March 4
This week will offer stable results for you
You will be able to handle tough situations at work
You will need to balance your personal life along with work
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This week will offer normal results
There may be success through independent business ventures
Health might be disturbed this week
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This week should be good for you
There will be stability and improvement at work
You will be rewarded for your work
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A good week over all
There will be stability and peace at work
Some may also finalize a new business proposal
Try and spend more time with family and keep balance


You may receive increments in salary
You also may be extra expenditure this week
You should be careful about any new investments
Try and stay focused throughout to obtain gains

Students will get outstanding results
Some people may suffer minute health problems
Financially the week will remain stable
You will be able to receive gains from previous investments

You may lose money this week in business
Students will get average results
A lot of you may have pressure in your workplace
Do not over spend and try to save money

This week may be a little troublesome for you
A lot of responsibilities on you this week
Financial pressure will also be at peak this week
Make sure to think twice before making any decision


A good week overall
You will be able to achieve success in all your duties
Some might get a new job
Financially the week is pretty stable


A pleasant and balanced week for you
A great week to initiate a search for better opportunities
Success in interviews in likely
You may see prosperity in your career

There will be better prospects in career and financial matters
Your higher officials will trust and respect you
New contracts and agreements are likely to happen for people working on it
Some might even travel for pleasure

Most of your interactions will be fruitful this week
An encouraging week for you
Very good support from colleagues and partners
Students will get outstanding results

March 11


Trade or profession will appear to be improving
Money inflow will be good
You will make a balanced budget
May receive some happy news, particularly about some property


Conditions at work place will improve
Senior officials will be happy with you
Tension at work place might affect your domestic life
By the end of the week, things will start getting better


You will accomplish some major deal ensuring high profit
New chances for growth and new opportunities shall be unfolded
Your creativity will get you good honor and prestige
You’ll feel satisfied with your achievements
Be careful about money matters


Sudden financial loss may disturb you
Despite your busy schedule you will give time to your family
By the end of the week, you will feel cheerful and mentally satisfied
Your hard work will be duly rewarded
You may get good property deals as well

This week will bring you professional growth with better service conditions.
By the middle of the week, finances may differ but by the end they will get better.
You have to be patient and don’t take any decision in a hurry.
You should try to stay active, it will help you progress in your profession.

You shall avoid taking any risk, or else you will suffer from a loss.
Any earlier investments you had made, will give you good results.
A small trade loss may upset your budget.
If you had any help up work, it may restart.

This will be an exhausting week at work and at home.
You will easily be able to attract other to help you in your projects.
Some family property disputes may upset you.
You shall drive your vehicle carefully.

Injury and accident is feared so you have to be careful.
Pay attention to every little thing, as you might get cheated.
You should not indulge in any kind of transaction with a stranger.
You will be successful in any kind of competition

You will be able to allocate equal time to work and home.
You may meet long lost friends.
You might waste your time and money in deals that might not be profitable to you.
You should be careful and eat carefully, minor stomach problems might come up.

Your luck will favor your this week but some tensions might mount up at home.
You might receive money through secret sources.
Old property, shares, etc may give you a good return.
Make sure that you don’t indulge in any risky deals.

Friends and family will be by your side for all your decisions.
You will explore new avenues to increase your wealth.
Also, your routine work will be done with a greater pace.
You need to stay guarded about your enemies.

Atmosphere at home will be tension driven.
Make sure that you do not interfere in anyone else’s work.
By the end of the week, your long standing worry will be removed.
It is an ideal time for entertainment and keeping your mind off the tensions.

March 18


This week may offer diverse results for you.
There may be conflicting environment at your work location.
You should be careful while dealing with your superiors.
People engaged in business may have losses on a large scale.


This week may offer new opportunities for you.
You may have a positive outlook and optimistic thinking throughout this week.
You may enjoy considerable growth in your wages or allowances.
You may be promoted to the next designation.


This week may be exciting for you.
You may be recognized for your efforts in a previous project.
You should strictly stay away from speculation as well as love matters throughout this week.
Students may have moderate results in their efforts.


This week may offer testing results for you.
There may be long journeys unexpectedly.
This week you may enjoy the company of religious or well-educated people.
This week planets will make you little biased in your decisions which may cause troubles later.


This week needs your careful attention in all walks of life.
You may have to pay substantial price for simple mistakes.
You need to verify your activities thoroughly before forwarding to your superior.
People may try to test your patience with false allegations. Be careful

This week may offer mixed results for you.
You may be successful in controlling your opponents at the work place with practical moves.
Currently, the week is favorable for raising new loans or overdraft facilities.
You may have to redo all your work for a technical error.

This week may offer moderate results for you, this week may make you inactive and lethargic.
You may postpone important activities regarding your career.
Work aversion may bring serious consequences on a later date.
You may result in sudden monetary gains from a relative.


This week may offer refreshing results for you.
You may invest in a fixed asset which will give substantial profits in future.
You may be entrusted with a challenging project as per your wish.
There may be plenty of opportunities to prove your ability.


There will be the arrival of visitors in the family and this will bring cheer to you.
Pay more attention to your health.
Results will be good for the week.
Devoting yourself to spiritual pursuits would bring progress and positive changes in your life.

This week may offer pressure in the career and may cause enmity with superior.
You may be misinterpreted by your colleagues on several occasions.
There may be fear of loss of reputation.
This week may increase the inflow of revenue.
Students may under perform in their appearances.

This week may offer satisfactory results for you and growth in financial status.
You may take sudden decisions about your career out of emotion.
Most of your thoughts or actions may prove fruitful in coming future.
This week may promise success through education or profits through the sale of land.

This week may offer commendable results for you.
You will be appreciated for your knowledge and experience.
During this week you may be impulsive in your thoughts and actions.
People engaged in independent business will flourish well.
Students may get supportive results for their presentations.

March 25

There will be a change in nature of work or designation in the middle of the week.
Students may get medium results for their performance.
The mother may have monetary benefits through father or elder siblings.
Children may have pressure or uncertainty about career prospects.


You will have a speculative mind which may ruin the prospects of career and finance.
Father will have pressure in job or change to an unacceptable position.
Some may be hospitalized for health issues
Some may have foreign employment opportunities, or they may enjoy long journeys.

Some may have a nervous weakness because of over anxiety.
Children may have indifferent health but attraction towards love related matters.
There may be a success in competitions for them.
Some may want a change in career.


It will be a favorable week, ideal to take major decisions.
You will be happy about the events taking place.
You will be able to execute your tasks easily and get more new opportunities.
Financial progress will be very good for the week.
You may spend money for useful purposes.


You can make use of the week for some useful purposes.
Success will be possible by hard efforts.
There will be progress in work.
Your sincerity and devotion will take you to greater heights.
It could be a hectic week, plan your schedules to make good use of your time.

Students may get better results for their efforts.
Children may have encouraging results in their career or education.
Some may be unable to take important decisions of life.
He/she may have a double mind about the future consequences.

Students may get encouraging results for their efforts.
Some may invest in a long term project after deep contemplation.
Children may have success in education but troubles through friends.
Some also may enjoy decent growth in career or business.


Students may do exceedingly well in their examinations.
Some of you will may have peace of mind and financial stability throughout the week.
Children may face annoying situations in their lives.
They may be punished without any mistake.

This week may offer stability in your life, and you may enjoy success in all walks of life.
You can expect confirmation of Job or improvement in your designation at the end of this week.
Students may have outstanding performances in competitions.
The mother may be sickly and anxious throughout this week.


There could be a lack of peace and happiness in the family.
You may have a difference of opinion with your mother.
Health wise – it might not be a good week.
Should try and keep expenses to the minimum.

Students may do well in their participations.
Some may have decent growth in career or business activities.
Some also may enjoy sudden monetary gains through friends.
Children may have a remunerative career.

Work front will be flexible for the week.
You will be in a position to execute your tasks well and earn a good name.
Good health will help you maintain peace and happiness.
Keep a track on your spending and do not over spend