This third week of ‘Made in America’ jumps into the world of fashion with mentor and host Nina Davuluri and guest judge, celebrity stylist Omar Berumen. Quiet Ahana manage to win over the judges during the first two challenges and she even became winner of the week!

This was the first win the young contestant so she was surprised to have such a high week. During her one-on-one time with Nina, Ahana explained how she loved fashion and make up but she’s never had professional experience with it like some of the other girls have through modeling and pageants. She asked Nina for tips and advice and the two chatted about how Ahana is quite reserved. Nina encouraged Ahana to bring more of her personality—like her love of sparkles—and more of what makes her unique, to the contest.

This week all the girls had challenges to face expressing not only their own style but the each other’s and learn how to style looks appropriately for different events. As future models, pageant winners, and media personalities, being able to present themselves appropriately is an important factor in their careers.

In the first challenge, they wrote down a description of their own style, then Nina switched their clipboards and they had to dress a mannequin according to the description and guess which contestant they had. Ahana won the challenge and guessed accurately that Harindee was her mystery description.

The next challenge was a team challenge where the girls worked in pairs to find an outfit for Nina that she could potentially wear to an event at a thrift store. The judges had fun watching the contestants put their creativity to the test in this challenge in trying to put together an outfit at the thrift store within a few minutes. They applied tips that Omar gave them regarding fashion and finding pieces that worked for each body type.

All the girls found some interesting outfits but Ahana and Aditi managed to find one that the judges liked best, a green sleeveless dress that cinched at the waist with a vintage blazer.

The third task this week was also at the thrift store, the girls had to style 3 looks, a casual, business causal and evening wear look within $50. This was a race against time as the girls scrambled to find all the pieces for each look they envisioned. Though some girls missed the mark completely and others had a few good pieces, it was Kanika who really shined as her outfits looked like a fabulous collection that could be sold in a department store. She really surprised the judges with her 3 looks.

From the reactions, it seems that Priyadarshini was not impressed with these thrift store winners for either challenge, but in her confessional clip she took it with grace saying the judges know best. With each week, the challenges getting more difficult we’re about to see a lot more competitiveness amongst these girls!

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