Did you know, the main entrance of the house is the source of bringing good vibes to your house? The entrance and main door house should be aesthetically appealing to attract positive energy. Read on to know more about Vastu shastra tips for entrance and main door.Also Read - Numerology: How to Decode Someone's Personality by Day of Birth

Dr. Aarti Dahiya, astrologer and Vastu expert shared some key points about the Vastu of the entrance of the house: Also Read - Horoscope Today, September 20, Monday: Taurus Can Expect Financial Gains, Luck Will Favour Scorpio

  • To augment the positive connection between each member of the family and to get positive energy too, the entrance should be in the East direction. At the entrance, there should be a flower pot bearing sunflower, which glows the like Sun. When a person goes to his/her workplace to see the sunflowers the person’s day shines like the sun and it assists the happiness of the family member as well.
  • The North-East direction of the entrance facilitates also gets positive vibes, in addition to that it helps the residents to be religious inclination.
  • The main entrance direction at North direction gives more positive opportunities to increase the financial growth to the residents. To enhance this positivity the entrance should be worshipped with two flowers daily. Dr. Aarti Dahiya suggests for the decoration of the house there should not be any glass or mirror opposite of the main entrance. There should not be any looking glass at the main door which does the same thing.
  • It is also advisable that the South-East direction although it’s the zone of raja sic, the main entrance in this zone bestows advantageous results to the residents. To place pink flowers pot at the main entrance works to get more positive energies and financial upliftment.
  • The south-West main entrance grants more negative sufferings and bad health to the residents. To reduce the ill effects of this entrance Dr Aarti Dahiya suggests offering food to people, suffering from leprosy once a month.

As per Dr Aarti Dahiya, “Nowadays in many houses, there are two main gates like grilled one and then the wooden or any kind of door. The main first door should open towards outwards as it has the tendency to throw the negativities out from the house from the grilled door but it should not be open fully as outsiders will be able to see everything inside the house”. Also Read - Horoscope Today, September 19, Sunday: Scorpio Might Face Financial Crises, New Job Opportunity For Aquarius

(About Dr Aarti Dahiya: In the Capital of India Dr Aarti Dahiya, the admirable Astrologer and Vastu Expert who strove and gained 13 years of experience with enormous effort and determination to make people lead a blissful life. She is well-liked as a health advisor, mental health advisor, numerologist, holistic healer, reiki healer, relationship expert. She looks after the issues of marriage, career, job, childbirth, finances and many more.)