It’s really strange the way animals sometimes work. Cats hate birds and are generally their enemies, leaving no chance to pounce on them and gobble them up. But even in the animal world, we sometimes see the most unlikely of friendships. In this case, it was a unique and strange bond between a cat and ducklings! A farm couple, Ronan and Emma Lally, in Offaly County, Ireland were expecting the birth of ducklings on their farm. Everyone was excited as the date for the ducklings to be born came nearer. The eggs hatched in the night and the couple visited the farm every morning to check the progress. However, when they visited the farm the morning the eggs hatched, they were shocked as there were no ducklings! Also Read - Punjab IAS Officer Rakhee Gupta Releases Devotional Song on Lord Krishna, Video Goes Viral | Watch

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They hunted everywhere and then feared the worst as they had a cat on the farm. Ronan and Emma assumed that the cat must’ve eaten the ducklings as they could not be found anywhere. Then the hunt for the cat began and what was discovered was something completely amazing! The cat had taken the ducklings – but not to eat them, to play with them! The cat adopted the ducklings as her own and as she had recently given birth to kittens, she was milking. She not just treated the ducklings as her kittens but even nursed them with milk! The mother cat also ensured that the ducklings were not harmed by the kittens and she protected them from predators! Also Read - Watch: 68-Year-Old Maharashtra Woman Embarks on a 2,200 km Bicycle Journey to Reach Vaishno Devi

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The kittens and the ducklings grew together and as the ducklings grew up faster than the kittens, once again Ronan and Emma feared their well-being as the cat could now attack the larger ducklings. But no such thing happened and they stayed fast friends! This video that shows how the cat cuddled with the ducklings and nursed them is just so beautifully warm and amazing! It teaches us how friendships are sometimes formed in the most amazing of situations and some friendships are for life!