November 5


You may be worried about financial prospects.

You should focus on presentation skills.

Children will have an uplift in a career for their outstanding efforts.

Father may help you in building your life.


You will make good money in business.

Some may have an opportunity for work abroad.

Keep control on your temper and don’t over react

Try to spend time with family


This may be a struggling week for you.

Your aggressive approach may bring new problems with higher executives.

You should be more thoughtful and clear in your expressions.

Always be alert while sending official communications.


Students should concentrate more on studies.

You may have sudden and unacceptable changes in career.

You may face opposition at work location.

You will have a lot of work pressure


This may be a tough week for you.

This week you may not have sufficient motivation.

Failure in love affairs may bring great concern for you.

It is very important to balance your mind between family and work.


You may have sufficient returns for their efforts in different areas of life.

You will have sudden changes in career.

You may want to start your own business.

Invest your money after thoroughly thinking and analyzing.


This may be a stable week for you.

There may not be sufficient progress in your career and personal life.

You may prefer to spend most of the time at home.

There is a possibility for you investing in something new.


You may have financial stability in spite of some temporary problems in a career.

You may have significant changes in career.

You also may have serious distractions at work place.

Try to stay as focused as you can


You may have sufficient opportunities to prove their abilities.

You may spend more money for lavish living.

You will have a comfortable life in your career.

You may be successful in impressing superiors.


You will have financial prosperity through business.

Some expenses from the past might have to be taken care of.

Work will keep you busy throughout.

You might not be able to spend much time with family.


This may be a profitable week for you.

You may be interested in easy money or gains without pains.

There may be a significant improvement in revenue for your efforts.

Students may get decent results for their efforts.


You may have a lack of confidence or low spirits throughout this week.

But you will surprisingly have monetary benefits.

He may be helped by old friends or near relatives.

Travel for work is also possible.

November 12


 This may be an aggressive week for you

You bring unexpected changes in your career

You should be careful while assessing individuals around you

Children may have conflicts with spouse or business partners.


This may be a dynamic week for you.

There may be sufficient gains which will bring confidence in your life.

You need to be careful while interacting with colleagues and superiors.

There may be a positive outcome for your interviews.


You may be successful in presenting your abilities.

Students may get acceptable results for their performance.

Children may have grand success in their efforts.

You may find new business proposals from friends.


You may have unexpected changes in career.

You may get normal gains in speculation.

You will have pressure from business partners.

However, Youmay maintain decent progress in your ventures.


This may be a prosperous week for you

You may be successful in identifying new income sources.

There may be an improvement in your reputation at work location.

You will get good support and trust from superiors.


Overall, a stressful week for you

Students may get decent results for their hard work.

You may try to change job because of some attitude problems.

You may try to raise new loans to resolve the old ones.


Work is going to take most of your time this week.

There is a possibility for finalization of marriage.

Students may get normal results for their hard work.

They need to be more focused about their future prospects.


This may be a normal week for you.

There may be relief from some major problems in life.

You may be appreciated for your innovative ideas and hard work.

People engaged in business activities may gain through new customers.


You may find new sources of income from this week onwards.

This may be the fabulous week for you

You will get sufficient opportunities to improve knowledge.

There is a possibility for raising personal loans to meet the requirements.


This may be a troublesome week for you.

You may have to face a lot of criticism for your minor mistakes

However, you may fulfill your family responsibilities with great ease.

Students may face troubles in reaching their objectives.


You may have stability in career after a long time.

You may be delegated more power and authority in the job.

You may have huge expenditure throughout this week.

Most of his earnings may be spent.


This may be a dynamic week for you.

You may command good name and reputation at the workplace.

You may have success in interviews

Students may get decent results for their performance.

November 19


You may need to be more patient for the week.

Maintain patience while handling your activities as you may lose control.

A lot of pressure this week at work

You might commit mistakes while handling your duties.


You will be able to accomplish your goals.

You will work hard towards self-development

You will attain favorable results.

Helping poor people will greatly benefit you.


Financial development will be good for the week.

You will have sound health.

You will have the feeling of satisfaction and happiness throughout

Spend more time with family members


It will be good for you to handle money very carefully.

Your bad mood will affect your ties with your family

You may have minor health problems

Financially it will be an average week


You will possess the determination to succeed.

You will be able to please others by your way of communication.

You will plan your long-term goals.

You will be able to complete the tasks assigned to you in a quick manner.


You will be able to make progress regarding your finances

You will witness an increase in your bank balance.

You will enjoy happy moments with your father in the family.

There will be general happiness in the family.


There will be absence of concentration.

There will be chances for money loss

you need to handle your finances efficiently

You may lose money this week by travel


It will be a good week.

You will feel delighted with the events that are happening around you.

Your work will be appreciated by your supervisors

This will delight you and will give you an opportunity to do better.


Job front will be a challenging one for you.

You may need to plan your way of work to finish in time

The week will not be a healthy one for gaining more money.

You may incur extra expenses which will cause you worries.


You will be able to finish complex tasks

You might gain incentives and perks for the extra work

Financially you will be stable

Your bank balance will increase for the week


You will be having disputes over family issues.

The week will not be a good one for a relationship.

You might have anxiety this week

Work will keep you very busy and occupied


You may need to avoid taking major decisions this week.

Be careful in your moves.

There are chances to commit errors while performing tasks.

More attention is needed on your part to avoid mistakes and gain success.

November 22


The money will be scarce for the week

Financially you will feel unstable.

There will be chances for difference of opinion with your family

The problem over finances will cause such disturbances in the family.


This is said to be an excellent week for you.

You will observe some memorable moments that will keep you happy.

You will be able to accept challenging tasks and efficiently perform them.

Financially you will remain stable


You will possess the skill to carry out challenging jobs that will keep you busy.

You will be comfortable with your finances.

You can make use of this week to do future planning.

You will be able to enjoy a cordial relationship with your family.


There are chances for you to lose money.

It will be wise for you to safeguard your finances to avoid further loss.

Your family will keep you cheerful.

You will be able to enjoy fine health.


You may not find work environment to be an exciting one.

You may think of switching over to a new job that will give you progress.

Financial freedom will be good for the week.

Your health might be affected a little.


Avoid entering arguments/confrontations

This week will give you progressive results

You can pursue some major decisions for this week

You will witness favorable results throughout the week.


This is the week for you to learn the essence of life.

You will lose your patience occasionally while carrying out your work.

This may be due to more job pressure

You may face disturbances with your colleagues.


Be calm in attending your work to gain success.

Money progress will not be so smooth for the week.

It is essential for you to avoid any unnecessary expenses.

There are possible chances for unwanted arguments.


This week you will get the benefits as expected.

You will be comfortable with what you have.

You will be able to satisfy others through your pleasant communication.

Chances of luck remain high for the week.


You will perform well in work

You will gain appreciation from superiors.

You will be able to handle complex jobs with ease.

Financially you will grow this week


You will be able to gain new contacts and their support too.

You will feel cheerful and happy.

You will gain more money for the week.

You will receive incentives and perks for the extra work that you do.


There will be an increase in the inflow of money.

You will be able to save money that you earn for the week.

There will be good support from your family.

Happiness will help you maintain good health.