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2023 Resolutions: What Should be Your New Year Resolution as Per Zodiac Sign?

If you're unsure of which resolutions to pick this year, here's the best New Year's resolutions for each zodiac sign.

Updated: December 13, 2022 3:11 PM IST

By Lifestyle Staff | Edited by Onam Gupta

2023 Resolutions: What Should be Your New Year Resolution as Per Zodiac Sign?
2023 Resolutions: What Should be Your New Year Resolution as Per Zodiac Sign?

We all are moving with our fingers crossed to a stress-busting new year: 2023; after all those covid years. Being true to ourselves, let us resolve to overcome at least one habit so that we win not only the new situations that are in the offing but also a victory over ourselves. Life as you all would agree is not just an outward journey but an internal one as well. Making the most of what is destined for us as opportunities in the dawning year. Let each of us resolve to make one pledge which will help us sail through the coming year. So listed below are a few resolutions given by Dooj Vohra, Astrologer of All India Institute of Occult Science founded by Gurudev Shri Kashyap, to pick up this new year based on your zodiac signs:

  1. ARIES: You can take the opportunity to be with your loved ones, while you try to maintain your emotional bonding by sparing some extra time during the year with family and friends.
  2. TAURUS: You must indulge in new avenues that expand your aesthetic, mental, and spiritual genius; it could be a business start-up or a simple hobby!
  3. GEMINI: This is the time for the Geminis to build confidence and take the initiative to boost their convictions by actively participating in public life. All answers are within you, you only need the courage to face them and accept them.
  4. CANCER: To make your life more meaningful, overcome your fears and say no to people who cannot share your happiness, and try to daunt your spirits. Do away with any sort of negativity by relinquishing it with your firm mind.
  5. LEO: The Leos need to resolve to new adventures, visiting new places will enliven your spirits and you will be encouraged to perform better. Go ahead and make new ventures; take out a map and mark your destinations, Happy Travelling!
  6. VIRGO: You deserve to be more indulgent. Stop criticizing yourself and resolve to have more ‘me time away from worrying about your duties; meditation, spa, or any relaxing technique must be practiced to cover those big targets you dream to achieve.
  7. LIBRA: Do not indulge in judging people so long that they abandon you. Appreciate people who care for you. Choose your resolve: regular outings, communication, or anything that encourages people who love you to feel reciprocated.
  8. SCORPIO: Service to mankind is the best way to barter happiness. You can choose to do social service, and environmental upliftment to increase your sense of satisfaction.
  9. SAGITTARIUS: Do not be overburdened by the huge goal you have predetermined. Resolve to deep breathing and meditation, moreover before taking a step ahead remember to take a step back so that you are well-planned about the next leap. Do not hasten into anything new till you have fully chalked it out.
  10. CAPRICORN: 2023 is a challenging year for all Capricorns, so keep up your energies by exercising regularly, meditating, and choosing a hobby that helps you channel your energies. Nothing can stop you if you keep yourself focused.
  11. AQUARIUS: Water being your element you can choose swimming as an excellent sport and refreshing hobby. Keep yourself attuned to the world by doing yoga, listening to music, and indulging in new physical activities.
  12. PISCES: Deep breathing and yoga are good resolutions for Pisces. You need positive people around you, so resolve to spend time with people who exude optimism and care for you.

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Updated Date: December 13, 2022 3:11 PM IST