Don’t make any rash decisions this week.
Your emotions may be clouding your judgement.
Take time to step back and evaluate all situations before taking action. Also Read - Libra, Pisces And Other Zodiac Signs That Are Crybabies And Difficult to Deal With


Usually you enjoy taking things slow and at your own pace.
But others around you may need you to be more assertive now.
Try and make decisions a bit quicker this week. Also Read - Lunar Eclipse 2020 on June 5: Can it Impact Your Health in Any Way?


The past few weeks have brought a lot of confusing questions your way.
This week you will slowly start to receive clarity and answers.
Seek out advice from elders and those you look up to. Also Read - June 2020 Monthly Horoscope Predictions For All Zodiac Signs- Read Here


Someone new is about to enter your life.
This can be a new friend, mentor or new family member.
Prepare to welcome this new addition to your life and for happiness to follow.


Take time to prioritize your health this week.
Try a relaxing vacation or retreat to de-stress.
You have much excitement ahead so it is good to rest in between.


Sometimes it is easier to suspect others than to trust.
Make an effort to get to know someone you think differently of.
You might find a great ally in an unexpected person.


Anything related to work or business will have a new development this week.
Your decisions will influence the nature of these developments.
Seek out advice from those with more knowledge before taking actions.


You have a talent for recognizing the potential in people.
Try and foster that potential in someone close to you.
You will gain a new friend and valuable partner.


Good fortune is destined for you this year.
The rest of the year will be much smoother than the beginning of this year.
You should travel and have some fun to relax from the busy first 6 months.


Take time to visit family and friends this week.
Being around those you love will bring happiness and relaxation.
Look towards harmony and good conversations for a healthy mind.


Try to be creative this week.
You usually enjoy looking at art more than making it.
Tapping into your creativity may help you free up your mind and spirit.


You have been stressed lately about things outside of your control.
Take time to meditate and relax and focus on your health.
Practice exercises that focus on your arms and neck.