In week one of Zee TV’s latest reality show, “Made in America,” host and former Ms America, Nina Davuluri, tested the six contestants on their strengths and weaknesses. Contestants Harindee’s strength shined while Kanika revealed her weakness in this debut episode.

Their first challenge was to pair up and get to know each other after which they presented each other’s strengths and weaknesses. Harindee won this first challenge, as she really opened up and revealed her struggles of fitting in. She encouraged her partner in the challenge, Kanika, as well as the rest of the girls to never feel like they don’t belong or are not good enough because everyone is special in their own way.

She revealed her story about struggling to fit in when she moved to America from Sri Lanka, a trait Kanika said Harindee mentioned was her weakness. Harindeedefinitely won the love of viewers and her co-contestants with her heartfelt positive message. It was difficult for all the girls to reveal themselves to someone they just met and to have your weaknesses heard out loud can be difficult to digest but they all took it in positively.

During challenge two, the work-out boot camp, Kanika struggled to finish the obstacle course and coach Scott Mecham of Work Out LA put her on the spot. He called her out for not trying hard enough because she was smiling and laughing but Kanika became emotional. She explained that she was taking the challenge positively and her reaction was more about her being embarrassed to be in this situation and for not doing well enough. Kanika revealed that she always second guesses herself and perhaps she gets self-conscious and nervous? It can’t be easy showing weaknesses with camera’s watching your every move.

Kanika told the coach that she was serious about the contest and wanted to win. His motivational messages hit home for her because she began thinking about the obstacles she had faced in life. She was inspired by what he was saying to each of the girls as they completed the course.

While Aditi won this second challenge, Priyadarshini won the third challenge, a test of public speaking through a question and answer round.

The MIA debut episode began the season on a positive note introducing six young and talented South Asian girls. During the challenges, the girls faced a lot of emotions and the level of difficulty this journey will bring really hit them. Interestingly, Aditi was the winner of the week, so she had some one-on-one time with mentor Nina Davuluri. Though Aditi did win the work out challenge and did well in other challenges, her personality didn’t shine through in the episode as much as the other contestants. Nina Davulurihas definitely seen something special in Aditi and we’re curious to know her more in the next episode.

Tune in Thursday nights at 10 p.m. to see more of all six gorgeous girls as they fight for the crown!