August 5


Turn to a friend who has a completely different outlook than you.

Dissenting opinions often hold the reward of knowledge and new perspective.

You will find that advice from those you differ from might hold great value.

Your new ventures will succeed if you keep and open mind and receptive heart.


You tend to move slow and steady when dealing with any and all matters of life.

Opportunities in love and business are knocking on your door.

It is time to pick up the pace and grab life by the horns.

Try to be more assertive and forward in your approach and you will be rewarded.


This is a time where you will need to practice a bit of caution.

Do not close yourself to new opportunities, but make sure that you put extra attention to detail in making sure those out there are not trying to take advantage of you.


You may be putting too much importance on material possessions lately.

Try to seek experiences over objects and you will see your overall satisfaction with life dramatically increase.


Many obstacles will work against you to test your resolve.

Stay strong and power through them.

However, put extra attention to making sure you don’t hurt those around you in the process.


You will need to reach deep within yourself and pull out a toughness you didn’t know you had.

You will not make it through the coming times if you keep seeking comfort.

Seek discomfort and gain the strength to push yourself through difficult situations.


Your ego will start to get the better of you.

Before interacting with others, take the time to ground yourself.

People will begin to respect you much more if you can face your own flaws.


Your emotions will lead you to make rash, dangerous decisions.

While it is incredibly difficult to control them in a heated moment, take the time before these moments arise to level your head and prepare for anything that can come your way.


Those around you need you the most right now, even if they don’t show it.

Do not force yourself into their lives, but do little things to show them that you are there for them.


Try not to take yourself too seriously and you will see that those around you will begin to open up and be more lively around you.

While it is important to gain others’ respect, you must also feel relatable to ensure a balanced relationship.


Try doing things someone else’s way this week.

Back down and try to gain an unexpected experience and world-view.

You will see that it will add to your own being in ways you wouldn’t have imagined.


The burdens of the world may begin to take their toll on your spirit.

Before turning to others for help, try to seek your own strength to deal with it.

Without this inner strength, you will not be able to support those who need you when the time comes.


August 12



Recently you have been feeling desperation when working towards your goals.

There is a positive change in the air.

Soon your desperation will turn into confidence and conviction.

This week is a good week to relax and take a break from worrying.


Your perfect counterpart is nearby.

Do not overlook those you think will have no impact on your personal life.

You will have great luck in love very soon.

The balance to your energy will soon reunite with you.


If something feels wrong to you then trust your intuition.

You often struggle with indecision and never know which way you’ll feel.

Although you might have conflicting thoughts trust your senses.

You are greatly attuned to the energy that surrounds you.


Someone you love is going through a tough time right now.

You are a source of strength and comfort for those around you.

Sometimes though, you can feel cold and distant.

Spend some time showing care and listening to your loved one.


You will be unstoppable in the season of Leo.

The universe has always favored the bold and magnificent.

Your inner light shines brightly and purely.

Seize all opportunities that come your way as victory is yours.


Try not to take on excessive stress this week.

You have great talent in both the arts and sciences.

Use your intelligence to create and innovate.

Your studious nature will pay off very soon.


Sometimes change is difficult to accept.

You have an affinity for the traditional and customary.

Change can also bring with it great reward and unexpected surprise.

Give the new a chance and retire what has become outdated.


Compassion and kindness will bring you luck and success.

If you take a softer approach with those you disagree with you might find they have valuable information which leads to fortune.

Patience is a virtue and soon you will see the results of your good work.


Routine seems mundane and unappealing to you.

Sometimes though routines can help you manage health and wellness.

Focus on ways to improve your heart and stomach condition.

Adopting a healthy routine to your lifestyle will greatly improve your condition.


Value your friendships and relationships this week.

Hidden among people are gems of knowledge and wisdom.

When you find yourself struggling ask those around you for help.

Help comes to those who seek it.


Sometimes you can be cold in nature.

Those you love can doubt you reciprocate their feelings.

Even if it may seem unpleasant to you this week spend more time showering those you care about with affection.


Like water you are fluid in your conversations and interactions with people.

People often admire your articulation of thoughts and ideologies.

Use this skill to change course from a current situation successfully.

 August 19


You often have difficulty speaking your truth.

As you suppress your emotions you slowly start to lose your peace.

Practice expressing your thoughts and true feelings this week.


Anger, when uncontrolled, can lead to pain and regret.

You have a strong personality and an unbending character.

You will not lose your pride if you exercise patience and compassion.


Live looking towards the future and not regretting the past.

What is done cannot be undone.

You can only move forward and strive for better outcomes.


What started as a source of joy and excitement now feels stressful and exhausting.

Don’t lose your motivation just yet.

Wonderful things are coming and happiness is yours to gain.


Be more accepting of the suggestions those around you give.

Even if you do not agree, you may find that there are some unexpected things to be gained.


Anxiety or excitement can be your downfall this week.

Take time to live in the present moment and not get stuck in what’s to come.


You will feel your judgement begin to cloud.

Now is a time to call on loved ones for their support.

You will need to make sure that your current path is the one you know you should be on.


Take the week to remind those you love that you love them.

The smallest things can greatly reinforce a relationship and be an important factor in moving forward in life.


Approach your current conflicts in an extremely logistical manner.

There is danger of things taking a turn for the worse if a decision is made based on strong emotion.


Make sure that you are positive what your goals are.

Take the time to ensure that you believe what you are striving for is actually worthwhile.

Reassuring yourself, or finding a new goal will affect your life for the better.


Start focusing on optimizing the things you are already doing.

Think of how to do everything faster and smarter.

This will give you free time that builds up and will allow you to focus on taking the next steps in life.


Take time out of the day to just be alone and nurture your relationship with yourself.

You may feel like this is a waste of time, but it will serve to strengthen you and will greatly help you face and problems that are to come.

August 26


Try to evolve your views on certain issues.

Start putting yourself in other’s shoes and try to force yourself to see things differently.

Learning why others think the way they do will help you move forward in your own goals.


Try to show more passion in what you are doing.

This will be sensed by your colleagues and will serve to bring up the moral of all those around you.

This will be very necessary in ensuring that you do not fall behind.


Try to rekindle relationships that you feel are slowly beginning to fade away.

This extra effort will help make them as strong as they have ever been.

They will also be important contributors for what is to come.


Try to experience things you never have before.

They will serve to support your growth and may even help you optimize fulfilling your day to day responsibilities.


Try being extra sensitive to those around you.

Whenever someone frustrates you and acts in ways you don’t understand, try reacting in a friendlier way.

You will see them begin to frustrate you less and less.


Keep trying to get out of your comfort zone.

You may feel that you are falling into a pattern.

While this is ok, your environment will soon begin to drastically change and you will need to be prepared to change with it.


Try to gather as much knowledge as you can this week.

Really focus on broadening your horizons.

Educate yourself on topics that you may not care about or seem pointless to you.

It may give you a new way of approaching the things you do care about.


Dig deep within yourself for some extra energy because those around you will be in great need of enthusiasm and support coming from you.

When your turn comes around, they will be more than happy to reciprocate your efforts.


Focus on your physical health this week.

You may not be doing all you can to ensure that your body is running smoothly.

Bad habits can start small, but slowly go out of control.


You may feel your head begin to tread among the clouds.

While this can be a good thing, it will be important for you to ground yourself in the coming times.

There are many things going on that will require your attention.


Take this week to hone your skills.

You will soon be unexpectedly tested on how far you’ve come.

Make sure that you do not meet conflict unprepared. 


Those younger than you will be in great need of your support.

Although they will not ask for it upright and may even reject you, you must throw away your pride and do anything you can for them.