October 7


You may begin to feel overwhelmed by outside influences.

It is crucial that you make the distinction between what is a positive influence and what is a negative influence.

Cutting out the negative will serve to be your test of character this week.


Those around you will need a reminder of your love and care.

Human beings tend to be very forgetful creatures.

Accepting this fact and not taking things personally will prove to boost your mood this week.


You will be facing a lot of judgement this week.

It will be very easy to become overwhelmed and block yourself out to avoid this.

However, if you put out your true self and accept the views that people have, you will find yourself cultivating unexpected new relationships.


This week will give you a little more space to breathe.

However, this is also the prime time to start optimizing things that can be done more efficiently.

If you take this week to improve your process, you will find yourself with more and more time for yourself down the road.


You excel at seizing opportunities as they arise, but you may find yourself reaching out for things that have not arrived yet.

Trying to force things will prove to deter you this week.

This week will be a test of patience.


Take moments to clear your mind of all the havoc that the outside world brings.

You will feel more level headed than those around you.

Ensure you do not bring your ego into this, and rather use this fact to be accepting and supportive of those around you. 


You may find yourself being closed off to certain things.

Having preconceived notions about certain things will serve to dampen your spirit.

Make the effort to try things you would never try and you will see your thought processes begin to diversify.


You will be faced with many attractive temptations this week.

Taking the easy way out will seem like the way to go, but this will be very dangerous for achieving your major life goals.

To ensure your happiness in the future, you will need to make the tough decision to follow a path of hard work. 


You will be faced with the task of proving yourself this week.

It is crucial that you put in all the effort you can in ensuring you make the best impressions possible.

You will see the fruits of this week’s labor emerge in the form of opportunities in the near future.


You will be faced with many decisions this week.

Acting quickly based on impulse or emotion can have catastrophic results.

Ensure you reflect on every situation with a level head before making your decision.


Take this week to nourish your body, mind, and spirit.

Meditation, yoga, exercise, and eating healthy will serve to prepare you for any conflicts to come.

Also, try to get someone who you enjoy being with to do this with you. 


Take this week to be of service to everyone around you.

While this may seem rather useless and ideological, this will actually serve to benefit you more than anyone else.

If you spend the whole week with the intention to make your loved ones happy, you will see dramatic changes to your mood and spirit. 

October 14 


You will feel inclined to be more confrontational and rebellious this week.

This will prove to give very mixed results.

Ensure that when engaging someone, especially a superior, you keep a cool head and do not act solely on emotion.


Your work ethic will be key in ensuring your week plays out smoothly.

If you fulfill your responsibilities very quickly with your whole effort, there is a great chance that something happily unexpected will emerge in the free time you’ve created for yourself.

However, if they let these responsibilities pile up, you may lose a great opportunity.


Your mind will begin to drift to the topic of money.

Greed and envy have the potential to take over your being.

However, your innate willpower has an even greater potential to overcome them.

When thoughts regarding finances arise, ensure that your motivations are not selfish.


You may become so caught up in the day’s events that you forget about your health.

Take the opportunity to address all your issues for a better quality of life in the long run.

Taking care of yourself is not only important for you, but also for those who love and depend on you.


Don’t be afraid to let your true feelings known.

Effective communication will be key if you want to move certain aspects in your life in better directions.

You have the ability to make some major changes, embrace the opportunity.


It may seem like nothing is going your way, but don’t lose hope.

You will find a lot of things falling in place as long as you keep an open mind. Everything will start making sense as things fall into place.


You may be feeling clustered and suffocated.

Take the opportunity to travel or take a personal day to do something for yourself.

You will find yourself feeling refreshed and ready to take on new tasks.


Don’t get caught up in petty issues.

You will start to feel them wearing you down.

Learn to view life from someone else’s shoes and you may find yourself making a lot of new friends. 


You will feel that you are taking things more lightly this week.

The troubles of the world will seem less bothersome.

Use this to your advantage by taking this time to meditate and experience great spiritual growth.


In this age of technology, it is easy to get caught up in our screens and devices.

Try to limit your usage and you will notice a great boost in productivity.

This week has the potential to greatly harm your workflow, so ensure that you stay on top of your responsibilities.


You will find yourself seeking new inspirations.

You have the creativity and passion within you just waiting to be pulled out.

Rather than searching outwards, try looking within yourself. 


You will find yourself in a conflict with someone who is unwilling to back down.

This will be a time to put aside your ego and compromise as much as you can.

Making even the smallest gesture of  understanding and care will serve to enhance your relationship greatly. 

October 21 


There will be many situations that will lead you to place blame onto others.

It is necessary to understand that sometimes in life, things just happen due to the nature of the universe and that pinning blame will grant you nothing.

Once you resonate with this energy, you will feel a new strength moving forward.


You will begin to feel the darkness of the world getting to you.

Although we are constantly surrounded by malice, you have the strength to build your own experience.

While you may begin to feel down, if you can get yourself to bring more light into someone else’s world, you will see the effects of your karma.


You may begin to feel doubtful this week.

Your life, your goals, and your relationships will undergo great analysis.

While this may start stressful, your quest to relinquish your doubts will bring a new certainty that will clear your head moving forward.


This week will be filled with obstacles and annoyances, but strangely enough, you will feel incredibly determined throughout it all.

This week has given you great power as well as a battlefield to make use of it.

It is important that you do not become blinded with passion and that you remain cautious as you proceed.


There will be very exciting things in store for the near future.

The things you are looking forward to may serve to hinder you as you are neglecting the present as a result.

Ensure your mind is always active in the present situation so that you can have a smooth path getting to where you want to be.


This week will be filled with distractions.

It’s very easy for someone else to tell you to stay focused, but you may still find difficulty.

What will help you the most this week will be your ability to invigorate yourself so that your passion for what you need to get done overpowers your curiosity towards the world around you.


This week will test your ability to take constructive criticism and acknowledge your shortcomings.

While difficult at first, the moment you are able to put aside your ego and start making change, you will see a great shift in your energy.

After you have achieved this, you will find yourself having a blast enjoying the fruits of your efforts.


You will be faced with a lot of things that don’t make sense.

The trick to this week will be deciding what you need to understand and what you should just accept.

By efficiently using your time, you will see yourself reach a new level of understanding you didn’t think possible.


You will see an improvement in your work ethic this week.

Instead of just being satisfied, take the time to enhance it even further.

Just because something is satisfactory doesn’t mean it shouldn’t be improved.

Your desire to innovate should be very apparent.


Your ability to work through problems will bring you a great advantage in the coming week.

While stress and chaos may begin to show themselves in your path, you will have the power to expel them with elegance and grace.

Your greatest obstacle will be ensuring you keep a level head through it all. 


You will feel a desire to escape to a fantasy as the physical world cannot keep up with your expectations.

It is often difficult to fulfill your responsibilities when your mind begins to drift off.

It would greatly benefit you to take the time to clear your mind and meditate.

You will feel your ability to process this existence be enhanced.  


You will need to find the balance between focusing on yourself and focusing on others.

While you may not want to be selfish, your ability to help others will be greatly hindered if you yourself are not adequately taken care of.

Call on the help of your loved ones to make the balance clear.

October 28


You will feel that those around you are not appreciating your good intentions.

While this can get frustrating, it is important to reconfirm that you do what you do out of love, with no intention of praise or repayment.

Try to find the people in your life that you may be underappreciating.


You will need to take this week to get in touch with your emotions.

The human brain will often set up defense mechanisms that allow us to cope with the world around us, however as a result, causes us to retain the stress in our subconscious.

Meditate and ensure that that confront all of your feelings head on.


You will feel a greater need for freedom this week.

Authority will feel like a burden on your spirit.

While it will be very tempting to rebel, this will be a very dangerous option.

Your best way to find relief will be to find a creative outlet in your free time.


You will find yourself in conflict with the ones you love.

While neither of you will want back down, you may start to get the feeling that you’re going to have to be the bigger person.

Instead of surrendering completely, try to make compromise so that you can both come out of the situation with something.


The temptation to indulge will be your greatest obstacle this week.

Consuming in moderation will prove to be a herculean task.

You will be able to get past this by investing more of your time into your relationships.


The problems of those around you will seem insignificant.

This will cause you to unknowingly begin to act insensitively.

While showing understanding to problems that don’t seem important to you can be incredibly difficult, putting yourself in the other person’s shoes will allow you to slowly understand why some things affect people in the ways that they do.


You will feel that you are not getting the respect that you deserve.

While respect must be earned, the way it is earned varies from individual to individual.

By first analyzing someone’s core values and planning accordingly, you will see that your approach to earning their respect will be much more effective.


This week will revolve around your ability to manage your responsibilities.

It is important that you have increased efficiency this week as those around you will need help that only you can provide.

While this will be very stressful, the fulfillment you feel at the end will be well worth it. 


You may feel that some of your relationships have changed dynamics.

While many of these changes are natural, you may see that some are occuring due to miscommunications.

Take this week to ensure that your intended feelings are known and the same will be returned to you.


Pay extra attention to your elders this week.

You will find that there is a lot of useful information that you have been missing out on.

In addition to the benefits you get, you will also serve to give them new perspectives on life.


You will be greatly benefitted by taking moments throughout the day to clear your head.

Going for a quick walk or simply breathing for a moment will enhance your ability to adapt to any situations that arise.

This will also help you in not having emotional responses when interacting with others.


There are people in your life who are feeling as if they don’t get to see you as much as they would like.

Reaching out to the people you may not see as often will serve to greatly lift everyone’s spirits.

Your fortified relationships will stand strong for time to come.