The stars are aligning themselves in your favor.

You have been working on something for a while now and slowly you will see progression from your efforts.

Stay wary of anything that might try to throw you off course.

Great achievements are coming up ahead.


Working hard and diligently has been your life motto.

Look for guidance from someone younger to teach you about new methods you might not be aware of.

The relationships you foster this week can lead to wonderful life changes.

Focus on the bigger picture and try to reduce stress and pressure by ignoring the small things bothering you.


Now is the time to let go of any bad habits that may be hindering your spiritual growth. Take some time this week to focus on your mental health and find time for meditation. You have been warring with yourself about money and family matters.

Use this week to relax and reconnect with yourself and your surrounding world.


Spread some kindness to others this week.

In the coming weeks you will be given many opportunities to show compassion and mercy to those around you.

Choosing a righteous path will lead to a peaceful mind and future.

Focus on breathing exercises this week to strengthen your lungs.


Good news and fortune is on its way to you.

You have been waiting patiently for something to happen and now the time has come. Make sure to take care of your health and appearance diligently so you are well prepared to receive all the good fortune headed your way.

Make sure any happiness you receive is shared with close friends and family.


Obsession can lead to an unhealthy mindset.

This week take care of your head and neck and use exercise to avoid any injuries.

You can be very analytical and thorough but take a step back to view the wholeness of the world.

Take some time this week to nurture your spiritual self.


You have been feeling the energies of those around you on a more heighted scale.

Use this week to leverage your heightened intuition as an advantage when it comes to professional dealings.

Keep a close watch on your business related activities this week.

Your professional sphere will be receiving many different types of energy in the next month.


You may have, lately,  decided to take a big risk in your life.

Risks can provide positive results as long as you are willing to face the responsibilities and consequences confidently.

Keep watch over your heart health and make necessary changes to diet and exercise accordingly.

The upcoming year has much in store for you yet. 


Expect the unexpected.

Things don’t always go according to plan but this time those plans are going to have fruitful and life changing results.

You may have had a lifelong goal you are still waiting for to reach fruition and now is the time when all the pieces will start falling into place.

Remember to keep focused and humble and you will achieve your dreams.


Be mindful of distractions and temptations this week.

Keep focused on your long term goals and don’t let anything divert you from your path. It is ok to want to enjoy and indulge but this week requires your full attention.

Look towards the future to keep you motivated and determined.


Anger and jealousy can lead to hurtful choices.

Use this week to focus on yourself and your health.

Try to be less concerned with those around you and take time to relax and rejuvenate. Choose to take the higher path and forgive and forget. 


Spend some time with parents or someone who is a parental figure this week.

Ask for advice and listen carefully to the opinions you recieve.

You may find hidden knowledge in the least expected places.

Be open-minded, receptive, and patient.

MAY 6 


Communication is key for you this week.

Be aware of how you are speaking to your friends and partners.

Be open, honest, supportive and clear.

Try to avoid speaking harsh words.


You may be feeling underappreciated and neglected.

Be open about your feelings and try to voice your concerns to those close to you.

Make sure to express yourself clearly and directly.

Look for the positive side in things and situations.


Sometimes the future looks unclear and daunting.

Use this week to do some organizing and planning.

Clean out old items and refresh your home and work space.

Sit down and take some time to plan out the coming months so you have a productive year.


Show appreciation to those who love you.

Spend time with your family, friends and loved ones.

Surround yourself with their love and compassion to revitalize your own energy.

Spend time to focus on healing from any past injuries or illnesses.


You might feel lost and overwhelmed with some big future plans.

Reach out to your family for help, inspiration and guidance.

Problems might not be as complicated as you think.

The solution is ready for you to find so go and find it.


Remember to not just take but also to give.

It can be easy to forget and underappreciated someone who has done a lot for you.

If you show appreciation and support you will reap even more rewards.

Do not neglect those who have helped you otherwise things will come around full circle.


Never lose hope even when a situation may seem impossible.

You will always find a solution or alternative to any obstacles you face.

There will be times you will want to forfeit and admit defeat.

Look for guidance and advice from those around you.


You have been making some quick decisions.

Make sure to take time and evaluate what you have decided.

Patience is a very important factor when making big changes.

Don’t let outer pressures influence you to forget what is right. 


There have been many worries on your mind and it might take a toll on your health.

Good luck and good fortune will bless you all year.

Focus on eating healthy and keeping your heart and lungs strong.

Challenges this year will help you grow and succeed further in the coming years.


Be mindful of those around you who might be asking you for help.

Good deeds will come back to you two-fold and bring peace to your mind.

Take time to help others with problems they might be facing.

Check in on family members who you haven’t spoken to in a while.


Money matters have been on your mind for a while now.

Use this week to learn more about new investment opportunities.

You might find new doors opening for you in the coming weeks.

Be diligent in your search for new knowledge. 


Don’t let insecurities and fears influence your actions and decisions.

Sometimes things seem hopeless but there is always a way.

Look towards your inner self to find answers to your questions.

Wonderful life changes are on their way to you.

MAY 13 


You may find it hard to focus this week with so many moving pieces in your personal and career.

Don’t get so caught up in your work that you miss out on the rest of the world.

As you are working towards your professional goals, keep an ear open to your friends and family.

Family and friends are the most important people in your life.


You haven’t been resting lately, even though you need to.

You have a long list of tasks – see if you can leave some for later.

Prioritize what’s important as you often get easily distracted.

Stay home and get through the chores that you have been putting off.


Something that has not moved forward has been bothering you lately.

This is very important to you and could move to the next level this week.

With so much on the line, make sure you do your research thoroughly.

Good things are on the horizon, your patience will finally have paid off.


Whether you like it or not, you have to deal with your financial matters on your own.

It may feel lonely, but you need to take responsibility now.

Trust your business acumen in these times.

Pay attention, take notes and don’t make any rash decisions.


There has been a lot of conflict in your relationships lately.

Certain matters will generate a lot of emotions.

Remember that these conflicts are coming up because of how deeply someone feels and cares for you.

Be compassionate and empathetic when making decisions this week.


Feelings about work issues can be very strong this week.

This could be due to assertive personalities and a blend of energies.

Don’t try too hard to overcome obstacles or conflicts.

You may be preventing things from happening as they naturally should.


You may want to spend some time alone this week.

There has been a lot of tension in your social circles.

There is not much you can do about it at the moment, so try to avoid it for now.

Spend your time focusing on things that are important to you rather than worrying about the situation.


You have had a desire to travel these last few weeks.

Take the leap and start planning for your next trip.

If a friend or family member wants to join you, this may be a blessing.

He or she may be encouraging and help put troubles on your mind in perspective. 


Spend this week close to home and organize the house.

You may want to think about how to utilize your living space.

You know that some improvements are in order.

Begin by tackling all the minor repairs that you have been putting off.


Romance has been on your mind these last few weeks.

Love has been in the air for you – take advantage of this environment.

Don’t wait for opportunities to come your way.

Be assertive and live in the moment.


An opportunity to reconnect with someone can bring a lot of joy to your week.

Plans that can improve your lifestyle may present themselves this week.

Avoid the friends that tend to be jealous – it may be in your best interest to cut off the relationship entirely.

Spend time with your true friends who have a positive impact on your life. 


Finances have been a big worry for you lately.

This could be frustrating, but don’t panic – it will not help the situation.

You know that at this point, the matter is out of your hands.

Hang in there and be patient. 

MAY 20 


You have been thinking about a bold idea these last few weeks and now is a good time to tell friends about it.

Don’t get too obsessive about it though.

Often, people may be put off by your intensity.

Tone it down and take a more relaxed approach – others will find you much more approachable this way.


Don’t take anything you hear this week at face value.

You will have many opportunities coming up.

Make sure you listen carefully and don’t make commitments too quickly.

Do your research and speak up if you think there are flaws in any of the proposed plans.


Lay low this week – you’ve felt like you needed a break for some time.

This would be a good week to complete unfinished tasks around the house.

Spend some time with your phone and technology off to put your mind at ease.

A good book and a cup of tea could be the perfect remedy.


You have been feeling invincible lately, as though you can do anything.

Enjoy this unfamiliar energy this week.

Be careful though and do not get too full of yourself.

Stay humble – this feeling won’t last forever.


You sometimes can be forceful in the way you talk about things.

Even though you think you are being casual, be aware of your audience.

If you want people to listen, be empathetic and give them space to make their own decisions.

You are passionate and assertive, but be careful as that sometimes translates into aggression.


Tension may seem to be rising at home this week.

Be careful and aware of others’ feelings when making decisions.

You may see that there is only one way, but hear other opinions first before making up your mind.

Make sure you explain your views as well and speak your mind.


Money has been on your mind lately and you have been very anxious.

Don’t spend so much energy on just thinking about your financial affairs.

Now is the time to take action and sort out neglected bills.

It isn’t fun but it will help in the long run.


News is coming in the coming weeks that will be a reason for celebration!

Your hard work is finally paying off – it’s been a long time coming.

Although, don’t be surprised if there is a delay.

All you can do now is be patient. 


An old friend may contact you out of the blue.

Even though you have fallen out of touch, it may be beneficial to meet up and reconnect.

If you’ve had conflict in the past, now is the time to address it.

Talk about your differences, clear the air – it’s time to move on.


There has been a lot of tension in the air the last few weeks.

It isn’t only affecting your personal life, but everything seems a little out of order lately.

Spend this week in solitude if possible.

Focus on your positive energy and avoid the negative energy from your peers.


You could be ready to book a vacation or take a short break.

You’ve been feeling like you need some time to unwind as pressure has been high this week.

Don’t worry if things don’t go as planned.

Remember that things will unfold as they are meant to – do not force things to happen. 


You have had the desire to spruce up your home lately.

Do a thorough cleaning of your home first.

Make sure you do all your repairs as well.

Your foundation must be clean and set before going to the fun stuff, like decorating.