May 27


You have been thinking with your heart lately instead of your head.

Don’t let your pride get in the way of things.

You have a tendency to be stubborn in situations of the heart.

Be more open in this circumstance helping the resolution be clear.


You are feeling encouraged to tackle issues head-on this week.

When dealing with those with authority, it may be helpful to bite your tongue.

Be empathetic and take the time to listen to all concerns.


Your intellect isn’t being used to its fullest potential.

Use your creativity to bring smiles to the faces of those around you.

Keep your intentions pure and you will see things begin to turn in your favor.


You worry about those you care for.

Offer them your support, but try not to force your will onto them.

You must allow them to learn the intricacies of life at their own pace.

Take this time to remind yourself of those that supported you.


Great change demands great flexibility.

You will be forced to bend in ways that you are not used to.

Embrace the challenge, keeping your own development in mind.


When making a decision, it is important not to act on impulse.

The choices you make now will be critical to shape your future.

Call upon the wisdom of those around you.

Even if you receive unwanted opinions, take all knowledge into consideration.


Your intentions have been too focused on your own benefit.

Those around you will come to you for advice.

When guiding them, ensure that you speak in their best interest, or else the results may be catastrophic for the both of you.


This is a time calling for great effort on your part.

Opportunities will not openly reveal themselves to you.

Now, you must force them out and seize them.


There are many areas in your life that are just waiting to be improved.

Now is the time to focus on the positive things and think of how to cultivate them into something greater.

In doing so, you will see the negative energy in your life slowly begin to waver.


You will be faced with judgement coming from all directions.

It is time to show your true self to those around you.

Their judgements could mean great things for your future.


Those around you could use a reminder of your care.

It is time to stop fearing your emotions and start putting your whole heart into expressing what you feel.


Outside factors may slowly begin to overwhelm you.

You must make key decisions in picking out what is a positive and negative influence.

It will be very difficult to detach yourself from the negative influences, but now is the optimal time to do so, in order to ensure you are surrounded by positivity.

June 3


You find yourself having to justify your actions.

Sometimes, this can be a sign that you don’t truly believe that you are in the right.

Make sure you take extra time and consideration when analyzing your thoughts.

Seek the help of someone you think to be less experienced; they may surprise you.


You may be tempted to go against your morals soon.

You will face opportunities in which you can take the easy way out.

Stay firm in your beliefs and it will serve to reward you in the future.


Your desire to seek for more will flare.

You must ensure that opportunities that arise are actually viable.

Take this time to slow down appreciate all that you already have.


You are beginning to oversimplify things in your head.

Spend an extra second observing the intricacies of the situations of those around you.

Once you have done this, your help will be pivotal to them.


This is a time where you need to put your complete faith in others.

If you extinguish the doubts from your mind and fully trust those close you to you, they will not let you down.


The path in front of you is slowly beginning to clear.

It is a critical time to get set and focus all of your effort into it.

Any deviations will be disastrous.

All work put in now will lead to great rewards.


Your relationships will soon require fortification.

Those around you may feel reserved and not tell you their complete feelings.

You must display extra compassion when interacting.


Cool your emotions.

Acting out in a fit of passion may serve to hinder you.

Take deep breaths and allow yourself the time to come to proper conclusions.


Your directness will be key when dealing with your personal relationships.

Do not shy away from voicing your unfiltered thoughts to others.

Your honestly will be respected and you will begin to see change for the better.


You have been pushing yourself to great lengths.

It is important not to go to unpractical lengths.

You must put great focus on sleep and nutrition in order to get through the coming weeks.


Your curiosity will prove to have very skewed results this week.

You will learn many things, but you also risk going too far and harming your personal relationships.

When curiosity about the world is concerned, don’t hold back.

However, you should show restraint when wanting to satiate your curiosity about those around you.


People from your past may make appearances in your present.

Use this week to repair any damaged relationships you may have had.

Your pride will serve as a great obstacle.

June 10


There will be many forces acting against you this week.

You will need to test the limits of your will to overcome them.

Overcoming them now will serve to weaken their effects in the coming future.


There are many issues where you are standing strong.

However, it may prove beneficial to take a step back and take more things into consideration.

Listen to what your opposers have to say and take it to heart.

You will begin to see that you understand yourself better.


You have free reign to experience all the world has to offer this week.

Try not to compartmentalize things as just “good” or “bad.”

Take experience as just experience and you will begin to see a vast increase in your self-growth.


There are forces attempting to sway your path.

It is very dangerous for you to put your blind trust in anything right now.

You must be incredibly critical when deciding what you will put your faith in.


You have a chance to indulge yourself with the results of your hard work so far.

There are no outlying energies that will act upon you this week.

Take time to do what makes you happy with the people that make your happy.


You will need to come out of your shell to get ahead this week.

The easy path will most likely lead you to the wrong destination.

You will be forced to come face to face with the things that make you uncomfortable.


You should have good luck this week.

Do not waste it on bets and lottery.

Instead, now would be a good time to make business investments or take a career risk.


You will feel the urge to be rebellious.

You will need to take extra care not to hurt the ones close to you in an act of passion.

Deep breaths and planned decisions will get you through the week.


Revisit the things you may have built up preconceived notions for.

Whether it be people, food, or activities, try them again.

You may find that time has changed your ability to appreciate certain things.


Your personal relationships will face some strain.

Your ability to dampen your pride and compromise will be greatly tested.

Failure to do so could potentially end up in catastrophic consequences.


This is a good time for you to work with others.

Your strengths will be boosted by your teammates so long as you intend to boost their strengths as well.

It is crucial that you immediately identify and correct any weak points.


Do not be afraid to ask for help this week.

You will need to seek guidance from those you are not used to receiving advice from.

A new perspective could be key in sparking a great change in yourself.

June 17


You will have a greater urge to but heads with authority.

Try to bite your tongue where you can, but certain issues are too great to stay silent.

Take the time to choose your battles very wisely.


You will lack significant inspiration this week.

Being exposed to the same things every day will serve to halt your growth.

Make an effort to stimulate your mind in new ways and you will find what you are searching for.


Your chaotic environment will begin to get to you.

Take time to clean and organize your surroundings.

You will find that little changes will increase the harmony in your thoughts.


You will witness injustice.

Your decision to stand up to the wrong-doers or watch idly will serve as a foundation for the path in which your future self builds upon.


Try to put an emphasis on observation this week.

You will have to make big moves in the coming future.

This time will be crucial in gaining the necessary information that will allow you to gracefully respond to upcoming conflicts.


You will feel the urge to display your talents to the world.

It is important that you not reveal all of the cards in your hand prematurely.

Do your best to keep a humble mindset and wait for the correct time when displaying your skills.


Others will seek your advice.

It is important to put yourself in another’s shoes before trying to help them.

While your point of view is important, you will have to be careful in how sensitive you are in your delivery.


Lack of knowledge and preparation has the potential to greatly impact your life this week.

Make sure you spend extra time in preparing for any challenges that lie ahead.

There is no such thing as being overprepared.


You may find that you are stretching yourself too thin.

Make sure that you do not make any promises that you can’t keep.

Do not take shame in asking others for help.


You will begin to feel a bit sluggish.

This means that you should try to do things to fine tune the body and mind.

Yoga and meditation will serve as great tools to achieve this.


It is very unlikely you will get your way this week.

For the best results, you will need to practice the art of compromise.

In doing so, you may end up with a better outcome than if you had gotten what you had originally intended


Your spirits are in need of lifting.

While others may succeed in doing this, you are your own greatest asset.

Spend some time alone and get to know yourself.

You will see that your self esteem greatens.

June 24


You will feel the weight of your many responsibilities.

Surround your workspace with reminders of why you do the things you do and you will fulfill them just fine.

Use your resolve to go above and beyond just the bare minimum.


Others will rely on you.

Use your strength to help them through their hardships.

You may have to sacrifice some of the time meant for yourself, but in helping those who come to you, you will feel a much greater reward in your self-growth.


You will find that the consistent things in your life are beginning to show signs of change.

These changes can seem scary, but they will eventually work for you in the end.

Do not try to make them back to what they were, instead, begin to adapt and accept the change.


Your self-confidence will need a boost if you are to get through the coming times.

Turning to literature and reflection will be a very useful tool.

Try to do this on your own, without relying on the help of others.


Your ego will hinder your work-flow.

Arrogance will be the greatest factor in making your environment unnecessarily hectic.

Speaking thoughtfully and taking into account the unique experiences of those around you will serve to greatly improve the harmony around you.


Others will try to take advantage of your kindness.

Give where you can, but it is important that you find where the line is being crossed.

If you see this happening, the best approach is to be completely direct and transparent.


This will be a great week for spiritual growth.

Seek knowledge from various different outlets.

From ancient texts to modern music, take in all information and reflect upon it.

You will come to meaningful conclusions.


Acting in the best interest of those around you will serve to act in your best interest.

By focusing on helping those you care for, you will see growth in yourself that will help you carry yourself in the future, as long as your intentions are not selfish.


You will see discrepancies in what you thought the world to be and what it actually is.

It is critical that you not hold on to your previous opinions too tightly.

Resisting change can be very detrimental to your growth.


Try breaking the daily routine and adding a bit of spontaneity to your life.

This will help open new pathways in your mind, which will help your creativity and intelligence flourish.


You will feel like taking risks this week.

Your luck will be very neutral, so calculation is key.

Make sure you conduct extensive research and take the time to think about what you will do before you do it.


Try sending love to the way of those you feel do not deserve it.

This will make you feel very uncomfortable at first, but by overcoming the initial stigma, you will find incredibly positive results begin to surface in your various aspects of your life.