Kolkata: On November 5, Dilip Ghosh, BJP West Bengal chief became the butt of all jokes on Twitter after he said that Indian cows producing milk has gold in it. Following the incessant trolling and mockery, Ghosh on Friday didn’t back down and justified his comment that Indian cow milk indeed has ”traces of gold”.

“Indian breed of cows has a special characteristic, there is gold mixed in its milk, and that is why the colour of their milk is slightly yellow. Cow’s navel helps in producing gold with help of sunshine,” he had remarked while addressing a programme in Burdwan district of West Bengal.

Despite the social media storm, Ghosh on Friday said that his statement was was backed by conclusions of research taking place in the foreign countries and those trolling him over the remark should first prove him wrong by producing counter research papers.

“I stand by my comment and there is no question of withdrawing it. My comment is backed by proper research work that is going on in the foreign countries. Those who are trolling me or criticising me should first prove me wrong by coming out with counter research papers,” Ghosh told PTI.

Launching an attack against his detractors, he called the people criticising him as “fools”.

He further said, “Fools can never understand the significance of cow and its milk in Indian society. Those who are trolling me on twitter and other social media platforms have no other work except attacking those who talk about India’s culture and heritage.”

Not just citizens on Twitter, his remark last week drew sharp reactions from both ruling TMC and opposition Congress and CPI(M).