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Horoscope Today, June 20, Monday: Aries Must Take Care Of Their Health, Virgos May Expect To Have a Baby Soon

Horoscope Today, June 20, Monday: We get Jyotish Guru- Shiromani Sachin to help you out with planning the day. Check out the astrological predictions here.

Published: June 20, 2022 5:30 AM IST

By Shiromani Sachin | Edited by Onam Gupta

Horoscope Today
Horoscope Today

Horoscope Today, June 20, Monday: Love, finance, career, health, and relationships – life is all about how we find a balance between all these aspects and that’s exactly where the position of the stars helps you. If you are someone who believes in the power of the universe and wants to know how to go ahead and plan your day today, here’s something we have got for you. Check out your horoscope today, as predicted by Jyotish Guru- Shiromani Sachin

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Aries- Take care of your health. Will get respect. Donate rice.

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  • Lucky color- White

Taurus- Running business may stop. Don’t be in a hurry. Donate yogurt.

  • Lucky color- Sky blue

Gemini- May have to go to the court. Stay away from any dispute. Donate sugar.

  • Lucky color- Blue

Cancer- There will be sweetness in marital life. Don’t keep any kind of dilemma in mind. Donate pottery.

  • Lucky color- Golden

Leo- Will reduce stress in life. Respect your elders. Donate wheat jaggery.

  • Lucky color- Maroon

Virgo- May probably conceive a child soon. Will get the money stuck. Donate seven grains.

  • Lucky color- Green

Libra- Keep essential items handy. Respect your relationships. Donate yellow goods.

  • Lucky color- White

Scorpio- Arrival of guests is foreseen. Profit in business is expected. Donate clothes.

  • Lucky color- Orange

Sagittarius- May go on a long journey. Will get happiness from child side. Donate mustard.

  • Lucky color- Yellow

Capricorn- Be gentle with your speech. Money loss is anticipated. Donate turmeric.

  • Lucky color- Blue

Aquarius- The economic situation will improve. Take care of your diet. Donate white goods.

  • Lucky color- Sky blue

Pisces- Will get a new job opportunity. May travel long distances. Donate milk.

  • Lucky color- Maroon

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