One-on-One with Astrologer Numerologist Prem Jyotish

Prem Jyotish


Weekly Horoscope for July 28-August 4:



Your talent and abilities will be fully exposed


All professional difficulties will be removed


You will get good offer and opportunity at work


Avoid trusting anyone this week for any financial matters




Living in the moment becomes main focus


You take problems lightly and let problems work themselves out.


Your health needs to be focused on


You enjoy your work and personal life




Control expenses as there will be trouble with your finances


Take care of your health


You will gain personally and professionally


You will be energized and inspired to perform to the best of your abilities




Expenses will rise, but you will find ways to make your income rise as well


Its good time to take up a second job


Family will be of high importance this week


Students will get good results in their studies




Very good week professionally, with a lot of gains in income.


Problems regarding your health may arise


Build strong relationships with family members


You make new friends through numerous social interactions




Try not to lend money as it will turn into a bad investment


Hard work may not pay off with good results


You will have new career opportunities


Your talent will help you move further in the same field of business or in a new field




Busy week but you must pay attention to family


You will start thinking about different aspects of your life


Main focus will be on getting your work done


Will be able to establish new contacts




Travel will prove advantageous


Expenses may rise; keep it under control


Don’t start any new project without thinking deeply


Work environment will start to get better this week




A good week overall


Financially stable with no worries


There may be some risks involved in your new ventures, you should be careful


Friends and associates will be very helpful


Your future plans will be executed nicely




Drive carefully and take precautions


Good inflow of money by the end of the week


You shall receive good results if you put in a lot of effort in whatever you do


Do not waste your money




All challenges at work will be taken by you at work in a good manner


Your ability to socialize helps you make good contacts


You will become more independent


Family and family both will be given equal importance




You should concentrate more this week


It is a happy phase of your life and many new things are going to come across


There will be change in work environment


New ventures will be profitable


You’ll endeavor to improve your business prospects



Prem Jyotish is world renowned Astrologer Numerologist. He has been helping people for last 12 years to improve life with the science of Vedic Astrology & Numerology. His prediction is scientific & accurate. His wisdom in Vedic Astrology & Numerology is enhancing the positive aspect in people’s life.