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There will be a lot for you to do this week as loose ends demand your attention.
You may have pending projects or goals that you have yet to complete and this week will be the week for you to focus on them and make progress.
Don’t let distractions lead you astray from fulfilling your obligations and responsibilities.
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There will soon be a major shift in your life and a new phase will begin that will lead you towards new experiences that are normally out of your comfort zone.
Take a chance and try something new and you might find a new hobby or interest you never expected to have.
Being flexible and open minded will also prove to be rewarding in your personal relationships.
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You might find yourself caught between the two sides; both of which you love dearly.
Showing your support doesn’t always require choosing one over the other.
You can stay neutral and firm while reinforcing your special bond.
When you are approached with a conflict try to simply listen and empathize without inserting your own opinion.

In many ways you have become the leader of your family and friends recently.
You might find it surprising that everyone is depending on you for guidance and advice these days and you may hesitate to provide it.
Do not doubt yourself or your abilities to understand and consult with wisdom and knowledge.
You have more to offer than you think and the good energy you will accumulate by doing so will bring great reward.

You have been feeling overwhelmed and unable to process all the love and affection you may be receiving this week.
Try to look within to see why you are unable to enjoy the moments of happiness.
Do you feel guilty or like you don’t deserve it? Were you not expecting to be taken care of in such a way?
Try to enjoy all the happiness that is unfolding for you. While you think showing restraint in your reactions is humbleness your pure unfiltered happiness is what your loved ones prefer.

It is time to finally face the truth you have been avoiding for quite a while now.
This week you will find yourself surrounded by family and friends you haven’t seen in a while.
Catch up conversations and inquiries will eventually lead you to realize how elaborate of a story you are creating in order to avoid one simple truth.
Facing the most difficult and embarrassing truths can be hard but you will feel a weight lifted after you decide to accept reality for what it is.

Good news is on its way to you this week and in order to prepare for it make sure you release any negative or hopeless energy that has been lingering from past disappointments.
You have been working hard towards a goal and finally you will see the first step towards success.
Capitalize on this good energy and use it to motivate and encourage you further.

You are used to having your close friends and family tolerate your mood swings and aggressive behavior.
This week you will meet someone new who will call you out on your behavior since they are not accustomed to your nature.
It is a good week to reflect on yourself. Even though your loved ones tolerate you maybe some inner change might be good for you and those around you.

You often doubt your ability to be charming, charismatic and attractive. You have always been free spirit but when forced into a structured environment you tend to get caught up in the same insecurities as everyone else.
Take this week to reflect on yourself and reconfigure your emotions so that your confidence and self worth is restored to its full potential.
You are admired by many and you should confidently carry yourself to reflect that.

You are used to working alone or taking the lead on a project and completing everything yourself.
This is a good week to practice letting go of control and relying on the abilities and talents of others.
You might think none is capable of doing what you do; but how will you know unless you give them a chance?
Use this week to practice trusting in others and their abilities.

This week a sudden surge of confidence will hit you and you will think yourself invincible and above all else.
Be careful not to make any rash decisions under the influence of this powerful emotion.
You have a right to be confident but confidence should never compromise your ability to make level headed decisions.
Think twice before finalizing any pending agreements or making promises.

This is going to be a big week for you and you will feel the full force of love and admiration you have accumulated throughout the years.
A great achievement is on its way and the new people who have recently entered your life will be a part of welcoming this new wave of success for you.
This week is a week to indulge and enjoy and celebrate.
Next week make sure to get right back to work as there is still much to be attained.

August 11

This week is a good week to take some risks and reap some rewards.
You have been feeling frustrated from routine and monotony and the time has come to make some changes.
Try out new experiences, step out of your comfort zone and attend events to meet new people.
The risks you take this week can lead to some wonderful new beginnings.

You have always struggled to cope with change and often lash out at others who try to introduce change into their own lives.
You cannot hold people back just because you are not comfortable with the direction they want to take and refuse to follow.
People enter our lives at different stages and when they no longer contribute to growth or progress their time and role phases out.
If you are unwilling to accept change then accept that you might also be phased out of the lives of those who are moving on.

Try to control your ego this week and give others a chance to teach you something new.
There is an abundance of wisdom in the world and no single person can hold all of it.
Approach this week as an opportunity to learn and listen and you will find a wealth of knowledge.
Even the most unexpected of people know things you don’t. You can only grow and prosper by giving them a chance to enlighten you.

This week might be a little stressful as your efforts begin to culminate into results and reactions.
You will be extremely busy and feel like you are being pulled in multiple directions.
The trick here is to stay as calm as possible as becoming frantic will make it impossible to focus on the tasks at hand.
You have always found a way to thrive under pressure and this time will be no different.

You might be feeling jealous or envious of someone and this is unsettling for you.
You have always been self confident and aware of others admiration so this sudden wave of insecurity is foreign to you.
Use this week to explore what could possibly be triggering this emotion. Is it the person themselves or are they representing some suppressed worry you have decided to avoid.
Face whatever it is that is bothering you and by next week you will be back to your normal confident self.

Someone has been taking advantage of your kindness for a while now and the time has come to confront them about it.
You might be hesitant to say something now since you have been silent for so long but if you have reached your limit of tolerance then do what you must for some peace of mind.
Confronting those you care about is always a difficult task and you don’t want to come off as selfish or uncaring.
It is just as important to take care of yourself as it is others. Don’t not sacrifice your own peace just for the peace of others.

This week you will be extremely sensitive to the emotions of others and this will allow you to gain new friends and companions.
Use this new ability of perception to do some good and spread positivity in the lives of others.
Releasing good energy into the world will eventually circle its way back around to you.
You have much to gain from being kind and helpful.

You will feel a lot of mental and emotional clarity this week.
It is a good week to embark on new adventures and travel to new places.
If there were any pending problems you might just be able to come up with some astounding solutions.
There is great energy surrounding you so make the most of it and grow.

The universe has been buzzing for a while now and you might have also felt a shift in energy.
Something wonderful is about to happen and it will bring a new phase of growth, success and happiness.
There will always be new challenges to face and overcome but as always the planets will always be on your side.
Embrace the new phase of your life and get ready for a new chapter in your life story.

You have been struggling to get your voice heard on a venture you feel very passionate about.
Don’t be discouraged if your peers are not taking you seriously or listening to what you have to say.
This week you will find a way to be heard and you will be heard loud and clear.
Keep confident in yourself and you will eventually win the confidence of all others.

Something from your past will resurface this week but this isn’t necessarily a bad thing.
There may be some loose ends you never got to tie and this will be your opportunity to do so and finally get some closure.
The past is always a great place to learn from so don’t avoid facing it head on.
This week you will have the chance to experience great personal growth.

You may be relying too heavily on someone you have come to trust and admire.
Be careful that your trust and affection doesn’t overwhelm them with work you can do yourself.
Everyone has limitations and recognizing that will only foster better relations between you and this person.
If you are careful to balance responsibilities you will be less likely to lose them.

August 18

Someone will test your patience this week and it is up to you not to give into anger and irrational behavior.
You have always had a fiery spirit but your ability to stay focused and practical has always led you to success.
Do not let anger get the best of you and remain level headed as you usually are.
Towards the end of the week you might even find a solution to the conflict.

This week will leave you feeling distant from the ones you love and you won’t be able to explain why.
Try not to isolate yourself further just because you are feeling this way.
Reach out to someone you are close to and explain to them how you are feeling.
Some comfort and companionship will help you return to feeling like your normal self again.

You will find yourself wandering without intent or purpose this week.
This is alright sometimes as it gives you the opportunity to rediscover yourself and reflect on your journey.
You might enjoy always being surrounded in the company of close friends but take this week to just enjoy time with yourself.
Taking a break from all the noise might be just what you need for some mental clarity.

You might be feeling extremely lazy and drained this week and when called upon for help your instinct will be to deflect and hide.
It will be difficult but try to muster up some energy and show up to help.
The people you love really need you right now and before you know it your energy will return to you when you see the relief and happiness you provide them with your presence.

Things are going to finally be a little quiet this week but don’t get too comfortable yet because you are destined for great adventure and excitement.
Make the most of these little breaks to rest, relax and rejuvenate.
You will need to restore your energy in order to welcome all the new experiences and growth.
Take some time to meditate and enjoy the peacefulness around you.

You will find happiness in the most smallest of places this week and that has a lot to do with your mental energy.
Feelings of gratefulness and appreciation for life will allow you to notice all the small moments of happiness hidden in your everyday routine.
Try to share these moments with those around you and before you know it your happiness will become contagious and spread.

You might be holding onto a grudge for quite some time now and it has slowly been eating away at your mental and emotional state.
Forgiveness is easier said than done but if you truly learn to let go then you will find a huge weight lifted.
Reflect on yourself and why you have felt the need to hold on to this for so long.
Do your best this week to finally find closure and move on.

You may find yourself far from home this week either physically or emotionally.
If something is weighing on your mind then find a confidant or friend who you can talk to.
If you are scheduling travel make sure to double check you aren’t overlapping with another event you are expected to attend.
Your presence is more valued than you think.

Many people will be vying for your attention this week and while you might feel obligated to indulge all of them, you should pick and choose who you want to give your time to.
You are a busy person and the people who command your attention should be the ones who are also contributing to your growth and happiness.
It is ok to say no to those who do not.

You may believe you are the last person in the world with a large ego but what you might not realize is subconsciously you are behaving in a way that shows the opposite.
You might think you are well aware of the perceptions others have of you but in reality people can see deeper from just the surface.
Someone you think is not as intelligent or receptive as you might actually have you figured out better than others.
It wouldn’t be such a bad idea to spend some time self reflecting this week.

Focus on your health this week because there might be some obstacles headed your way.
The stronger you are physically and mentally the easier it will be to face these hurdles.
You have always been resilient and staying healthy makes this possible.
Exercise, change your environment and meditate as much as you can this week.

If you have been feeling tired lately then it is time for you to change up your routine and re-energize yourself.
Your daily habits might be working against you and you will need to change them in order to find your health again.
If you have been sleeping late then try to sleep early. If you have been lying about, stand up and go outside for a walk. If you have been avoiding calls, pick up the phone and make conversation.

August 25

Keep track of your financial stability this week and avoid making any commitments until you have thoroughly evaluated all options.
You should spend this week re-reading any pending agreements and engage in someone close to you into double checking as well.
You might have missed something and having an additional eye might help you catch it.
Be vigilant in everything you do and after the week passes you will have avoided any major mistakes.

This is a great week to spend time with friends and family. Schedule a dinner with friends you haven’t seen in a while.
Did someone do you a big favor in the last few months? Reach out to them and meet.
You might think your efforts will go unnoticed but your friends will be happy to know you were thinking of them.
It is a great week to reinforce friendships that have not received as much attention as they should.

You will be feeling very generous with your time and opinions this week but be careful not to overstep and offer advice where it wasn’t needed or asked for.
It is tempting to insert your opinions on matters that do not involve you but by doing so you might end up getting dragged into the conflict.
Listen, observe and provide support but keep your thoughts to yourself.
Sometimes people just need someone to listen to their problems and don’t require their advice.

You will feel very distracted this week and it could be because after a very busy month things are finally winding down into normal routine.
Restlessness will consume you and you will find it hard to focus on pending work or tasks.
Take a break and try and exercise or engage in healthy activities when you find your mind wandering.
Don’t worry, excitement and adventure is always around the corner.

Are you feeling neglected or ignored this week? This has nothing to do with you and more to do with people dealing with their own lives.
Do not let the insecurity set in just because your loved ones are suddenly silent.
Everyone has their own lives to live and sometimes they don’t have time to check in and give you attention.
By next week you will see yourself back in the spotlight.

Many people find your personality and presence attractive and you have always used this to your advantage.
Be careful not to take more than you give this week.
You may have made this mistake before and that is why some people have distanced themselves from you.
It doesn’t make you a weaker person to reach out, apologize and return their kindness.

You have been feeling impatient on the results of a pending goal or project.
If the thoughts and nervousness of hearing an outcome is consuming then do what you can to keep yourself distracted.
It is better not to dwell on things you have no control over.
Go along with the flow of things and you will find outcomes come sooner as a result.

There is someone who is weighing on your mind recently and no matter how hard you try you can’t seem to forget them.
What is it that is making you think about them so much? Are you holding on to a memory that is no longer important?
Moving on is the best way to find emotional peace and tranquility.
Use this week to make progress and find closure.

There are so many things you want to do but you might feel like you don’t have enough time.
That is not the case. Unlike others, your spirit ages very slowly and you will have energy for years to come to achieve all you desire.
Keep making plans and chasing after new goals.
You have much left to experience and enjoy for years to come.

You often have expectations of others that you don’t reciprocate yourself.
Make sure you are fair in what you demand of others especially if you can’t fulfill demands yourself.
Many people care about you and want to make you happy but if they feel they are being weighed down by your expectations you might end up losing them.
Evaluate your own actions this week and make sure you are fulfilling just as many obligations.

You might feel a sense of emptiness this week and you are not sure where it is coming from.
Reach out to your close family and friends and they will pull you out of this rut in no time.
You have always been someone who is greatly loved by those closest to you.
This week reach out and ask for help in reminding you of that.

You have a secret admirer but they may be too afraid to confess their feelings to you.
What they don’t know is that you might also be reciprocating their feelings.
Even though you think their actions prove they are indifferent, that is not the case.
Try making the effort to reach out first and get the conversation going. Something wonderful and life changing might come from it.