The week will make you think a lot, and make you alert.

You will gain benefits out of efforts made.

There may be travel related to work.

Unexpected job transfers will be possible.


You are likely to enjoy good results with respect to money.

Make sure you don't waste time on irrelevant details

Do not lose your temper and be realistic

Spend the money for productive purposes only.

Health will be moderate


The week is going to be a good one.

You will be busy and active for the week and this will help you to see good results.

You will be able to secure a good name for the work you do.

Financial progress will be stable for the week.


Major decisions taken will be fruitful.

You will gain a good name.

Your abilities will be appreciated.

Financial progress will be good enough for the week.


The week will give you some unexpected gains.

It will be a week with less activity.

You may find tasks assigned at work a little hard.

Pressure due to work will cause many worries.


It will be a good week to fulfill your basic needs.

Planning for the week's tasks will give you comfort.

You may face both expenses and income.

Take it easy this week and spend time with family


This week is said to be a favorable one for you.

Financially a stable week

You will be able to accomplish all your goals

Health might deteriorate a little


It will be a week filled with busy activity.

You will be able to expose your talents that will help you fetch success.

Your skill and abilities will be highly appreciated by your superiors.

There are chances for gaining a good name.


You might face some losses

Try and keep a track on your expenses this week

Do not argue with your colleagues. Keep your calm

Financially you might feel unstable.


You will have a lot of responsibilities at work and home

Try and communicate well with everyone to explain yourself better

Do not feel overwhelmed, things will calm down

Take care of your health


Money front may not be in good form

It may be difficult to maintain the stability with respect to the same

A lot of challenges this week but stay strong throughout

Try to spend more time with loved ones


You may face some constraints in financial matters

Spend money only for the essential for the week.

You need to spend some quality time with your partner for better understanding.

Health would be average this week.


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