2020 has been a difficult year for most of us. The uncertainty and the Coronavirus pandemic surely took a toll on everyone. Now that we are entering 2021, we want to start afresh and with positivity. A little heads up about how the new year is going to turn out in terms of personal life, love life, career, and financially can help a great deal. Also Read - Weekly Astrological Prediction from Jan 18-Jan 24: A Difficult Week for Aries, Scorpio and Capricorn

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An excellent time with respect to work good and finances coming ahead in the New Year. Improvement in health and medicine is foreseen, work results in a move that proves beneficial and prosperous, all conflicts and defeats experienced in the past will not hamper in any way in the year ahead, says astrologer Ritu Kapoor. Good fortunes await. Aries, you may also meet people through metaphysical groups or activities related to swimming or sailing. Get in touch with your intuitive self to achieve your expectations in life. Your overall health will be good apart from small things that will bother you like stiffness or tensions in the neck or tightness in your stomach.


Your efforts from the past beer good results, new matters, and opportunities come your way concerning a good amount of money and success. You await good news with respect to work if you have been stuck in the past with any major decision regarding work or home you will be moving ahead in a period of important decisions and good results. As you will be very focused on your goals and will have the energy and speed to reach up to your expectation all the hard work in the past will now bring you closer to good news and messages regarding investments.


You will be making a conscious decision of moving away from a situation or a relationship where you feel stagnated. You might be looking forward to a new venture or a job and would seek and receive help for the same. If looking for a partner you will be blessed. Purchase of a new vehicle is also indicated. Health is going to be good and alternative therapies would give the best results. You know that you possess the power to manifest whatever you have dreamt of.


You are entering a magical time in your life whatever you have focused on in the past and is your heart’s desire you will soon achieve it. It is a time of success if looking for a new job or a promotion. If involved in a relationship it might lead to commitment. Finances are going to be increasing at a good speed from now on, you will receive good news regarding some property tie-ups and pending deals. You will approach all activities with a lot of enthusiasm which will reap good results in the future you will have a sense of completion.


You are caught up in a situation where the negotiations are at a standstill, it is a time for choosing between two major things in your life. Health-wise blocked emotions cause a lot of tension the best way ahead right now would be any form of exercise to keep you in the right frame of mind. You will be able to find the right kind of partner who shares your burdens financially and emotionally.


Your dream of work from home is now going to be a reality. The intuition will be enhanced which will lead you to new opportunities work-wise. People who are looking for an appropriate partner will be able to do so. You will meet someone unexpectedly who fulfills your emotional cups, chances of getting married are bright. Health-wise, do not overindulge in alcohol and keep your intake of water in check as this needs attention. All the delays and stagnation which you have experienced till now will be over soon as the good news is around the corner. The home business is going to flourish, and you will have sudden and frequent progress this year you will take great pride in whatever you do this year.


You idolize being practical. Finances and education will be of primary focus this year. majorly contracts and negotiations will be happening. All pending deals will go through in your favour but avoid Going in a partnership with relatives. Financial help is also around the corner. You are in a period of healing. You need to take care of your knees and your digestive system. This year physical exercise gives you a better result than any prescription or medicine. A karmic connection between you and your spiritual partner will be resolved and you will know intuitively where your relationship is going.


You may purchase new land or shift into a new house where you feel more secure and safe. If looking for a job you will be shouldered with more responsibility and more money. Your living standards will improve. A fresh new start is seen whether it’s a project or a job or some adventure. This is the door to your future; step through it with confidence. Your enormous enthusiasm infects everyone around you and benefits you professionally. New financial opportunities appear in your life. Expect increase. You enter a period of perfect faith; you know that no matter what happens, it’s going to be okay. Travel related to work is indicated.


You are a powerful thinker with a very curious mind which gives you an insight into deep human conditions. Your financial acumen is considerably good but learn to delegate your work to others. You get a card of a happy family with contentment and good relationships. Your past difficulties fade away and new connections improve your business and financial outlook. You will be thankful to the universe for life’s miracles you are blessed with. Some of you might feel frustrated due to restrictions with respect to work you might experience a mental prison because of the fear of the unknown which will hold you back for some time but you need to remove this by yourself and expand your ideas.


Moderation in all things is required. don’t cash in any investments .travel associated with works takes you to warm places. Your productivity increases and you love every minute of your work. The money you’ve been expecting arrives and you move ahead to fulfill your financial plans you may even buy a new home or property listen to your intuition and your inner knowing will manifest whatever you want. Put your financial resources to work in a way that allows them to grow. Compute your net worth. Debts are paid, the money you have been expecting arrives. Be patient but firm in financial dealings with people who owe you money. You meet someone to whom you are intently attracted and enter a passionate affair. If you are already involved with someone, the relationship leaps into a passionate, intense period.


A new cycle begins for you and the old one ends. You need to prioritise your work to bring balance in your life, do not over-emphasize on career, and pay attention to your family life. unexpected windfalls are also seen so remain firm and deal fairly. In good conscious and you will receive fair deals in return. You might also face a small stagnation period towards the mid of the year but do not be disappointed as the stagnation does not signify any kind of loss and remember it is not going to last forever. You enter a rewarding financial period in which your intellect is honed so sharply, you know almost instantly whether something will work or not. Don’t let your impatience deter you.


You’ve entered a time period of abundance and stability and you will achieve job security in your organisation. It is a time period to consolidate your gains and to expand beyond material needs. Family life will be happy and stable. Your physical and emotional health will take a turn for the better and abundance is foreseen. You need to realise that many of the burdens you carry are just self-imposed it’s time to re-evaluate your financial portfolio and tap into some new investment plan. Don’t let your responsibilities overshadow your joy of living. Don’t abandon your goals and success lies within your reach discover your bliss and pursue it wake up and move out of the darkness as it is spring ahead.

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