July 1


You will be tempted to act hot-headed this week.

Do not go into situations without first gathering your bearings.

Unexpected emotional flares have the risk of damaging your personal relationships.


You can be a source of strength and comfort to those close to you.

Reach out to your loved ones and make sure to show your support.

You will be greatly appreciated and admired by those around you.


The time has come to take risks you have been to worried to take.

Make sure to do research and gain as much knowledge before taking action.

Have confidence in your judgement and decisions.


There might be some misunderstandings between your family or friends.

Act as a mediator this week and you will be able to keep peace.

You have the gift of spreading calmness and joy to those you love, so use it.


Luck is on your side this week.

The decisions you make will result in fruitful outcomes.

You are going to succeed at many endeavors you have been wanting to pursue.


Your hard work and dedication will pay off soon.

You have always been careful and detailed in all that you do.

Keep working towards your goals and victory will be yours.


There are major life changes coming your way this month.

Keep your home and work space clean and tidy.

Clarity in your living space with bring clarity of mind.


Be careful of losing your temper easily this week.

Practice patience and listening rather than talking and aggression.

You are intelligent and clever but try to be wise and observant this week.


You have faced some obstacles these past couple of months.

This month you will overcome and persevere through those obstacles.

Success and victory are yours for the taking.


If you have any health related concerns, this is the week to have them checked.

A healthy body will lead to a healthy and happy mind.

Take care of yourself this week and take time to rest.


Sometimes your silence can be misunderstood as indifference.

Try to be more communicative of your feelings and opinions.

You have much value to contribute when you participate.


There is great wealth in knowledge.

Do your best to seek out new information and try new feats.

You have good luck when it comes to gaining mentors and help this week.

July 8


Don’t make any rash decisions this week.

Your emotions may be clouding your judgement.

Take time to step back and evaluate all situations before taking action.


Usually you enjoy taking things slow and at your own pace.

But others around you may need you to be more assertive now.

Try and make decisions a bit quicker this week.


The past few weeks have brought a lot of confusing questions your way.

This week you will slowly start to receive clarity and answers.

Seek out advice from elders and those you look up to.


Someone new is about to enter your life.

This can be a new friend, mentor or new family member.

Prepare to welcome this new addition to your life and for happiness to follow.


Take time to prioritize your health this week.

Try a relaxing vacation or retreat to de-stress.

You have much excitement ahead so it is good to rest in between.


Sometimes it is easier to suspect others than to trust.

Make an effort to get to know someone you think differently of.

You might find a great ally in an unexpected person.


Anything related to work or business will have a new development this week.

Your decisions will influence the nature of these developments.

Seek out advice from those with more knowledge before taking actions.


You have a talent for recognizing the potential in people.

Try and foster that potential in someone close to you.

You will gain a new friend and valuable partner.


Good fortune is destined for you this year.

The rest of the year will be much smoother than the beginning of this year.

You should travel and have some fun to relax from the busy first 6 months.


Take time to visit family and friends this week.

Being around those you love will bring happiness and relaxation.

Look towards harmony and good conversations for a healthy mind.


Try to be creative this week.

You usually enjoy looking at art more than making it.

Tapping into your creativity may help you free up your mind and spirit.


You have been stressed lately about things outside of your control.

Take time to meditate and relax and focus on your health.

Practice exercises that focus on your arms and neck.

July 15


Take a moment to look at your surroundings.

You have been busy and focused on a goal without taking time to stop and rest.

Look around you and you might find that new ideas a solutions come to you easily.


Someone you love needs you now more than ever.

There is much excitement going on around you but don’t forget to check in on loved


You can provide strength and immense comfort to someone who might be struggling.


There are many different places you have wanted to travel.

Start planning a trip to explore someplace new.

You will find new friends and new experiences in your travels.


Try to open your heart to a family member you might have fought with.

This week is lucky for clearing misunderstandings.

You will be rewarded with a renewed sense of peace and belonging.


Things might seem overwhelming at the moment but they are all good things.

You have luck and prosperity shining on your spirit.

This is a wonderful time to enjoy the journey of life.


You enjoy solving complex riddles and problems.

Use this talent to help someone else out who might not have the same talent.

This month is one of philanthropy and generosity which will reap future reward.


Focus on keeping your muscles well stretched and active.

Physical health should be a priority this week.

Make sure to get a regular checkup soon if you haven’t already.


Practice giving without expecting anything in return this week.

Sometimes you expect favors in return for favors others cannot match.

Practice being generous and unselfish.


You will finally find peace from some very serious worries.

Stay strong mentally and you will succeed in overcoming fears.

You have always been strong and you will return to your normal self soon.


Stay active this week and accept invitations that come your way.

Social events will open up new doors for you.

Be friendly and open to new people you meet.


Order and following rules are very important to you.

Try to be spontaneous and unpredictable with your plans.

The unknown can be scary but also wonderful.


If you have been feeling stressed about the future talk to family for some relief.

Others around you might share similar concerns and you will find comfort in knowing

you are not alone.

You have happiness and relaxation coming your way.

July 22


Be mindful of financial decisions and spending.

It is a good time to start saving or increasing you current savings plan.

Preparing now will provide security for the future.


Sometimes it is difficult to choose between going out or resting at home.

Do what makes you happy and most at ease.

As long as you listen to your instincts you will find yourself in positive situations.


Something unexpected might throw you off guard.

You might be unsure of how to react and proceed with new changes.

Be confident in your decisions and convictions and the right direction will reveal itself.


Spend time with your mother or a mother figure in your life.

There might be some worries on her mind that you will be able to alleviate.

You will be able to bring peace to someone who might be worried for nothing.


Your words hold great power over those around you.

You have charisma and likeability which is one of your strengths.

Business and work endeavors will prosper under your leadership.


Sometimes you might feel smarter than others around you.

That doesn't mean there is nothing to learn from those who seem less skilled.

Knowledge is everywhere and everyone has something to teach.


Spend time with elders in your family.

There are some new stories to hear even if you think you’ve heard it all.

Elders are not only a source of wisdom but rich in wonderful tales of history.


Do not neglect the ones close to you.

It is easy to take loved ones for granted.

Show appreciation and you will be showered with love in return.


Luck is always on your side.

Even when you doubt yourself, never doubt your good fortune.

You have blessings of prosperity, wealth, love and friendship.


Take a break from anything that has been taking up your time.

Sometimes walking away from a project will allow you time to think and be creative.

You will be rewarded with new ideas, solutions and innovations.


You might feel a lack of motivation and energy.

Immerse yourself in nature and quiet surroundings to recharge.

Meditation and walking in nature will renew your drive.


There are some good opportunities coming your way.

You will get a chance to work towards a dream you have always had.

Take advantage of the chances you receive to achieve your goals.

July 29


There are many things on your mind lately.

Meditate to find a clear direction for choice you need to make.

Trust your intuition and seek advice from those who might have experience in making

the same decisions.

Once you choose your path you will find confidence and satisfaction.


Finally those around you will have healed from problems that were plaguing them.

Someone you love was struggling with a daunting obstacle.

It is time to reach out and celebrate their success together.

Enjoy the positive feelings and energy around you.


Utilize your enthusiasm and energy properly this week.

You might feel like you are capable of doing more than usual.

Bursts of energy will encourage you to take on multiple tasks.

Carefully select where to invest your time and newfound energy so that you achieve the

best results.


You are a creature of reason.

Everything has an explanation in your mind.

You always make it a priority to share your opinion.

This week, get perspective on how you express your feelings.


Be more objective to avoid making mistakes.

You often wish that other people are like you, but that’s not always the best way to


Listen to others opinions as well as voicing your own.

People will value your opinion more when you are more open-minded.


You have been feeling a lot of power and energy lately.

People in your network have been receptive to this.

You’ve noticed that your friends thrive on your fire.

Don’t hide your energy and encourage good moods around you.


You’ve been feeling stagnant the last few weeks.

If you feel that things must change, you have to do something about it!

Look around you to get inspired.

Even though you don’t like taking risks, you will be glad that you did.


You have been feeling very free lately.

Continue with this sense of freedom and demand more justice for all.

Use your diplomatic skills to help others.

There’s no better time than the present.


You have a great week ahead of you.

You’ll feel like you can solve problems and notice that others will be coming to you for


Listen to them and be empathetic.

Use your wisdom to find solutions to issues that are presented to you.


You’ve been craving to stand out from the crowd lately.

Don’t get arrogant during this.

Recognize that people in your network need your advice.

Approach it in a tactful way to keep the respect of those around you.


You have been questioning your friends lately.

Take some time to think about what has been bothering you.

You may not come up with an answer right away – but you’ll have more clarity in the

next few weeks.

Focus on the essential things in the moment.


You may feel disappointed with the people you think highly of.

These qualities may be a reflection of your own personality.

Remember to believe in yourself and have confidence.

If you admire them, they have great qualities – and you do too!