October 1


This may be a pleasant week for you

You will be with high energy and go ahead spirit

Your bosses will be happy with you

People engaged in foreign lands will do well this week


This may be a prominent week

You may find great opportunities in career

There will be a success in deals with new people

You might invest in a property


This may be a demanding week for you

May result in extreme work pressure

Terms may not be positive between you and superiors

You should control your emotions and stay strong



Keep your temper under control

People engaged in business may make good money

Students may get grand achievement in higher education

You should take care of your health


This may be a distracting week for you.

You may not be able to give your best for several reasons.

You may leave most of your tasks unfinished.

You should devote more time for profession matters.


This may be a dynamic week for you

You might travel this week.

You will be able to bring more income this week.

Pay attention to details so you don’t do things wrong.


You will see a lot of advancements at work

Work will keep you occupied throughout the week

A great week for new investments

You may see sudden expenditure but don’t worry


Financially an average week for you.

Students will be innovative throughout this week.

Children will have Grand success in career matters.

Keep a check on your expenses and don’t overspend



You may have argumentative outlook throughout this week.

Students may get positive results.

Children will do well in a career in spite of some delay.

Stay focused and try to accomplish as much as you can.


Students may get normal results for their performance

Spouse will have monetary benefits through the career

You may secure a decent profit by the sale of an asset.

You might have a lot of expenditure this week.


This may be a satisfactory week for you

You will see gains this week

During this week you may have success over your competitors

Try to spend more time with family



You will come out successful in competitions.

Spouse will have pressure from superiors.

Students may get reasonable results for their performance

You may not be able to make valuable decisions.

October 8


Relationship with spouse may not be satisfactory.

There may be temporary separation for simple reasons.

Students need more focus to succeed in educational matters.

Children may expand their business after a long time.


Students may get satisfactory results for their performance.

Children may have success in interviews or competitions.

You might get promoted or receive a nice bonus.

You may able to collect a long pending debt.


You feel impatient and disturbed

Do not make any hasty decisions this week

You will face a lot of challenges this week

Financially you will remain stable



Your seniors at work will be happy with you

Your income will take a high jump

Your hard work will have its due reward

Economically you will feel more stabilized

Money related issues will keep you quite satisfied



Routine jobs will keep you busy

You will be willing to take any challenges

You might lose some money

All your work related jobs will be completed

Do not over stress yourself this week



Be careful about your health

New sources of income might emerge

Some stranger might get you good profits

You will get good opportunities to display your talent


You will be able to enhance your income with hard work

Despite hurdles your jobs will be accomplished

May meet a new person who will help you at work

There is a possibility of you traveling as well


You might face some hurdles to achieve your targets

You will be successful in any competition

Family members will be very helpful

Tensions and worries may mount by the end of the week



Social activities will keep you busy

Might get some physical ailments between 4 th and 6 th

Senior officers at work will help you in all ways

Don’t indulge in money matters


A joyful week overall

Despite worries and tension you will make progress

New projects made will prove to be fruitful

Avoid any dispute

Some legal issue may become more complicated


Good time to start something you always wanted to work on

Be careful about your financial matters

Do not loan any money to anyone

You shall make good contacts


This week will offer stable results for you

You will be able to handle tough situations at work

You will need to balance your personal life along with work

Students should get good results on their efforts

October 15



Conditions at work place will improve

Senior officials will be happy with you

Tension at work place might affect your domestic life

By the end of the week, things will start getting better


Your friends and associates will be very cooperative

You will be able to use all your resources to make a lot of profit

Keep a check on your expenses or you may have to incur some losses

Someone’s health at home might cause concern


Money and economic losses will be a major issue

Problems in financial matters, spiritual matters

Family and friends need to be dealt with

Legal cases will go against you



Family member’s health might be a concern

Good period for partnership for starting new venture, secretly

Don’t disclose future plans

Good time to increase professional skills

Interaction with friends and family will be warm but some disagreements may rise


You might get auspicious news

Financial security will be your main focus

Family matters keep you busy

Good time to start planning your own business

You’ll get success in love relations


Good balance between work and socializing

Good time with family and friends

Health problems may arise

Be patient and think before talking to anyone


You may travel this week.

Achieve good balance between work and home

Keep a check on your expenses.

You may get a promotion at work.


You will need to find a balance between home and work

Financial activities and investments will be a major focus.

Even though a busy week you will find time for entertainment

Give your attention to any pending legal issues.



Be careful and watch each and every step of yours carefully

Good time to solve you domestic problems

Pay attention to your own health

You may start a new venture to increase your income.


A good week for you with gains in business and investments

Students will do well if they concentrate a little

Give attention to your parent’s health

Family problems may arise


A relaxed and tension free week

Earlier efforts will show good results

Money inflow will increase

You might receive some good news

Feel energized and peaceful



Obstructions at work may rise

You should not rely on anyone at all

Life at home will start to get more comfortable

A lot of challenges to deal with


October 22



Your talent and abilities will be fully exposed

All professional difficulties will be removed

You will get good offer and opportunity at work

Avoid trusting anyone this week for any financial matters


Living in the moment becomes main focus

You take problems lightly and let problems work themselves out.

Your health needs to be focused on

You enjoy your work and personal life


Control expenses as there will be trouble with your finances

Take care of your health

You will gain personally and professionally

You will be energized and inspired to perform to the best of your abilities


Expenses will rise but you will find ways to make your income rise as well

Its good time to take up a second job

Family will be of high importance this week

Students will get good results in their studies


Very good week professionally, with a lot of gains in income.

Problems regarding your health may arise.

Build strong relationships with family members

You make new friends through numerous social interactions.


Try not to lend money as it will turn into a bad investment.

Hard work may not pay off with good results.

You will have new career opportunities.

Your talent will help you move further in the same field of business or in a new field.


Busy week but you must pay attention to family

You will start thinking about different aspects of your life

Main focus will be on getting your work done

Will be able to establish new contacts


Travel will prove advantageous

Expenses may rise; keep it under control

Don’t start any new project without thinking deeply

Work environment will start to get better this week


A good week overall

Financially stable with no worries

There may be some risks involved in your new ventures, you should be careful

Friends and associates will be very helpful

Your future plans will be executed nicely


Drive carefully and take precautions

Good inflow of money by the end of the week

You shall receive good results if you put in a lot of effort in whatever you do

Do not waste your money


All challenges at work will be taken by you at work in a good manner

Your ability to socialize helps you make good contacts

You will become more independent

Family and family both will be given equal importance


You should concentrate more this week

It is a happy phase of your life and many new things are going to come across

There will be change in work environment

New ventures will be profitable

You’ll endeavor to improve your business prospects

October 29


Don’t rely on anyone, or else you may suffer a financial loss

Focus on emotions and relationships

You will be rewarded for your talent and hard work

Love, romance, travel , pleasure all add to making it a good week


Hard work will be rewarded

Good money inflow

Hard work will lead to great achievements

Even though very busy, find time for yourself

On the whole, a demanding week


Favorable period for family relationships

Professional pressure will decrease

Good week for those working in media

Overall a relaxing week at home and work


You will be social and fun loving

Income will grow and new job opportunities

You will work enthusiastically to get better results

You attract love and romance strongly


A great week awaits you with gains in all spheres

Some of your wishes will be fulfilled

A financially secure week and a good time to make investments

Students require working hard in school to get good results.


You will get your due profit in business.

Be careful as a mistake may cause damage.

Try not to underestimate situations

Family matters may disappoint you.


Be careful of your expenses this week

You might not reach your targets

Might feel disturbed

Friends and family will be at your side throughout the week


Indulgence in long term projects will get good results

Be careful of any particular weakness you might have

Enhance your funds by investing in stocks

Think positively and don’t let pessimism obstruct anything you might want to do


 A favorable week overall

Take care of your health

Will see improvements at work

Investments shall prove to be fruitful


Business will be much better than before

Friends and colleagues will be cooperative

Think carefully while making a decision

Someone else’s opinion might be helpful


Your creative side will help you improve a lot of things

You shall enhance your knowledge

Everything will be done with due care

But always be guarded about your enemies


You will feel good about any decision you have made since it will get you good results

All engagements will be settled

Good inflow of income

Avoid interfering in other people’s matters

Chances of earning quick money will be there.

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