DID supermoms north america mega auditions

Earlier this week, mothers traveled from around the country to New Jersey with one goal in mind – to take their passion for dance to the next level. For many of the mothers auditioning for ZEE TV’s Dance India Dance Super Moms North America competition, it was like a dream come true.

After a phenomenal success of Dance India Dance North America 2013 and Dance India Dance Little Masters North America 2014, with more than 20 thousand videos, ground auditions across 16 cities, and topping the ratings chart, ZEE TV opened its doors for 52 contestants. 

With a career, family and a husband to take care of, dancing became merely a dream for many of the Super Moms, but after carving some time for themselves, they were able to hone their skills and prepare two dances each to show the judges. The judges included Miss America 2014 Nina Davuluri, leading Bollywood dance choreographer Master Feroz Khan and Arya Dance Academy‘s founder Rupal Patel.

The all-day shoot took place at Royal Alberts banquet hall in New Jersey, where a couple of well-known Indian-American names took to the stage, including comedian Rajiv Satyal, who hosted the show with humor and ease, and his partner, Monica Bassi, an actress, host and producer. International corespondent Rasha Goel spoke to the moms before they made their way to the stage to showcase their passion for dance.

With much praise and love from the judges, out of the 52 contestants, 13 moms were selected after much deliberation. The lucky Super Moms will go on to compete at the DID Super Moms North America Grand Finale to take place in India in December.

As moms waited for their time to shine, we went backstage to speak to them. The waiting room was full of excited mothers living out their dreams, while their children ran around and husbands proudly stood by their wives.

One after another, moms said, regardless of the results, they were excited and grateful to be chosen for such a platform and live out their passion for dancing in lieu of their family responsibilities.

DID Super Moms North America Mega Auditions

Super Mom Mily Jain, 40, California

One such mom was Mily Jain, 40, of California, who took off from her job at Google, and said goodbye to her family, for the opportunity of a lifetime. Her performance was unlike others – it came with a heartfelt story that the judges later connected with.

“My song is concept based, where I’m telling a story about how Indian girls are so care-free before marriage, and then they get married into an arranged marriage, and then unfortunately she doesn’t end up with a happy marriage and her husband leaves her,” Jain said. “It’s a story of how she’s sad and then she’s crippling down on the floor, crying, because her life is destroyed.”

When rehearsing her performance, Jain said she was really hoping to bring out different emotions from the judges and the audience.

With no professional training, Jain said she always loved dancing.

“I’ve been dancing since I was a kid by copying Madhuri Dixit and Shree Devi,” she said.

DID Supermoms North America Mega Auditions

Super Mom Puja Jalal, 32, Toronto (left) and Super Mom Kavi Malhotra 37, Toronto (right)

After flying to New Jersey from Toronto, Canada, super mom Kavi Malhotra, 37, said she danced for the first time when she was only 2-years-old. After rehearsing her set for 10 days, Malhotra said her dream is finally coming true.

“I’ve always had this little me inside that wanted to dance forever, but we’ve got other responsibilities, so I’m glad that Zee brought this for us, and it’s a great feeling.”

Puja Jalal, 32, also from Toronto, said she was excited to be at DID because she never misses a single episode.

“So, to be here at the Mega Auditions for Zee, oh my God, that’s a big thing for me and I’m very excited.”

DID supemoms mega audition north america

Super Mom Kamal Sharma, 37, New Jersey

Kamal Sharma, 37, of New Jersey, said even though she is not formally trained in dance, she can move her body to any type of music.

“Today my body just moves to any music whether I’m driving or doing laundry,” she said.  “My husband is very supportive and so is my son, so I get enough time to be a homemaker, be a wife, be a mother and also follow my dreams.”

DID Supermoms Mega Auditions North America

Super Mom Chhaya Sodhi, 30, Texas

For a super mom like Chhaya Sodhi, 30, of Texas, making her way to the mega auditions was a hard decision because she had to leave her husband and son at home, while she traveled across country alone for the first time.

“I feel wonderful, as they already said, I’m feeling like a winner, coming here itself is a big achievement for me,” she said. “I was not coming at first, but I’m here just because of my mother-in-law, because she really insisted, ‘Chhaya you should go.’ I think it’s a lifetime opportunity because I’m not a trained dancer. I’ve always performed at events, social events and schools, so this is a big thing for me.”

Sodhi also spoke in length about her passion for dance since her childhood days.

“We are from a middle class family, and I still remember, whenever I used to tell my parents that I want to pursue dance, classical dance or other forms of dance, they never took me seriously,” Sodhi said. “Slowly and steady, when you turn 18, and you think about your career, and you talk to your parents, they tell you about the practicality of life. It’s better to choose another career and keep it [dance] as only a hobby. Even though I love doing stage performances, I had to leave it and I chose another career, and that was tough for me.”

DID Super Moms Mega Auditions North America

Super Mom Pragya Khatwad, 37, Texas (left) Super Mom Anvy Sheth, 31, California (middle) Super Mom Rupa Patel, 33, California (right)

Anvy Sheth, 31, of California, can relate to Sodhi because she too debated about coming to the mega auditions, considering her day-to-day activities include being a full-time homemaker, a mother and a student.

“It was a super hard decision, because my husband is taking care of two kids, and my daughter is going to turn two in December,” she said. My husband is on his toes right now, but I’m super thrilled to be here, and it is super exciting feeling right now and I am a bit nervous too.”

DID super moms mega auditions north america

Super Mom Swetha Chinnari, 29, Illinois (left) Super Mom Akhila Damerla, 28, Illinois (middle) Super Mom Deepti Pareek, 35, New Jersey (right)

After celebrating her son’s first birthday, Super Mom Swetha Chinnari, 29, of Chicago, said she couldn’t miss this opportunity because she’s been dancing for more than 22 years.

“I’m super excited to see everyone, to be on a big platform like this one, Chinnari said. “This is my dream come true. This motivated me to get back in shape and to be active. When I saw the ad, my son was nine- months-old, so I’ve been trying to get back into shape, get some exercise and be active.”

With her husband and a special needs daughter at the audition, Deepti Pareek, 35, of New Jersey, said this is her first time competing ever, but dancing has always been a part of her life.

“It is hard to get time to yourself, but Zee’s Super Moms gave me the chance to go back to my hobbies and get some time for myself,” Pareek said.

DID North America Super Moms Mega Auditions

Super Mom Shirley Rodriguez, 33, Chicago

Shirley Rodriguez, 33, of Chicago, said she was proud of both of the dances she did on stage, and was able to show the judges a variety of her skills.

“At the end of the day, all of us Supermoms, have a 24-hour job,” she said. “You have to make time to be a part of a competition, and you need to really work hard and really make that time out of somewhere. I’m sure that all the moms have put in the hard work and hats off to each and every mom.”

did supermoms north america mega auditions

Super Mom Shefali Desai, 42, Virginia

Shefali Desai, 42, of Virginia, said dancing comes naturally to her, so jumping on an opportunity like this one was an easy decision to make.

“I’m super excited, just not that, I want to hug the person that brought Super Mom’s to North America,” she said. “Truly, it’s like you watch these things, and wonder, if I was in India would I be doing it. You always have this ‘if’ thing.”

super mom mega audition did north america

Super Mom Baiju Bhatt, 32, California

For Baiju Bhatt, 32, of California, being at DID Super Moms was a life-changing experience because she said she almost missed the deadline to submit her 2-minute audition video. Since competing at DID, she said she wants to never give up her love for dancing, regardless of how busy her life may be.

“I am very thrilled to see all moms and from the beginning at ground auditions, I cheered them on. It’s amazing to be here and to be on the DID stage,” she said.

DID mega auditions super moms north america

Dance India Dance Super Moms North America 

Dance India Dance’, the biggest dance platform on Indian television will take viewers by storm with its brand new series – Dance India Dance Super Moms North America. A show that will give a platform to those women who gave up their dream of becoming a dancer and settled for a career, family life and motherhood! DID Super Moms North America aims to give ‘Umeed’ to millions of mothers across North America who aspire to make a name for themselves in the field of dance. 

Judges Rupa Patel, Master Feroz Khan and Miss America Nina Davuluri

Judges Rupa Patel, Master Feroz Khan and Miss America Nina Davuluri

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