The Kapil Sharma Show began with Kapil telling that they are creating history on the show by welcoming a number of actors. He invited nine actresses from the team of the film Begum Jaan. These included Vidya Balan, Ila Arun, Gauhar Khan, Pallavi Sharda, Ridhima Tiwari and Flora Saini to name some of them. Nani comes with the actors but Kapil recognizes her and says she is the odd one out in between so many pretty girls.

Kapil asked Ila Arun to sing the song Nayi jaana pardes sawariya. Ila Arun sag the song with Kapil and said she was happy Kapil asked her to sing this song as though not many people know this song, it is one of her favourite songs. She said this song is 25 years old and it is great that Kapil remembers this song. Kapil said that Begum Jaan is of the time 1940 and asked if it ever happened that they did more makeup. The actors revealed that their director used to remove makeup with a wet tissue from each girls’ face as he wanted no makeup on the girls. Kapil told about an incident he had heard that the person doing Rajkumar’s role had one dialogue but in the end Rajkumar ji himself said that dialogue. Kapil asked if this happened with them. Gauhar said that they were allowed to improvise, as it had to look real. Chandu came dressed as Lumba sahib and said that he had come to make a family.  The girls did not entertain him much saying he was too old and he decided to go and bring some tea.

Kapil Sharma asked Vidya that she was smoking hooka in the movie so is it that she practiced smoking hooka before and she said agreed. They then started playing a game and Kapil asked who is most busy on the phone and it came out that Gauhar is most busy on social networking on her phone. He asked who does most gossip and it was Vidya. Kapil asked Siddhu if people gossip in the parliament also and Siddhu said yes. Kapil asked who sings the most songs on the sets. Everyone pointed at Ila ji that she sings the song DJ wale babu mera gana chala do. And the song was played and everyone including Kapil danced to the song.

Vidyavati came on stage and broke in a dance with Ila Arun. Ila Arun then sang the song Nigodi kaisi jawani hai and Vidyavati danced to the song and all the girls joined her. Vidyavati said that her name in inspired from Vidya Balan’s name. She called her boyfriend on the stage to take autographs from the girls. He came as the duplicate Sanjay Dutt. He said he is doing face reading now a days. He started with Vidya Balan’s face reading and charged 60/- from her. He then went to Gauhar and charged her 90/- for her face reading. Ila Arun shared that once in Delhi her friend’s wife Premlata ji who said to her that if she ever goes to Kapil’s show she should thank him for making her laugh. Gauhar shared that she feels lucky that she got the chance to work with Vidya Balan and the director believed that she could do justice to this role. Kapil also revealed that Riddhima was a banker. Also Pallavi was crowned Miss India in Australia. Vidyavati’s boyfriend came on stage again and flirted with Vidya Balan on the song Pal pal pal pal from the movie Munna Bhai. Vidya appreciated his acting of Sanjay Dutt. Vidya said that Flora was the Madhuri Dixit of the movie.

Bumper came on stage and introduced herself to the girls. She said that Vidya has to give her royalty as she has copied her swag in the movie Begum Jaan. Vidya said she will give her two tickets of the movie and Kapil said that Bumper is so fat that she needs two seats to sit. Bumper danced with Ila Arun on the song Resham ka rumal gale pe daal ke. Bumper said that Dr. Gulati is very sad as it is his anniversary and his wife has left him long ago. He asked the girls to cheer him. He came and said he wants to do a blood test of all the girls and asked them to scream blood again and again and concluded their blood group is very positive. Gauhar said since Dr. Gulati was sad that his wife has left him, they will make him ready for a date. All the girls dressed him for a date and danced with him on the song Banda ye bindaas hai. Dr Gulati was very happy and sang a parody of the song Mee angne mein tumhara kya kaam hai. The Kapil Sharam Show ended with a Lava selfie as usual and Vidya shared that she enjoyed a lot on this show.