It is going to be a progressive week.

You will be able to execute the tasks easily.

You should be careful while spending money.

Do not overspend.


You can make the week a happy one by your flexible approach.

Remain calm and be more patient

Work front may not be so encouraging

You may find communication problems with your superiors.


A mixed week with different outcomes

Financially a stable week

You will have a lot more to take care of at work

Be cautious while making any new deals


There will be good progress in work.

Financial progress may face some limitations.

You will face both gains and expenses this week.

You should spend more time with family and relax your mind.


You will be able to overcome the problems at work

Do not make any hasty decisions at work

Financially a stable week

Spend some time alone and ease yourself


Money progress will be moderate

Health might have minor issues

There will be a lot of pressure at work

A good week to invest in something new


Finances may not be favorable this week

You will go through a lot of pressure at work

Health would be average. Take care of yourself.

A stressful week overall


You will gain from unexpected sources

A lot of challenges at work this week

Money inflow would be smooth

You will also maintain good relationships with your loved ones.


This week will progress well for you

You might travel for work as well

There will be a lot of pressure from work

Keep control on your temper especially at work


A lot of pending work will be completed this week

Health may not be in a good condition

Financially you will remain stable

Do not make any hasty decisions this week


You will be worried about your finances

Do not over spend

Be cautious when making deals

Do not trust anyone blindly


Career would progress and give good results

Chances of pay rise or promotions

You will regain your confidence back

Try to spend time with family and friends.

August 13


You might feel disappointed this week

Your deals that you were working upon might fall through

Money progress will not be so good

Be careful in handling money matters


You may not find the week very encouraging.

Avoid taking hasty decisions.

It is essential for you to act smartly and remain calm.

There would be more pressure at work.


You will be able to gain comforts for the week.

You can make use of the week for taking some useful decisions.

You will secure recognition for the work that you do.

Everyone at work and home will be very proud and happy for you.


This week will be a little stressful for you

Do not start any new ventures

You will be worried about your kid’s progress

Health may be affected this week


You may travel concerning your job.

Financial progress may not be up to the mark for the week.

You may be involved with expenses, and this may cause worries.

You might get into arguments with your loved ones.


The week will bring both gains and expenses.

Be comfortable and avoid taking rash decisions.

You may need to be more careful in handling your work.

You may incur a lot of expenses this week.


You will make sincere efforts to fulfill your wishes.

This will bring you results.

You will be occupied with a hectic schedule in your work.

Deal with your time well to adapt to the rising demands.


The financial progress will be average for the week.

You may need to deal with your finances well.

Do not take out your anger on other people.

Be cautious when making new deals.


You need to maintain some patience which will take you closer to success

Attempt to manage the outstanding issues that you currently have.

There are chances for disputes with your colleagues.

Money flow may not be so stable for the week.


Be careful as you may make some errors at work.

Partners will be very happy of your decisions.

The financial front may not be easy for you this week

You may also have issues with certain family members.


It will be a good week for you

Success in all your pending work will be seen

Stay focused and you will be able to bring good results

You will be able to spend time with friends and family as well


A good week overall.

You will see victories both professionally and individually

Partnerships will work out for the better

Try and keep calm and do not get into arguments.

August 20 


You can gain success this week.

Just need to adopt some patience and control your emotions.

Money related assets will be limited for the week.

You may need to confront more expenses, and this may trouble you.


You may confront both good and bad times for the week.

Focus more on your work and this is extremely essential for the week.

You are probably going to make a few errors.

More expenses will be seen for the week.


You may not find much advance in work

There might be less focus at work due to other issues.

Expenditure will be more for the week.

There will not be good understanding in the family.


The week will not be a smooth one for financial gains.

You will be able to prove yourself at work.

You may lose some money, so be careful.

Health will be moderate.


Planning is more essential for the week for experiencing satisfaction and progress.

Stick to a positive attitude.

You will observe hectic schedule in completing out your work.

Do not take out your anger at other people.


An average week over all.

You will need to put a lot of effort at work and personal life.

It will be good for you to spend money wisely.

There may be less happiness in family.


Financially you will feel more stable than last week

Some of the long-lasting worries will be removed

Students will get due rewards of their hard work

Relationships will be strengthened


You may start a new venture

Friends might be jealous of your hard work

Stay guarded at all times

Held up work will be completed as well


You will get good opportunities to progress professionally

With hard work and dedication, you will be able to complete all unfinished work

Your hard work will be duly rewarded

Financially a good week


This will be a good week for you.

Colleagues and higher officials will be happy with you.

Business shall give good returns.

You will have a balance in professional and personal life.


Professional problems will be solved

Misunderstandings with friends will be removed all well

Health will remain quite good

You will be able to achieve success in all your tasks this week.


Money progress will be present but limited.

Restrict yourself to less spending.

The personal relationship for the week will be good and enjoy with your loved ones.

Health will be good as well.

August 27 



Things may not be so smooth at job front.

Communication issues with colleagues at work may cause some uneasiness.

You may need to spend more money for the family

Keep a check on unwanted expenses.


A good week ahead in general.

You should depend more on your hard work and success will come to you through sincere efforts.

Obligations will be more for you.

You will have the capacity to bring new advancements through work


You may need focus in dealing with your work.

Financial gains will not be as per your expectations.

Financial progress will not be good hence planning for big investments will not be advisable.

There will be less scope for savings.


You will be able to witness success in your work as you will achieve your targets.

It could be a hectic week with more challenging tasks

Monetary profits will be there alongside expenses.

Health will be average


You may need to incur more expenses for your family

There will be less scope for savings.

You will be able to finish all the unfinished tasks at work

Avoid arguments and stay calm throughout


Money progress will be certain for the week

You will have the capacity to make good savings.

The health of elders may require attention; expenses are likely for their health.

Do not lose your patience and stay positive


Hard work will give fruitful results

Money flow will be good

You should make use of the week to stabilize your finances.

You will appreciate the week with family.

Health issues will not bother you


A change either regarding nature of work or location will be possible in work place.

You may not be very satisfied with the work.

Fluctuations will be possible in monetary matters.

You may have to deal with more expenses for the week.

Financial gains can be lower than your expectations.


Commitment and responsibilities towards family will make you spend.

Relationships at work and home may not be so good for the week.

There are chances for unwanted disputes.

The week may not be an exciting one for family progress.


This would be a fruitful week ahead.

Vital decisions taken by you will give good results.

The week will offer some exciting changes

You will efficiently complete your obligations and gain recognition.


You may need to make yourself devoted towards work.

Responsibilities will keep you occupied.

You may need to take more efforts for achieving your aims

Handle finances effectively to avoid losses.


The week may give mixed results.

You will be able to see excellent results in work after facing some difficulties.

You may need to be patient in handling your work.

Financially you will remain stable


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