Top 10 Just Best Friends Forever Things

Best friends are the best comedians of your life. You are sweet to your friends but complete bitches to BFF’s. You’ll console friends during their break ups but laugh at your best friend’s break up story before consoling and advising them. We have compiled a couple of things that are things that just happen when you are best friends with someone for literally EVER !

  • Inevitably, you move to different states, go to different schools, and sometimes lose touch. But when you return, you’re still as weird and dysfunctional as ever before. Even better are the gossiping sessions that you have after you all meet!


  • Personal space has no bearing on you. Boundaries have completely dissolved into the “it’s 2 a.m. I’m miserable and getting into bed with you deal with it”


  • Snapchats get uglier as the friendship deepens, but people who have been friends for years take it to a new, grossly indescribable level. *Twitches eye, rounds lips to vain pout, takes photo.*


  • You’ve stopped keeping tabs on who owes who what in terms of drinks bought and money spent. At the end of the day your only thought is “ it’ll probably even itself out eventually.”or “it’s okay. She/ He has got a lot of money today, let’s loot her/him”


  • They storm into your house at odd hours with their sad stories and even if you have an exam the next day, you have to deal with them. In other cases, they come, hunt the kitchen, even cook without your permission and consume it alongside your mom or sister narrating the most embarrassing stories and gossips about you.


  • You get comfortable with silence, arguably the most awesome aspect of any relationship. You can go on trips together or even just hang out without feeling like you need to fill every second with words.


  • They never let go of even a silly mistake you would have commuted in class 7 and nag and embarrass you about it the rest of your life, LITERALLY. They even understand your grumbling, indecipherable whining or your punchline before you complete it.


  • They know all about every person in your life, like the roommates from school and people you dated, even if they don’t actually know them. They’ve not only Facebook friended them all but also stalked them like a hawk.


  • You’re the one their significant other really has to win over. Not only win over, but they also have to deal with the fact that he/she will be a co-partner of the best friend’s love.



  • You’re nearing that part of life when you’re starting to do the things you always sat in your room and talked about doing, like getting jobs, driving, finishing school and getting married. But the best and crazy part is that your BFF is still there by your side to witness those events just that you had merely just planned before.