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Actress Amrita Rao has won over audiences with her sweet smile, versatile acting skills and delicate nature. She has given us memorable films such as “Ishq Vishk,” “Main Hoon Na,” “Masti,” “Vivaah,” and “Welcome to Sajjanpur”—and every time, she’s taken on a unique role. Rao has always played characters that are strong and relatable with messages that teach you to be a better person. Though the “Main Hoon Na” actress has been off the big screen for some time without any major projects, it looks like Rao is trying to revamp her career with a move that has been done by many top stars before her—television!

However, unlike Salman Khan, Amitabh Bachchan, Shah Rukh Khan, and Aamir Khan, Rao is not going to host a reality show. Instead, she has made her television debut with a finite series. Rao is starring in “Meri Awaaz Hi Pehchaan Hai,” a show produced and written by Nivedita Basu, airing on &TV. The show is set in the 1970s, and follows the story of two singing sisters—Ketki and Kalyani—and spans over three generations. Rao plays the younger Kalyani while Aditi Vasudev plays the younger Ketki. Actresses Deepti Naval and Zarine Wahab play the older versions of Kalyani and Ketki.

Take a look at the promo video of the show!

Rao is very excited about working on the period drama.

“I think the 1970s was the best time in Bollywood. The dressing style, the hairdo, the songs and the artists, everything about the 1970s is classic and evergreen,” Rao said in a statement. “When I was offered this show it was an easy fit for me because I play the character of Kalyani who is a singer in the 1970s and I could absolutely relate to it. It was no brainer for me, and I had to say yes to the show.”

Some say that the storyline is inspired by the lives of legendary singing sisters, Asha Bhosle and Lata Mangeshkar. Regardless who it is based on, we’re sure Rao will once again teach us a valuable lesson with her portrayal of Kalyani.

Rao has always managed to portray unique characters that remain with you long after the film (and now episode) has ended. With her new show gaining positive reviews already, why not look back at “Vivaah” actress’ journey thus far and take a look at 5 lessons she’s taught us!

1. Don’t Judge a Book by its Cover

Remember that time Rao turned down her crush because he only noticed her when she put on a dress?

Rao played the tough tomboy, Sanjana, in “Main Hoon Na”—who later takes on a girly transformation to gain the attention of her best friend, Lucky, for whom she had deep feelings for. However, when he asked her out she rejected him for Percy, the nerdy friend who thought she was perfect even before the transformation, Rao taught us that it’s not how short your skirt is that makes you beautiful or glasses that make you smart or muscles that make you ‘macho’. Instead, it is who you are on the inside that is important.

Lucky always judged her for her appearance and she wasn’t about to accept Lucky’s affections just because he noticed that she was a girl. In a twist, even Lucky proved that he was more than his too-cool-for-school attitude.

2. Stay True to Your Principles

That time she didn’t give in to peer pressure or pressure from a guy no matter how hard it may be to get over …

In one of her earlier films, “Ishq Vishq,” Rao plays the sweet girl-next-door who gets teased as the “behen-ji.” Taking advantage of her crush on him, Shahid Kapoor takes Rao on a trip with friends as his new girlfriend. When Kapoor is peer pressured into moving things along in his relationship with Rao, she is (obviously) hurt and slaps him. He then tells her to apologize in front of everyone with a kiss but she again refuses, standing her ground.

No matter how much it hurt to be deceived, Rao taught us that we need to stay true to our principles and never give in to peer pressure.

3. Beauty is Skin Deep

There’s not doubt that Amrita Rao is truly stunning, but she’s proved that beauty is only skin deep in her role as Poonam in “Vivah.”

Although Poonam’s chachi always put her down for being the prettier sister, she proved that her outer beauty means nothing when she sacrificed herself to save her younger cousin. She taught her grudge-holding jealous chachi how powerful love is and how insignificant outer beauty truly is.

Of course, with the King of Sanskaar, Alok Nath, as your chacha ji, how could you not teach beautiful life lessons?

4. Don’t let Your Insecurities Rule You

In “Masti,” Rao played the ridiculously insecure wife who let her emotions rule her actions. She was overbearing and overwhelming due to her anxiety about losing her husband, which is why he and his friends conspired to have an affair.

Although the husband’s actions were wrong, so were Rao’s. Through the portrayal of Aanchal Mehta, she showed us that we should never let our love suffocate others and we should never let our fears take over our own minds. Communication and compromise are the keys to a successful marriage.

5. Never Give Up Hope

Where there is love there is a way…I don’t think that is the saying but that’s what I’m sticking with. In “Welcome to Sajjanpur,” Rao taught us that we should never give up hope and always have faith in our loved ones.

She waited for ages for her husband to send a letter and for him to finally return for her from Mumbai after he left to find a better job there. Shreyas Talpade let his emotions towards Rao cause problems between the relationship but he realized his mistakes.

Rao’s husband had faced some major obstacles but he did return for her in the end—proving Rao’s trust, love and prayers were not wasted on him.