Dogs are known for their energy and their excitement. They absolutely love the outdoors and just cannot get enough of it. We’ve known of dogs literally drag their owners out for walks or for playing games. They just cannot get enough of the outdoors. Throw a ball and they will run to the end of the earth to get it back. They love Frisbees, playing with sticks, or just running in the outdoors. Dogs and nature are one and it’s really fun to see owners and dogs enjoy and have a good time. But then, just as much as they love the outdoors, dogs also love water. They enjoy their baths and playing in the water. it’s a tough choice really, water or nature?

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But for one husky, the choice is pretty clear. Zeus, the Siberian Husky absolutely and totally loves playing in the water. So much so that his owner literally has to drag him out each time for a walk! He just refuses to go! All he does is lay down in the bath-tub and want the taps to be turned on so he can splash about and enjoy! And if you force him, beware! he’ll throw a temper tantrum right at you! Over here, he’s just laying happily in the bathtub and is right in the middle of his tantrum when his owner asks him for a walk. It’s quite funny actually, to see the huge dog become a tiny baby and plead for sometime in the water. Afterall, walking can wait!

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After a whole lot of cajoling and pampering and telling him he can return and play, the husky finally agrees to get out. But no, his adorable howls and pleading eyes can melt you just like that! Why, why couldn’t he be allowed to play in the water? Just give him his water damn it! Oh, don’t forget to turn your volume on while you watch this adorable video!