The 18th edition of Asian Games has lately caught the fancy of every sports fanatic around the world and has kept us hooked with some thrilling sports action. Jakarta and Palembang on Sumatra Islands in Indonesia are co-hosting the Asian Games, which is underway till 2 September. Interestingly, this is the first time that the Games are being co-hosted by two cities.

Understandably, the buzz and excitement around the Games among its citizens is quite high. Mad about sports, an Indonesian couple have gone a step ahead in naming their newborn baby after the event – ‘Abidah Asian Games’, who was born just hours before the opening ceremony of the world’s second biggest multi-sport event.

The infant was born about a month early in co-host city Palembang, just hours before Saturday’s opening ceremony.

In a chat with AFP, Abidah’s father, Yordania Denny explained the reason behind naming her newborn daughter after the event. He said they have already decided the first name for the child but didn’t have the last name for her. The parents were inspired by what they termed a “historic” moment.

He further added, “Such an event is rare. It only happens every few years. And not to mention that it’s in Palembang – it’s rare for Palembang to host such an…event.”

On being asked if their newborn would possibly have a future in sports because of her unusual name, the mother said, “If she has the talent and motivation, we will support and motivate her.” Her father hinted, however, that he would prefer badminton to be his daughter’s choice since, “the country is good at it,” as quoted by AFP.


They also added that they would allow Abidah Asian Games to change her name in the future if she does not have the same appreciation for the regional Olympic event. Many Indonesians have only one name and many, but not all, Indonesian children have their father’s surname as their first name.

Asian Games 2018 has suddenly put all the limelight on the Indonesian residents, particularly on the people living in Jakarta and Palembang. They are fiercely proud to be in the international spotlight, with banners lining the streets and TV screens showing the sports live in many restaurants.