its surface and the size does not really play the main character here. The scientists also believe that if the massive rock would have hit the earth then it would have had global effects but they have identified more than 90 per cent of such rocks which inch or move closer to our planet earth.