You have been looking for a reason to take a step back from a very important commitment. What you had initially thought was something very important to you, may have now lost its appeal and you no longer want to stay tied to it. The problem is you do not want to disappoint or hurt others who are also invested. In the end, evaluate whether your loss of interest is just a temporary mood or a long term change.


There were a lot of major life events that might have happened lately and you are still reeling from all the excitement. You are now going to enter a time of calm and peace but you might find yourself feeling uneasy and restless. It is normal to miss the excitement even though at the moment you had found it all overwhelming. Try to take this week to reflect on all the good and happy moments and dispel any negative or anxious thoughts.


You should spend more time with your family and people you love. You have been isolating yourself lately and this might be why you have been feeling lonely and not yourself. If you are feeling neglected, know that your loved ones might have been giving you space because they know you needed it. If you want to reconnect then make the first step! They will be more than happy to embrace your return.


You have been on great adventures lately and now is the perfect time to settle back into your home and relax and recharge. Spend time with family and friends but also take some time for yourself to just meditate and reflect. You need your energy for what is ahead. Next year will be filled with more adventures and excitement so now is the time to just rest and prepare yourself!


You are known to be brave and determined but what people don’t know is you also have worries and doubts and inhibitions. This makes you human and is nothing to be ashamed of. You are often hard on yourself to live up to people’s perceptions of you. If a certain situation is uncomfortable, don’t be afraid to embrace that. You do not have to feel any less because you have hesitations. Sometimes we just need to accept how we feel and then move on. It doesn’t make you any less special.


You may be thinking you have successfully fooled someone and that they are unaware of your clever ways. This person is most likely well aware of what you are up to but choosing to quietly observe rather than confront. This might not last forever though so don’t push your luck. If there is something you are trying to avoid just explain your feelings openly. They might be more understanding than you think.


What can be more exciting than meeting someone who is just like you and enjoys all the same things you do? The only downside to this is that meeting people different from yourself can expose you to new experiences and learnings. You might be inclined to ignore someone who seems to be your exact opposite. Being different doesn’t mean you are not compatible. Give this person a chance and you might find that they will expand your horizons.


There is someone in your life who has been very demanding and insecure in the way they approach their relationship with you. You have tried many times to give them the validation that they need and have finally reached your limit. Although you have invested a lot of time and energy into this companionship it may be time to let go. Don’t worry about the time spent as you still have the memories and learning experiences gained.


Someone has been cautiously approaching you, trying to express their interest in friendship. You are aloof and reclusive by nature so this makes it a very daunting and intimidating task. Only your close friends and loved ones know just how welcoming and friendly you can be so it might be best to make an effort to seem more approachable. Try being more alert and attentive to those around you and you may find a great friendship.


This week might be a good week to reconnect with friends and spend some time relaxing and indulging. You might have recently experienced a burnout of the mind or body. This is because you tend to neglect yourself in the interest of the others. This week try to enjoy and spend time for yourself, surrounded by those you love.


There might be some confusion around why you are involved in a certain situation that has nothing to do with you. In fact some people might think you are meddling to stir up some trouble. The truth is that the situation needed a mediator and you just happened to be there at the time. Don’t worry about what others are thinking and keep doing good. The recognition of your good deeds will not go unanswered.


Someone has been providing you great support and encouragement lately but you have been so preoccupied with other more enticing situations that you are failing to show your gratitude.
Gratitude can be expressed in many ways. It does not have to be verbal or transactional. Simply taking some time to have a conversation or engage in a fun activity can be enough for this person to know you reciprocate their care.