Khoobsurat: You might want to retain this nifty word (which, appropriately enough, translates to “beautiful” in the Hindi language) at the tip of your tongue, because it’s certain to become quite a household name come this fall for expectant moviegoers.

“Khoobsurat” is Disney’s very first Bollywood movie — a playful romantic comedy that promises to boldly captivate and satisfy viewers with the traditional charisma that typifies the timeless term, “Disney Magic.” Indeed, at my first viewing of the high-octane preview, I was enchanted — absolutely enchanted — by the dazzling costumes, the sizzling music and the strikingly handsome prince.

The wholesome family entertainer, directed by writer and film maker Shashank Ghosh, starring Sonam Kapoor and Fawad Khan, will release on Sept. 19.

The film is a remake of the traditional 80s film with the same title, starring Rekha and Rakesh Roshan, which traditionally weaves a story of forgiveness, boundary-breaking, compassion and acceptance. The Times of India reports that Ghosh, along with the producers UTV, Anil Kapoor and daughter Rhea Kapoor, consider it a successful “modern-day fairy tale.”

Prospective viewers are likely curious as to what lengths Ghosh, will go in order to preserve the original integrity of the film.

It was recently reported that Rekha is not happy with the remake, but has come to peace with it after she and the producers decided to attach the trailer of her new film, “Super Nani,” directed by Indra Kumar, to the modern adaptation.

This movie hosts the talent and chemistry of Sonam and Khan, who comprise the dynamic duo, which is living proof of the timeless adage, “opposites attract.” A physiotherapist and a prince will overcome personal prejudices from a royal mother-in-law, who fathoms an intolerable outcome for this unlikely match.

When it comes to the plot of the film, we’ve been here before, but there exists a uniqueness to Ghosh’s previous work, and hopefully the complexities of this relationship will breathe new life into what could easily prove to be a trite storyline.

Although this is a Bollywood film brimming with glamour, mystery and musicality, hopefully Disney not fall prey to predictability, but instead will provide viewers with an interesting perspective that will entertain and provide a fresh perception of Bollywood cinema.