Beya Likhari


Singer-songwriter Beya Likhari, a Maryland native, is more than a beautiful voice. As her Twitter tagline sums up, “I write sentences and sing them.”

Growing up, Likhari said, she did not have an “aha” moment when it came to knowing music would be her life—yet, music was all she knew. Starting at 6-years-old, Likhari sang in the Children’s Chorus of Maryland for five years, while also juggling other aspects of her life.

“I was juggling rehearsals with the choir, school and when I wasn’t doing that I was probably in my cousins’ basement singing the entire ‘Dil Se’ soundtrack,” she said.

In addition to singing, Likhari began writing poems in middle school. However, it was not until college that she tested the waters with songwriting, which eventually led to her first EP, “Amplifiers & Vampires.”

She said her ideas for her songwriting usually come to her subconsciously, and she builds on those ideas when she has outlined them in her head.

“‘Amplifiers & Vampires’ was my first attempt at creating a cohesive project. That EP is really close to my heart,” Likhari said. “I remember finding a beat that fit the mood I was going for and once I wrote to it, I kept finding more beats and built out the concept as I went.”

Comparing her first two EP’s, Likhari said the experiences could  not have been more different, “the process of creating those two EP’s was a total blur.”

Released in 2013, Likhari’s second musical venture, “A Drop of Ether,” reflected her growth as an artist.

“’A Drop of Ether’ was like my summer anthem in a way. This time I had found the beats that I wanted to use before I started writing,” she said. “I will say thank you to the people that still listen to that project because it was a huge experiment for me.”

Over time, she has created a diverse flavor of music, but Likhari’s love for each song varies so widely that she said she does not have a favorite song.

“Because my songs were written at different times in my life, I couldn’t really pick just one,” she said. “I sort of go through different moods so right now I could tell you one song and tomorrow it would probably change.”

As difficult as it is for Likhari to pick one favorite song, she said her message to her fans changes constantly as well.

“It wouldn’t be fair for me to choose just one message for all of my fans to adhere to,” she said. “I think the beauty of music is that there are different messages that hit us at different times, so all I would really say is, thank you for listening and please keep listening, because I’m sure you’ll hear something new every time.”

Likhari added that she considers making music a success in its own right and she doesn’t have a specific goal in mind for the future direction of her music.

“Most people stop doing things they like when life happens, but I am really happy that I have good people around me who encourage me to do what I love,” Likhari said. “So in my mind, since I have already made it this far, I’m really looking forward to seeing what happens next.”

To keep up with Likhari’s latest music follow her tracks on SoundCloud and musings on Twitter.