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You may be heartbroken right now from a difficult situation that has left you drained and discouraged.
You tried everything in your power to win over someone or some situation and it seems like your efforts were in vain.
Sometimes it may seem as if the universe isn’t on your side but in reality it could very well be closing a door because there is a better one waiting to be opened.
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You will be caught up in a whirlwind of events this week and not all of them will require your involvement.
It is best not to interfere in conflicts that don’t relate to you directly.
Sometimes it is better to listen than to speak, even when you are being included in the conversation.
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There is great mischief planned in the months ahead. Keep watch over your finances and make sure not to get persuaded into risky investments.
You may be tempted by the promise of great fortune in a short amount of time but nothing good happens so suddenly.
The world is about balance and the truly wonderful things in life take time to achieve.
Have patience for you will get what you desire. Try not to take shortcuts and follow the natural flow of life.

You are suddenly called upon, by those you care about, for help.
Your instinct might be to turn them away as you think your help will not change the outcome.
Do not underestimate your abilities to turn complicated situations into good fortune for the people you care about.
With a kind heart and determination to help, you will be able to achieve great feats and your loved ones will be very grateful.

You might think you express love very clearly and those around you can easily tell you care for them.
In reality everyone does not speak the same language of emotion, behavior and feeling.
What you think communicates love might be communicating indifference to someone else.
Practice being more transparent with your emotions and thoughts this week. You will find it is met with great appreciation.

You have a great many talents but your inability to focus on perfecting just one is making it difficult for you to find a true passion.
You are meticulous in the work you care about but often lose interest or motivation halfway through.
Take this week to reflect upon what it is you are looking for and why you can’t seem to commit to the things you once enjoyed.
Try to confide in someone close to you and see what they have to say on the matter, you mind find the answer surprising.

There is much to do in the coming weeks for a goal you have had your heart set on for a while.
Suddenly you will notice the pace of your day increasing and the time you have will seem like too little for the work that needs to be done.
Keep going and pushing forward. Don’t let discouraging thoughts stop you from progressing.
You will soon feel the happiness of reward and achievement.

Try to do some soul searching this week. Meditation and exercise can be great mediums to consolidate thoughts and emotions.
Our mind is capable of having a great many thoughts but sometimes the noise of those thoughts can become overwhelming.
Shift your body into a state of peace and relaxation and your mind will follow.
A healthy mind will allow you to observe and understand the things and people around you much clearer.

There is great responsibility on your shoulders and sometimes you feel you might get crushed by the weight of them.
Have you been deprioritizing your health as a result of this? Fulfilling responsibilities is important but not at the cost of your physical and mental well-being.
Take great care in your movements, eating habits and thought processes.
Share your burden with the ones you love, they are there to support you and together you will be able to achieve all that needs to be done.

Recently you have been receiving incredible admiration and attention from people around you.
Try to remain level-headed and don’t let ego overwhelm your understanding of the situation.
The admiration you are receiving is the result of your overall character.
If your character changes then so will the nature of the attention you receive.

You will feel exhaustion and an overwhelming need to get away this week.
Are you trying to escape a problem rather than face it head on?
The issue with running away is that the problem itself will not cease to exist.
The best way to progress forward is to face your problems head on and search for a solution.

You are on the cusp of a life changing event and the universe is aligning itself to shower you and the ones closest to you with blessings.
Is there someone in your life that has been providing you with help and companionship with no expectations in return?
Explore this relationship deeper as something wonderful and long term might be in store.
You might find more than you thought possible if you just take a chance.

July 14

There is great value in asking questions and striving to learn more from those around you.
Sharing of ideas, opinions and knowledge will always result in new opportunities and paths.
The journey of life requires a state of perpetual learning and curiosity.
Ask questions this week, explore new environments, meet new people and try to learn something new.

You have been feeling like you should forgive someone for a past mistake for a while now but it may be difficult for you to let go of a grudge.
Stop to think whether you are the only one who needs to give forgiveness or if you need to be forgiven as well.
You have a stubborn personality and so you may truly believe there is no fault of your own.
Do some internal reflecting before you go about offering forgiveness because you might find that your forgiveness was never desired and the person has moved on.

You might be rushing into a situation simply because everyone else around you has already done the same.
Life moves at different paces for everyone and you must be mindful of what pace is best for you and your dreams.
Do not let the words and pressure of others encourage you to make decisions that will make you unhappy.
You are the only person who knows where your happiness lies so don’t make rash decisions off the opinions and movements of others.

There is a chance for you to have a lengthy and aggressive argument with someone you love deeply.
Recently, you might feel like nothing you do or say is helping you get along with this person.
In order to explore what the root of discord might be you have to be willing to reflect upon your own emotions.
What is fueling your anger? Is it truly the person or is there something else going on in your life that is influencing your behavior?

Someone might disappoint you this week and instead of taking your anger out on the ones closest to you try to tap into their talents for a solution.
You have been blessed with incredible problem solving skills and the people around you only enhance your abilities.
Although anger is an easy emotion for you to rely on, take a breath and practice calmness.
If you stay calm then the ones around you will follow your lead and great ideas will manifest.

Your words have the ability to make others happy and hopeful but they can leave you feeling distressed and confused.
Life is not perfect and you will find many ups and downs along the way.
While it is easy for you to bring joy to others it is often harder for you to convince yourself to see the positive in things.
Choose happiness for yourself even if things aren’t going your way. They will eventually.

Someone might bring up old memories that will incite strong emotions and opinions in you.
You have been holding onto a grudge for quite some time now.
It is time to face these memories and start the process of healing.
Look for guidance from those you love if you find yourself struggling.

There is a long journey ahead of you in the coming months and you will find yourself in a new environment.
You have always been happy at home in your own world built by comfort and ease.
This is the week to start stepping out of your comfort zone and exploring new adventures.
Whether you like it or not, change is coming and it will transform your life for the better.

A big life transition is headed your way and you will find yourself blessed with deep relationships and newfound love.
You are an independent soul who has always been self sufficient but this week someone is about to change the foundations of your life.
Be open and receptive to change because many blessings are hidden in this new stage.
Welcome the transformations that you will encounter because a new chapter of life is about to begin.

There isn’t much to do this week and the boredom might be driving you crazy.
Be careful not to make any rash decisions in order to create interesting situations.
Sometimes a quiet week is a reflection of all the hard work you have been putting in and the payoff is a week of equilibrium.
Take this week to rest and focus on your health.

Someone from your past might suddenly pop up this week.
You may have forgotten this person but their reentry will bring back memories of old ambitions and dreams.
If there is a goal you abandoned due to your previous situation you might find that the timing and resources you have now are better aligned to finally complete what you had once started.
Go ahead and finish what you had once set out to do. You will achieve it this time.

Someone special has entered your life recently but you might be too busy or preoccupied to realize this.
Take time to stop and truly evaluate the situation around you.
Life will always continue moving but if you don’t take time to just look observe and absorb then you might miss great opportunities.
Something you have desired for a long time might be right in front of you now.

July 21

Make an effort to spend time with your family and friends this week.
Someone you love has been struggling with some obstacles and suffering in silence.
Your presence and attention might encourage them to confide in you.
You will be able to provide more than just help this week. You will be a source of inspiration and strength.

Was there a promise you made years ago that now calls to be fulfilled?
Make sure you are keeping your word and fulfilling what you committed to do.
Backing out on a deal might leave you in a worse and unlucky situation.
Trust your instincts from when you first made the promise, they led you here for a reason.

This week is about closure and you will find yourself finally at peace with a situation that has always felt unresolved.
The past months were about personal growth and with that growth came the necessary closure needed to move on from the past.
Look towards the future now as the universe is working to fulfill your new dreams.
Burdens from your past will soon start to lift.

You will be offered a great opportunity this week but you might hesitate to take it because you believe you won’t be able to enjoy the life you have become accustomed to.
Are you truly happy with your current routine or are you resisting change because you do not want to work towards a new goal after finally achieving your last one.
Life is about constant growth and saying no to new opportunities might make you miss out on a great journey.

Next week will be full of happy surprises and you will find yourself showered with love and affection.
Sometimes you struggle with expressing your emotions so be careful that your reaction or lack thereof doesn’t give off the wrong message.
Enjoy the moment and try to be more vulnerable with your feelings.
There is great happiness to be achieved when we share our joy.

Try not to let others dictate the paths you take in life.
You know what you want and you have always found a way to get it.
Your methods can be unconventional at times and they don’t need to be understood by everyone.
Have faith in your abilities and persevere forward, others will soon see your abilities.

You will get the opportunity to start fresh with a complicated situation this week.
Recently you took on a burden that wasn’t yours to bear and now you will find a way to reset the predicament.
Make sure to make the most of this second chance and learn from your mistakes so as to not repeat them.
This time around think about what is in your best interest and what will make you truly happy.

A past decision is now starting to reveal unanticipated consequences.
You might be feeling lost this week and someone who you used to be able to turn to for advice is no longer in your contact.
Pride can blind the best of us but if we truly reflect on our mistakes and seek forgiveness there is always a chance to improve our situation.
Reach out to someone you lost in the past as they might be able to help you towards a better future.

You will be blessed with great communication and conversation this week.
Everything you say or do will be met with great admiration and enthusiasm.
You will have the ability to convince and persuade and this will result in great long term benefits.
Remember to show appreciation to the universe and the blessings will continue.

There is a relative or friend you have lost touch with due to a misunderstanding or disagreement.
This week is a great week for reconciliation and letting bygones be bygones.
Your kind and forgiving heart will find peace with the situation and a new and stronger relationship will follow.
Sometimes you have to make the first move but will find the other party was just as eager to resolve matters.

Do not let temporary setbacks stop you from pushing towards your dreams and goals.
There is no such thing as a smooth life path and the obstacles we face only make us appreciate our victories that much more.
You might have experienced some recent difficulties that made you feel frustrated or hopeless.
These were learning opportunities so make sure you were paying attention.

You are going to experience a change in your personal beliefs this week.
Principles you once followed will begin to seem outdated and new ones will soon replace them.
This change might shock those around you but soon they will adjust to the new you.
This will be a week of growth and new and exciting adventures are ahead.

July 28

You may find that you are naturally wary of those around you.
You will soon face an obstacle that you will not be able to overcome on your own.
Even if you do not see it, you are surrounded by people who want the best for you and are deserving of your trust.
Identify these people in your life and ensure that you keep them close to you in the coming times.

Keeping true to yourself has always been one of your strengths.
However, you may find yourself tested in a situation where you can gain by going against your inner values.
In this conflict, it is crucial to look at the problem while taking the bigger picture into account.
Assess your goals in life and be positive that you are taking the best steps to get there.
You can always count on those around you for help.

You will feel a strong sense to give back this week.
Your strong sense of empathy will lead you to greatly enhance the lives of those less fortunate than yourself.
While your intentions are not selfish, you will still end up gaining from this.
You will feel your spirit and overall mood enhanced.

You will have to go against your nature in order to resolve a conflict.
While a peaceful solution is optimal, it is not always possible.
You will find the strength to stand up for yourself in this time.
Your innate intelligence will help bring a balanced resolution.

Taking time for yourself is not a selfish thing.
You will need to give your spirit a break from all the chaos that life brings your way.
Enjoy your own company and become more comfortable being alone.
You will discover new things about yourself that will serve to elevate your mindsets.

There may be something greater hidden right in front of you.
Sometimes, we only see the tip of the iceberg.
Not closing yourself off to ideas that may seem out of your comfort zone will help you uncover great potential.
A new opportunity is waiting to show itself.

A spark of creative inspiration will hit you this week.
The most detrimental thing you could do is to not act on it.
Make sure that you find an outlet for your creativity and turn your ideas into reality.
Leaving it in will cause you to feel restless in the coming days.

Your immense care for the people close to you will be very apparent to your loved ones this week.
You will find the confidence to express yourself freely.
Worries of how you will be perceived by others have held you back in the past.
Free yourself from this burden and you will find that your relationships will flourish.

You will feel that you are getting stuck into a routine that you are not completely happy with.
It will be difficult to bring yourself out of your comfort zone, but you will find great benefits if you do.
This will be a week to reevaluate your goals and desires and to form a plan to achieve them.
The first step is to find different experiences to break your routine.

You are coming close to an event that you have been looking forward to for a while.
Whether you are looking with excitement or dread, be sure to keep a watchful eye on the present.
It is easy to get lost in things to come and become blind to our present surroundings.
You will find that there is opportunity to make great positive change in your life and in the lives of those around you.

You may feel disconnected with the things and people around you.
As the world goes on indefinitely, you will feel that your place within it is a mystery.
Your ability to view the bigger picture will allow you to experience great inner growth.
However, be wary not to leave your loved ones behind on your journey.

You will feel your ego empowered this week.
Your motivation and drive will both be greatly enhanced.
However, you may find yourself feeling more confrontational and combative.
Ensure you keep a level head when interacting with others and you will find yourself extremely satisfied with how the week went.