Stars have always got an interesting way to make you see things that you are ignoring or missing in life. So when something good happens, you end up being surprised while sometimes, you are left shocked. Those who believe in the power of the universe takes it all as destiny. Here’s something for those of you who are eager to know about the position of the stars in their life. Check out your weekly astrological predictions here – from January 25-January 31.Also Read - Horoscope Today, January 25, Tuesday: Taurus And Libra to Indulge in Healthy Eating

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ROMANCE: You are not ready to make a commitment, even though you may be pressured to do so. You are living completely in the now. Life will change for the better.

FINANCES: New investment opportunities open up the travel calls or a new way to put your money to work is explored. Possessions are redirected, given away, or sold. You may be tempted to splurge.

HEALTH: Get adequate exercise and the right diet, if you want to keep fit. You will gradually know what suits you the best according to your body type.


ROMANCE: An abrupt opening of new possibilities and new endeavors and new relationships are on way. It indicates over-indulgence in physical pleasures to ward off boredom.

FINANCES: Risky business! Gains come through with, your financial situation promises to be improved by an investment opportunity. A careful decision is involved.

HEALTH: your health goes down as soon as there is some metal block, or when you experience low emotion. Understand your spiritual needs and consult a psychological or spiritual healer.


ROMANCE: A lot of good things are yet to come. You are a considerate person with a soft heart. Partnerships will be successful.

FINANCES: It is better to make peace with someone who is beyond redemption, rather than fight an internecine war. You are likely to get financially strong.

HEALTH: This is the time to take a rest and relax. Take all preventive measures to maintain good health.


ROMANCE: New: journey, marriage, pregnancy, and the birth of a child are majorly seen.

FINANCES: Financial situation remains healthy, but expenses threaten to spiral out of control. You may remain in two minds regarding buying a new property available at a bargain price or waiting for a better opportunity.

HEALTH: your spiritual side helps you in achieving positive health and improves your present health condition.


ROMANCE: Get out a little! The best way to spend quality time is to go someplace where you can all be together without any distractions or ordinary concerns to command your attention.

FINANCES: Living expenses! The mortgage, the utility bills, the grocery tab, the clothes, the medical expenses, and the car payments will eat you alive. Not

to mention the birthday presents, parties, and outings you’ll have to underwrite in your lifetime.

HEALTH: Your health consciousness may keep you in the best of health.


ROMANCE: The energy she symbolizes may come into your life via someone else-perhaps a new face in the social crowd or a family member.

FINANCES: Your foresight is likely to serve you well on the professional front. Wriggling out of a responsibility may show you in bad light. You have the money, but consider well before spending it on something expensive.

HEALTH: Your overall health is good. It’s the little time things that bother you.


FINANCE: You will have enough resources to do and have whatever you may wish. Gift may be or inheritances indicated and desire material gains will be forthcoming. Your business activities will expand on a secure foundation.

ROMANCE: You and your partner may go into business together doing something you’ve both longed to do. But you call the shots.

HEALTH: Eliminating sugar-laden foods will help you retain Good health.


ROMANCE: Your significant other is attentive, but maybe not the way like. Accept that you can’t change this person and enjoy the relationship for what it is. You’ll be happier that way.

FINANCES: Travel related to money and finances is indicated. Learning and new ideas would mean more work and better opportunities.

HEALTH: Avoid non-vegetarian food and alcoholic drinks.


ROMANCE: Caring! Friends provide you with a shoulder to lean on, a hand to hold, or a smile to greet you. You are in good company. Your support system sustains you.

FINANCES: expect a few pleasant surprises, if not a windfall. People may wish to invest in your organization – which should be profitable for you.

HEALTH: You’re happy with the result of a physical exam. Everything checks out great, but your doctor advises you to go on a diet, cut down on your indulgences and take up an exercise program.


ROMANCE: A passionate, exciting relationship will develop, with a deep bond, forged under the sign of intuition.

FINANCES: The sky’s the limit! Pull out your wallet, checkbook, or credit cards for a shopping spree or major purchase. Something with plenty of horsepowers or a canvas top tempts you.

HEALTH: Health is likely to improve making you feel energetic. You are likely to have clarity of thought and so are able to take balanced decisions.


ROMANCE: A love-hate relationship may develop with a life partner, but don’t let it escalate. Compromise is needed from both ends.

FINANCES: You need to provoke a challenge so that you can prove you have mental courage. Be honest about whether you fear challenges or whether you welcome them? Expect a favorable development on the professional front.

HEALTH: unexpected problem lurks in the distance, the possibility of ill health, be prepared for the unexpected.


ROMANCE: As flattering as these gestures are nothing is certain in love and war-and all’s fair. This much is sure: for all intents and purposes, this relationship promises to last for a long time, providing you both keep working on it.

FINANCES: The tension you’ve been experiencing about money matters comes to a head. Deal with it in a straightforward manner, then go on and don’t look back. This dissolves the block and allows the “prosperity flow” to move into your life again.

HEALTH: A visit to your doctor results in a battery of medical tests. If surgery is recommended, get a second opinion, do your own research. Medical tests prove to be in your favor.