In India, there are over 27 million couples suffering from infertility. If you or the person you love is experiencing problems when it comes to having a child, you are not alone. Infertility is defined when a couple either has problems conceiving or sustaining a pregnancy. This complication can be a result of many factors. Also Read - Ayurvedic Tips to Increase Fertility: 5 Easy Ways to Include Yoga, Diet in Your Schedule

Infertility specialist Dr Kaberi Banerjee of Advance Fertility & Gynecology Centre in New Delhi shares the common causes of infertility in women and what to look out for. Also Read - Prega News' Beautiful Ad on Infertility Celebrates The 'Completeness' of a Woman | Video Will Make You Cry

Fortunately, by knowing these factors that could potentially increase the chances of being infertile can help you and doctors like Dr Banerjee understand the depth of your situation and treat you accordingly. Also Read - COVID Vaccine: Can It Cause Infertility? Does it Have Side-effect? Govt Busts Myths About Vaccination

What Causes Infertility in Women?

One of the most leading causes of infertility in women is problems with ovulation. Ovulation is essential when it comes to conceiving because without ovulation, eggs won’t be released from the ovaries and if there are no eggs, fertilization becomes almost impossible.

According to the Advance Fertility & Gynecology Centre, one of the most common causes of female infertility is polycystic ovarian syndrome (PCOS), which is a hormonal imbalance issue that can interfere with normal ovulation.

Primary ovarian insufficiency (POI) is another common cause of infertility that occurs when the ovaries stop working and menstruation stops before the age of 40.

Endometriosis can cause infertility because it occurs when endometrial tissue starts to grow outside of the uterus and can affect the functioning of the ovaries, uterus and fallopian tubes.

Less common causes of infertility in women include the following:

  • Blocked fallopian tubes caused by pelvic inflammatory disease or surgery for an ectopic pregnancy.
  • Uterine fibroids, which are non-cancerous clumps of tissue and muscles, on the uterus walls.
  • Physical problems within the uterus.

Regardless of the causes, Advance Fertility & Gynecology Centre is a trusted name in the specialty of IVF and infertility. Their clinic specializes in treating couples with infertility issues and couples who have failed the IVF cycles more than once. They offer years of experience, expertise and the newest technologies in the area of infertility and treatment plans designed for your specific needs.

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