They are versatile, fragrant, and quintessential. They’re also an international symbol of affection, friendship, and appreciation. And they dare not discriminate, as they bloom in all shades of the rainbow and beyond. Roses, which rank tenth on my list of important things—right under Zayn Malik, mint chocolate chip ice cream and Bollywood—are a divine gift to mankind.

Roses have been celebrated for so long that it is challenging to pinpoint their origin or source of popularity—but in my opinion, they are so cherished because they mean something to different to everyone. But roses aren’t just for “he loves me, he loves me not” or your cousin’s graduation ceremony. In the form of water, roses actually possess a multitude of benefits that everyone can utilize in their daily lives.

1. Toner

Toner serves a very imperative and valuable role in our daily facial cleansing regimens. When washing our face after a long day, it is necessary to use toners to fully cleanse and hydrate our skin. But here’s a fresh twist: ditch the Neutrogena and opt for a natural, chemical free alternative.

You guessed it: rose water! Rose water serves as a powerful toner due to its ability to function as a tonic to remove any impurities, while leaving your face with an extravagant scent.

2. Aromatherapy

Rose water can also serve as a great supplement in aromatherapy, or the practice of using natural oils typically extracted from flowers, leaves, or stems of plants to elevate psychological awareness and physical well-being.

Inhaling rose water alone, or even combined with essential oils, can stimulate brain function. For maximum usage, add a few drops in a diffuser and breathe, breathe, breathe!

3. Softening Skin

It is now time to leave the chemically icky moisturizers, creams, and potions behind. Applying a smidge of rose water on a cotton ball and applying to the face will surely soften and moisturize your skin for a clean, vibrant, hydrated,  and awake feel.

4. Fantastic Cleanser

It gets even better—not only does rose water soften skin, it also fights acne, dermatitis, and eczema. It can even heal scars, cuts, and wounds. Oo, kill ‘em!

5. Post-Sun Body Spray

Honey, we know you had a great summer—not only did I see the ten thousand pictures you instagrammed on the beach in Bali, I heard you complaining about the rashes caused due to sun exposure and sunburns.

This is why I’m proposing a quick and easy way for your pain to be significantly alleviated: rose water, of course.

6. Eye Brightener

I get it—you spent the night plucking your eyebrows and lipsyncing Adele’s “Hello” into a hairbrush, so the Gucci designer bags that formed under your eyes were inevitable. Do not fear, rose water is here!

Before bed, apply rose water under the eyes to reduce darkness and puffiness. The next day, get ready to rejuvenate.

7. Scented Sheets

As great as Downy fabric softened comforters sound,  I propose a better alternative. Spritz some rose water onto your bed sheets for a rosy, mesmerizing sleep that means you will only wake up for one reason: to purchase more rose water.