Work will keep you very busy this week

Be careful – you are prone to making mistakes this week at work

There may be chances of loss of money

Health wise this week would be okay


The week will present you with opportunities that will help establish beneficial new


More travel will be possible for the week.

You may need to adjust with the work pressure.

Favorable job front is seen.


The week is said to be a favorable one.

To achieve good results, you need to strive hard.

However, you will get success after facing initial hardships.

You will be able to resolve outstanding issues.


You will be able to earn name and fame for the week.

Keeping yourself cheerful and avoiding excessive thinking

Focus and concentration are required in job front.

Try and spend more time with family.


The week is said to give you moderate results.

You may keep yourself cool and composed to see things in your favor.

You may face excessive job pressure at work front.

Possibilities are good, take advantage of any opening you get.


You will be able to succeed easily, and this will give you happiness.

You will be comfortable at work.

News about new job opportunities will make you happy.

Overall a good week for you.


It will be a week filled with a lot of expenses.

Keep a watch over your words.

It will be good for you to pay more attention to your work.

There may be chances for errors and omissions in your work.


The week will be highly favorable for you.

You will be able to fulfill your desires.

If you work hard, you will attract success and fortunes to you.

There are good chances for you to gain favorable support from your superiors.


Put in your best efforts and remain happy this week.

You may face more stress in carrying out your job.

Health might be affected this week

Do not make any important decisions


The week will be a favorable one.

You can develop more new contacts which will be of immense value to you.

Colleagues will be supportive to you.

There will also be chances for new job opportunities.


Take control over your expenses

Try to spend more time with family and friends

Relationship with your elders may not be smooth.

You may get into some arguments.


Work might be stressful

There will be a difference of opinion with your colleagues

Do not make any new investments

Take care of your health as well


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