October 6


There are many reasons for you to get frustrated and give up on a long standing dream.

Many obstacles keep coming your way and it seems every time you find a solution another issue arises.

These are simply learning experiences meant to prepare you for the accomplishments to come.

Don’t lose heart and keep going. You are growing wiser and stronger with each obstacle and it is helping you reach your dreams.


You have big life changes and events coming your way and there will be many people who want to join you in the celebrations.

You might feel a bit overwhelmed with all the attention and your happiness could quickly transform into annoyance.

Try to remember that everyone is simply happy and excited for you and you should join in on the positive energy rather than transform it into a source of irritation.


Time is something you cannot fight against. It will keep moving forward no matter what you do.

Knowing this, try to appreciate every moment you have rather than worry about things that are outside of your control.

If something is meant to happen it will and there is nothing you can do to stop time.

Instead, try to think of practical solutions to any obstacles you face and enjoy the happy moments you experience without worrying about them ending.


There is a lot on your mind right now and you might feel unable to make even the smallest decisions.

Try to take one step at a time and list out everything that you need to address this week.

There is something you have been wanting to try and experience for a very long time but the guilt of leaving behind your old life is making it difficult to make a final decision.

Taking risks is always daunting but the rewards can be wonderful.


You might be tempted to interfere in a situation that has nothing to do with you.

Be careful not to be so aggressive in your opinions and actions because even though you may have good intentions, you may end up hurting someone you care about.

You have strong convictions and believe that your way is the right way but that is not always the case.

Let others determine what the right course of action is and do not impose your own beliefs on someone else.


You may think you have everyone fooled with the carefully curated picture you have put out into the world.

There are there are few out there that understand you and know the truth behind your words and actions.

You are used to being the most talented, the most skilled, and the most intelligent in your circle.

Keep in mind that there are others that can match you but that doesn’t necessarily mean you must receive them as threatening competition. Instead, why not join hands and create a wonderful and flourishing partnership.


There are those who are truly happy for you when you are happy and those that pretend to be happy but are secretly envious.

This week you will be surrounded by people that truly love you and are interested in your happiness.

Use this time to soak in all the positive energy and goodwill.

While one must be alert and wary it is also important to strive for peace of mind and heart.


There is someone very important to you who might be behaving in a way that tempts you to leave them behind.

You have come up with many reasons why you should end your relationship with them and why they are not suitable for you.

Are you sure the issue lies with them? This week try to do some self reflecting to see whether this behavior is a result of something you are doing.

You are someone who rarely shows their vulnerable side and your affection is fickle at times. Your loved one’s behavior could just be a result of confusion on where you stand with your feelings.


This week you will be overcome with a sense of restlessness and a need to escape.

This occurs every so often with you though as you have always had a desire for exploration and adventure.

Start planning a new trip or adventure to help tame your impatience for the time being.

Soon enough you will be off on a new journey to encounter new places, people and experiences.


There is no one who knows you better than those you love and cherish the most.

You think you have everyone fooled with your calm and unbothered exterior but in reality your worries, fears and insecurities are clear as day to your loved ones.

This is not a bad thing as it means you are blessed with people around you who truly understand you and care for you.

It is ok to let yourself be vulnerable and reveal moments of weakness as these are the people you can trust to hold you up and give you strength in times of need.


You have been experiencing great confusion when it comes to your personal beliefs lately.

Every so often you meet new people and explore new places that make you question everything you thought you knew.

This is part of your growth and you should enjoy the opportunities to reevaluate yourself.

Many people resist progress or change but you are always willing to embrace something new and learn. Keep going.


You might have been surprised lately by how comfortable you have gotten with someone unexpected.

It seems like you have known each other forever and you often don’t realize until after that you easily share your worries, fears and disappointments with them.

This person might be exactly who you were looking for all these years to be a friend, confidante and support system.

Don’t let the surprise of it all distract you from recognizing someone truly wonderful has entered your life.

October 13


There are many people who prefer to be stuck in their ways than take uncomfortable steps for personal growth.

You are not one of those people. You are always willing to improve and upgrade yourself.

You might encounter someone this week that will try to convince you otherwise. They might tell you growth is unnecessary and that you are perfect just as you are.

Although their intentions may be good their advice is not in your favor. Keep growing.


You have been consumed with thoughts of someone lately and no matter what you do this is something that won’t go away.

Try to use this week to explore what it is that is making it so difficult for you to move on and forget.

Did you receive closure or a proper ending? If not, then maybe you should follow through and take action to resolve the matter yourself.

Do not let your pride get in the way of your peace of mind.


Everytime you seem to forget about an unfulfilled dream it pops back up again to haunt you.

You end up experiencing the same disappointment and sadness over and over again.

You might also be wondering why the universe is not letting you forget and adding salt to your wound.

The truth is that the universe is trying to tell you to try again and that there is still hope for success.


You have set out on a new adventure and this week you will experience a few setbacks that might weaken your resolve.

Do not let it. These are learning experiences that will only make you stronger and wiser for the future path.

You are gaining invaluable skills and knowledge that will make your adventure more spectacular in the future.

Learn what you can and keep a positive mindset.


There are many people who doubt you and your abilities but you have always proved them wrong time and again.

With a current situation you will once again prove your determination and skills.

Never let those that don’t believe in you discourage you from moving forward.

You have always been talented and persevered through the most difficult challenges. This time will be no different.


You are in a stage of exploration and discovery. You will be learning a lot about yourself and your desires.

Make sure you are doing as much as you can to expose yourself to new situations, environments and people.

Do not be afraid to step out of your comfort zone and try new experiences.

You are someone who has always been introspective so go out and explore and see how it shapes you.


This week is going to be one that breezes by with many small things that keep you distracted.

Before you know it the week will be over and you will wonder where the time went.

Sometimes you need weeks like these to show you that as long as you keep your mind calm and productive you won’t waste time worrying and dragging through the days.

There are many small wonderful things hidden in life and if you search for and acknowledge them you will spend less time worrying about things outside of your control.


If you have decided to move to a new place, job, or environment it might be time to head home.

It is always good to explore and learn new things but you should make sure never to forget where your foundation lies.

The stability and familiarity of home is what will ground you and keep you humble as you progress in life.

New things, people and places are always tempting but should never replace the importance of old things, people and places that have shaped who you are.


You have been having many doubts about someone lately and part of this is due to your fear of being hurt or disappointed.

You are loving, caring and kind by nature but you have experienced pain and disappointment over and over again from the people you have loved and cared for.

This doesn’t mean it will always be the case. Try to remember those who have always been there for you and reciprocated that love.

You have found someone who belongs in the group of people you care about and you have to be braver and willing to take a risk to bring them into your life.


Many signs have been appearing before you that are starting to convince you that the decisions you made have been the right ones.

Why are you still doubting yourself and your judgement then?

You have always observed and thought things through before making any choices.

Trust in yourself and your abilities to see the truth and choose the right path.


You will be swayed by someone this week to change your decision on an important matter.

It is hard to tell whether this decision will be for the best or whether it will not produce the results you want.

The best thing to do in this situation is to evaluate all sides of the matter and decide what feels right to you.

At the end of the day, as long as you are happy with the decision then that is the right one.


You seem to be carrying the burden of others on your shoulders lately and this will eventually wear you out.

You are kind and loving by nature but this also exposes you to be taken for granted.

If you offer your shoulders then there are those who will dump the weight of everything they have on you.

Try to avoid these people and recognize those that offer to carry the weight together.

October 20


Lately you might feel as if your kindness is being taken for granted and people are taking advantage of your good nature.

Are they? Or are you expecting something in return for your goodwill.

Favors can always be repaid but it is not necessary for them to be paid back right away.

Do not assume that your actions are unnoticed and people are not grateful just because they have not reciprocated immediately.


You have been holding a grudge against someone for a while now and while you think the other party is bothered by this, they are not.

The only person who is losing any peace over this grudge is you.

Think about why you are unable to move on and then do your best to move forward.

Why hold onto a negative emotion for someone who is no longer occupied with thoughts of you or the situation.


There are many people who want to gain your favor this week and it could be due to some recent success you have achieved.

Amongst those admirers are people who might end up being great supporters and allies in the future.

Do not let the attention and success inflate your ego in a way that you end up pushing these allies away.

Stay humble and gracious and it will only propel the admiration people have for you.


If there is a problem you are unsure of how to solve then this is a good week to reach out to someone you look to as a mentor or guide.

It is easy to dismiss opinions and advice if you feel like it is not in favor of your desires.

Try to truly listen to what your guide is telling you though because perhaps they are speaking from experience and have an honest solution for you.

Do not let your stubbornness cloud your ability to listen and learn.


Lately, your confidence has been overwhelming and you have never felt better about yourself.

This has probably also resulted in you inserting your opinions and advice in situations that don’t involve you.

It is good to feel confident but use that confidence towards your own problems and situations and not to interfere with others.

You can be right for yourself but completely wrong for others.


Have you been feeling unmotivated and tired lately?

You might have exhausted yourself from the burden of having to have everything figured out by now.

Life is a constant state of learning and growing and there is no ultimate finish line.

Do not rush and try not to put so much pressure on yourself. Your way is the right way.


This week you will find yourself indulging quite a lot. While it is always good to rest and relax and do things that bring you happiness, too much of anything can also lead to problems.

Everything in the world requires balance and you should strive for balance in your life as well.

Make sure to indulge but also make sure to work just as hard. A balanced life will lead to a healthy mind and a healthy body.


There is so much on your mind right now that even the slightest distraction ends up irritating you.

You will be prompted to lose your temper many times this week and it is important that you resist the urge to do so.

Instead try to find a quiet place and time to meditate and give yourself a moment to gather your thoughts.

Anger will only exacerbate the problem and leave you more tangled in thoughts than before.


This month you will start to see the fruits of all your efforts and labor.

You have been working hard towards a certain goal and you will slowly start to see the transformations and developments take result.

This doesn’t mean you can now stop all your effort. Maintain your momentum and keep going.

Better results and transformations are yet to come.


You have always wanted to be the bearer of many hats and a myriad of different subjects and hobbies inspire you.

The problem is that when you put too much on your plate, it becomes difficult to master or complete any singular task.

There is much you want to accomplish but rather than take everything on at once prioritize what is important to you in the moment and work towards each task one by one.


You might be hearing a lot of rumors this month and those closest to you will ask you to choose a side.

If the situation has nothing to do with you then you are not required to pick a side.

It is in your best interest to stay neutral and not involve yourself in others’ matters.

Rumors will eventually fade but the actions and words spoken by you will remain forever so be wary about getting tangled up.


Someone young and vibrant has recently entered your life and although your insecurities may keep you from getting closer to them, don’t hesitate.

This person is exactly the burst of energy and positivity you need to improve your mental and emotional health.

Let down your guard and allow yourself to develop a close relationship with this person.

You have always been blessed with the ability to attract kind and loyal friends.

October 27


Some unspoken words have been eating away at you recently. Especially since it is not in your nature to hold back and stay silent about your thoughts.

You have always been confident and assertive about your thoughts and opinions and have no problem sharing them with the world.

What made this situation different? Use this week to think about why your intuition told you to hold back.

Sometimes silence can be more beneficial than openly sharing your thoughts.


Make sure you are being attentive with your loved ones this month. There could be a situation or health problem that they are struggling with and they will need your love and support.

You have always been a pillar of strength and stability and this month that quality will be valued greatly by those around you.

Prioritize what your loved ones need especially if all they need is your time and attention.

There is great kindness and positivity you can bestow on others with very little effort.


You are going to be bombarded with many requests this week and it will feel like people are pulling you in every direction to help solve their problems.

There is nothing wrong in saying no. Especially if it prevents you from being dragged around and exhausted.

Evaluate you truly needs your help and who you truly want to help.

You don’t have to say no to everyone but try to choose the ones who will cause the least amount of harm to your peace of mind.


Time is on your side this week and you will see deadlines get extended and projects given more time for completion.

Use this extra time to improve and strengthen whatever it is you have been working on.

Do not take time for granted or mistake it for a moment of rest.

Keep pushing forward and the new results will be spectacular.


Someone could be testing your temper but your strong resolve and calm approach is what will ultimately intimidate them into retreat.

You have a quick temper but rarely lose your resolution in public.

Let this time be no different and do not let someone instigate you into a public outburst.

You have always represented strength and poise. This week you should maintain the same.


There is a new project that has made you very excited for the future.

You have started to learn something new as a result and found a new motivation in life.

Use all this positivity to propel you forward in your professional sphere.

There is much to be achieved and your are on the path to greatness.


An irrational fear could overwhelm you this week and the source of it is unknown to you.

Try to take a step back and do a little introspection on why you have suddenly been afflicted with this worry.

Are you afraid of losing something or someone?

Take time to locate the source and when you do you will also find the solution to your worries.


You have always been someone who rewards loyalty with loyalty and indifference with indifference.

Sometimes though you must be the first one to make the move of goodwill.

You cannot know someone’s true feelings towards you if you insist on them making the first show of affection.

They might be waiting to see how you are as a person as well. Be proactive this week and show someone your true emotions.


You are someone who loves very deeply and anyone who meets you can immediately recognize this quality.

It is also obvious though, that you reserve this love for a select few and can be quite cold and apathetic towards those you don’t care about.

Someone is feeling insecure about their position in your life and might need a little validation from you.

You can be aloof at times so it is hard to see your love and affection. Take time this week to express you true feelings.


This week, expect a burst of creativity and innovation to come your way.

New ideas and inventions will pop into your mind and you will have an opportunity to bring a few of them to fruition.

The universe is lining up for you and this is a great time to pursue new endeavors.

Be careful not to try and do too much at one time though. Choose the ideas most appealing to you and start from there.


Someone may have disappointed you greatly and you are finding it hard to forgive them.

If they are approaching you with contrition and remorse then it wouldn’t hurt for you to reevaluate your judgement on the situation.

Everyone makes mistakes sometimes and you can only benefit from showing mercy and forgiveness.

Give this person another chance and try to look for a fresh start and perspective on the situation.


There are those who seek to take advantage of you and the many resources you have been blessed with.

These people will often disguise their intentions with over praise and a constant stream of compliments.

Look for people who truly care for you and show their admiration with acts of kindness.

Words can be powerful indicators of one’s emotions but actions will truly speak to intent.