[Photo Source: Facebook/YFilms]

Inspired by the 90s hit film “Darr,” Y-Films has returned with an edgy new show titled “Darr 2.0,” revolving around the dangers of cyberstalking. With social media allowing people to connect—and even reconnect—so easily, cyber stalking is a new form of harassment that has erupted over the years. Posting on outlets such as Instagram, Twitter, and Facebook allows the rich and famous to interact directly with fans—and the average person to gain followers on social media. However, there are dangers that come with it. Constant posts and “check-ins” will allow others to know where you are and who you are with at all times.

After five hit web series, Y-Films goes to the dark side with this reboot of “Darr.” For those who don’t remember, “Darr” is the film that gave us Shah Rukh Khan’s epic line “I love you k-k-k-kiran.” The original film featured Khan as Rahul, the stalker who was madly in love with his classmate, Kiran—played by Juhi Chawla. Unfortunately for Rahul, his love is one sided as Kiran and her boyfriend Sunil (Sunny Deol) are getting married soon. Rahul does his best to break them up and even kill Sunil. From defacing Sunil and Kiran’s new home to following them to their honeymoon, Rahul does not give up. The film took home a National award and Khan was even nominated at the Filmfare Awards as Best Villain.

“Darr 2.0” will be a five part mini-series bringing back the iconic characters of Rahul, Kiran, and Sunil but will also weave the story in a modern twist on obsession, cyber stalking, and digital crimes. To emphasize the perils of providing too much information online, Y-Films asked its followers across social media to send their happy pictures and moments for their next promo—without revealing any further infomation. Hundreds of personal snaps came in, many which were showcased in the first few scenes of the trailer. Next, an unidentified male is saving these pictures, cropping out images of girls from other pictues and saving them. Y-Films hoped to show their fans first-hand the risk they take every time they share information online by putting them at the center of the show’s theme with the tagline “you have one new follower.” Check out the teaser!

The cast of the series has not been revealed as of yet, but the edgy and dark premise of the story is definitely intriguing. The show will be directed by Vikas Chandra and produced by Ashish Patil. The teaser ends with a nod to the original film—the tune played at the end is from the popular song “Jaadu Teri Nazar” from “Darr.”

In “Jaadu Teri Nazar,”  Rahul is secretly playing this song for Kiran who thinks it is her boyfriend Sunil who has come to see her off as she is going home for Holi celebrations. This is the track that the films start off with, setting the scene of Rahul’s obsession with an oblivious Kiran. Hopefully, the new show will live up to the film’s legacy.